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To collate and share information relating to the history of Glascoed, Monmouthshire. Census, parish and civil registration records are included along with a wealth of other data drawn from contributors (many thanks to them!), newspaper reports, electoral registers and other sources.

In the fullness of time, I hope that the project continues to grow as information comes in – ideally with lots of stories and pictures – if you can help, please contact me.

Glascoed families I am linked to include WILLIAMS, ARNOLD, STRATTON, PITT, LEWIS and MORGAN.

If you’re interested in finding out about individuals, don’t just restrict your research to the PEOPLE pages but also check out the Names database - head for the GIVEN NAME index or SURNAME index. You may be surprised who you’ll find in there and who they are linked to!

Database: Given name index

MAJOR DISCLAIMER - please don’t just rely on the records on this site for proving links to your family. I try to avoid assumptions and transcription errors, but there is always the possibility of errors creeping in. If a particular family or individual interests you, please ask me for the sources of my information, which I will be delighted to email to you. It may sometimes be advisable to order certificates or other information to fully prove a link.

I freely admit that I have sometimes linked families that are not directly linked to me based on 80 or 90% probability - check my sources and draw your own conclusions. To fully prove some of the links would take up time and money that I don’t have! and

Until 2017, I ran two websites - “Glascoed People and Places” ( and I have now gathered them together in one place!

Glascoed People and Places concentrates on the history of the hamlet of Glascoed in Monmouthshire and attempts to piece together connections and tell the stories of the people who lived their lives there. is a database of my ancestors and their extended families. It’s big and sprawling and I hope you find some links to help you in your research there! Let me know if you do and also if you have some stories to share.

Many members of my family lived in Glascoed in the 1800s, so there is overlap between the two sites. Rather than keeping two separate databases of people up to date, it’s a much simpler to combine them. And this is the result. Enjoy exploring, whether you’re interested in my family, Glascoed people or both. Don’t forget to check the names database though - thousands of Glascoed people and their extended families are listed there - it’s not just my own relatives.



My ancestors came from all over the British Isles, including South Wales, Scotland, North West England, the West Midlands and Ireland. The Pitt family web pages are a home for these thousands of names, stretching back to the 1700s and earlier.

Surnames of interest are all in the database and (in no particular order) include: PITT, WILLIAMS, ARNOLD, MORGAN, JENKINS, WATSON, GRIEVES, STANIFORTH, FISHER and MILNE.

Access my family files here, in the names index. Maybe we’re related?

Possibly as soon as March 2019, I am likely to stop using the domain and just keep everything on So if you enjoy the site, it will be worth bookmarking rather than


If you’re looking for either individuals or for people I am related to, you should start with my database in either the surname or GIVEN NAME indexes. Bear in mind that some people have fuller bios in the PEOPLE section of the Glascoed site.

The rest of the information has been collated into different sub-sections:


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I’d love to hear from you with feedback, stories to include on the site, photos or really anything related to the history, people and places of the village (or my family), If you can, please CONTACT ME.

Database: Surname index