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Joan Morgan 1873-1937

Joan Morgan was born in 1873 at Llanbaddock (Pontypool 1873 DEC Qtr 11A / 167).

Joan married William Williams, who was a part of the Beech Farm family. His father was John Williamsson of Roger Williams, the patriarch of the large Beech Farm contingent. Their marriage ref is Pontypool 1894 JUN Qtr 11A / 246.

Up to the time of the 1901 census William & Joan had 3 children:

Annie Williams 1895 Llanbaddock (Llanbadoc), Monmouthshire (Pontypool JUN Qtr 11A / 184)

Mary Elizabeth Williams 1896 Llanbaddock (Llanbadoc), Monmouthshire (Pontypool DEC Qtr 11A / 177)

Margaret Williams 1899 Llanbaddock (Llanbadoc), Monmouthshire (Pontypool MAR Qtr 11A / 175)

Now it gets a bit more interesting - also on the 1901 census with William and Joan Williams and their 3 children is

FRANK STRATTON as a boarder and all are living at one of the Prescoed Cottages, so Frank never went north to the Middlesbrough area with his widowed and re-married father, Thomas.

At least five more children were born to the family after 1901. They were:

Joan died on the 20th or 30th January 1937 (one transcription of her grave says 20th, the other the 30th). Her death certificate reference is (Pontypool, 1937 MAR Qtr 11A/226 - Age 63). William died on 9th August 1950 aged 79 - (Pontypool 1950, SEP Qtr, 8c/244). They were both buried at Mount Zion, Glascoed.