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1. “JP” convicted of poaching.

County of Monmouth

Return of Prosecutions under the Game Laws

From 1857 to 1863

County & Quarter or Borough and Petty Sessions:

Petty Sessional Division of Usk

Parish in which the Offence was committed:


Number of Convictions by initials:


Penalty Inflicted and Costs:

5/6 (5 shillings and sixpence)

Punishment or Imprisonment for non-payment:

10 days Imprisoned

Statute under which the Prosecution was committed:

1 & 2 Wm 4, c.32.

Note: I’m not 100% sure who the J.P. is in this case. Going from the 1861 census, it could be either John Pitt (my ancestor) or James Powell (son of William Powell of Turff House). James was later convicted of two offences: in 1865 of stealing a pair of boots from a friend, but most tellingly admitted trespassing in the pursuit of game in 1860, so he is the most likely candidate - it’s possible, though, that I may be jumping to conclusions!