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The Parry family

The Parry families came from James and Ann Parry. James was a Hay dealer and farmer. Most of their children were born at Usk, although their youngest son, James was born at Mamhilad (probably at White House, Little Mill).

Olwen Hughes kindly provided the bios for these families - for the following individuals:

Tom Parry (eldest son of James and Ann). Born c 1852. Died 1932 at Glascoed.

Mary Jane Evans.

Two of Tom and Mary Jane’s sons:

William John Parry 1892-1935.

Tom Parry 1895-1916. Tom died in the Great War.

William John Parry Thomas John Parry Tom Parry 1852 Mary Jane Evans

Married 1887 in


 Reg. District

Their six children:

James (1888)

Ann (1890)

William John (1891)

Thomas John (1895)

Martha Evelyn (1897)