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Glascoed Census “Strays” 1911 Q-Z

These are records of people who were born in Glascoed and appear elsewhere on the 1911 census. They appear in alphabetical order (surnames). The surnames used are the maiden names while living in Glascoed, in the case of now married ladies. Other families with Glascoed links may also be included here in the future.

KEY: #~House~Description~# Rooms~Name~Surname~Rel to Head~Age m~Age F~Mar status~Marriage yrs~Children born alive~Children still living~Deceased children~Occupation~Industry~Employer?~Work at home?~Place of Birth~County of birth~Nationality~Language

William L Rees, c 1879 of Glascoed

 An Institution (County Asylum?), Abergavenny, Mon

Wm L. Rees 31 Married Farmer Glascoed Mon British English


Rose Roberts of Glascoed c 1870 with new family

 Ty Canol, Llanarth, nr Raglan, Mon Six rooms

Amos Jones Head 62 Married Labourer general Buckle? Mon English

Rose Jones Wife 40 Married 19~8~7~1 Glascoed English

This person deleted Fredrick? Jones Son 18 Goytre English

Voilet? Jones Daughter 6 School Llanarth English

this person deleted Charly Jones Son 12 Llanarth English

Edward Jones Son 10 School Llanarth English

Francis Jones Son 8 School Bryngwyn English

Barnard? Jones Son 4 Bryngwyn English

Edris? Jones Son 2 Raglan English

Miriam Richards, marr name Hybart. c 1866 of Glascoed

Orchard Cottage, Llanvair, Abergavenny, Mon 3 rooms

Alfred Hybart Head 44 Married Waggoner on farm Worker Clodock Herefordshire English

Miriam Hybart Wife 45 Married 19~6~4~2 Glascoed Monmouthshire English

Albert E. Hybart Son 14 Llangenny Breconshire English

George Hybart Son 8 Llanelly Breconshire English


Agnes Sainsbury, daug of James and Maria Sainsbury of Twyncreen

 Belle Vue House, Llanhilleth, Mon 9 rooms

John Stanfield 73 Married Retired colliery owner & JP for Mon Machen Mon English

Sarah Jane Stanfield 64 Married 20~None Bedwellty Mon English

Agnes Sainsbury 24 Single Servant Domestic Usk Mon English

Margaret Pritchard 18 Single Servant Domestic Llanbaddock Mon English


Emmanuel Sainsbury, son of James and Maria, of Twyncreen with family

 Twyn Villa, Pontypool Road, 2 Golf Road, New Inn, nr Pontypool 7 rooms

Emmanuel Sainsbury Head 39 Married House builder & contractor Building Employer working on own account Glascoed Monmouthshire British by parentage English

Mary Sainsbury Wife 37 Married 15~7~7 Coed y paen Mon British by parentage English

Mary Sainsbury Daughter 14 Girls county school New Inn Mon British by parentage English

Alithea Sainsbury Daughter 13 School New Inn Mon British by parentage English

William James Sainsbury Son 9 School New Inn Mon British by parentage English

Matilda Sainsbury Daughter 7 School New Inn Mon British by parentage English

Doris Elizabeth Sainsbury Daughter 5 School New Inn Mon British by parentage English

Leonard Emmanuel Sainsbury Son 3 New Inn Mon British by parentage English

Annie Sainsbury Daughter 1 New Inn Mon British by parentage English


Matilda Sainsbury, now Hicks, daughter of James and Maria Sainsbury of Twyncreen, Glascoed

 5 Queen St, Tongwynlais, Glamorgan Six rooms

Benjamin Hicks Head 37 Married School Attendance Officer Glamorgan Education Committee Radyr Glamorganshire English

Matilda Hicks Wife 31 Married 9~4~4 None Glascoed Monmouthshire English

Donald Hicks Son 8 School Whitchurch Glamorganshire English

Allen Sainsbury Hicks Son 6 School Whitchurch Glamorganshire English

Lester Owen Hicks Son 5 School Whitchurch Glamorganshire English

Harry Hicks Son 2 Whitchurch Glamorganshire English


John Sayce, of Glascoed c 1872 and family

 Oak Tree Farm, Tybwmpyn Road, Cwmffrwdoer, nr Pontypool 4 rooms

John Sayce Head 39 Married Coal Hewer Worker Glascoed Monmouth English

Ethel Sayce Wife 28 Married 10~3~2~1 Hereford Hereford English

Olive May Sayce Daughter 6 Abersychan Monmouth English

Clithe Irene Sayce Daughter 8 months Abersychan Monmouth

Walter Sayce Son 23 Coal Hewer Worker Abersychan Monmouth English


Simons family, later of Glascoed Vach and later of The Wern, Glascoed

 General Stores, Free old Land, Pontnewynydd, Mon 5 room house

Edward Simons Head 47 Married Farmer and Butcher Own a/c Monshire English

Sarah Simons Wife 44 Married 28~12~10~2 Monshire English

Sarah Jane Simons Daughter 21 Single Monshire English

Albert Simons Son 19 Single Coal getter (Coal hewer) Worker Monshire English

William Simons Son 18 Single Coal getter (Coal hewer) Worker Monshire English

Lilley Simons Daughter 16 Single Monshire English

Eith Simons Daughter 15 Single Monshire English

Willfred Simons Son 12 School Monshire English

Flossey Simons Daughter 7 Monshire English


Charles Stratton son of Richard and Mary Stratton of the Poplars and Sarah Ellen Pitt, dau of John and Sarah Pitt of Panta House and Rose Cottage

 12 Trosnant Street, Pontypool, Mon 9 rooms

Charles Stratton Head 56 Married Roller (Tin Works) Tinplate works Worker Glascoed Mon English

Ellen Stratton Wife 57 Married 32~12~11~1 Glascoed Mon English

Martha J Stratton Daughter 27 Single At home Pontypool Mon English

Nellie Stratton Daughter 20 Single Pontypool Mon English

Stanley Stratton Son 19 Single Hairdresser Own a/c At home Pontypool Mon English

Edwin Stratton Son 17 Single Hairdresser Worker At home Pontypool Mon English

Jessie Stratton Daughter 14 Pontypool Mon English

Herbert Stratton Son 12 School Pontypool Mon English

Wesley Stratton Son 11 School Pontypool Mon English


Rachel Janet Thomas and Job Thomas children of Job and Jemima Thomas of Limekilns with Janet's husband and kids.

 No. 1, Cwrdy View, Sebastopol, Mon 6 rooms

William John Thomas Head 29 Married Colliery Engine Stoker, above ground Coal mine Worker Longtown Herefordshire English

Rachel Janet Thomas Wife 27 Married 8~2~2~0 Glascoed Monmouthshire English

William Thomas Son 7 Griffithstown Monmouthshire English

Horace Thomas Son 3 Griffithstown Monmouthshire English

Job Thomas Brother-in-law 35 Single Engineer's helper in Foundry Worker Glascoed Monmouthshire English


Mary marr name Thomas c 1856

 68 Henry Street, Newport, Mon 6 rooms

Isaac Thomas Head 56 Married Bricklayer Building Worker Home Caerleon Mon British subject by parentage English

Mary Thomas Wife 55 Married 29 years 5~3~2 Glascoed Mon British subject by parentage English

Charles Thomas Son 27 Single Ironworker Ironworker Worker Home Caerleon Mon British subject by parentage English

William Thomas Son 24 Single Nil Nil - - Caerleon Mon British subject by parentage English


Mary Ann marr name Townsend c 1865 of Glascoed

 21 Park St, Bridgend, Glam 4 rooms

Albert Townsend Head 44 Married Gardener & Carrier & Shop keeper Own account At home Hallow Worcestershire English

Maryann Townsend Wife 46 Married 24~11~6~5 Assistance in Business Own account At home Glascoed Monmouthshire English

Emily Townsend Daughter 19 Single Assistance in Business Own account At home Bridgend Glamorgan English

Phillis Townsend Daughter 14 School Bridgend Glamorgan Both

Albert Townsend Son 10 School Bridgend Glamorgan Both

Clifford Townsend Son 7 School Bridgend Glamorgan English

Freddy Townsend Son 4 School Bridgend Glamorgan English


Lewis Walters, c 1839 of Glascoed and son

 Heol Fawr, Rogerstone, Mon 3 rooms

Lewis Walters Head 72 Widower Timber haulier Own account Glascoed Mon English

Lewis Walters Son 23 Single Timber haulier Worker Rogerstone Mon English


Alfred Williams son of James Wms and Sarah Pitt nee Davies of Rose Cottage and Agnes Pitt-Williams, daughter of William John Pitt also Clifford Stratton, daughter of William John Pitt's sister Sarah Ellen Pitt and her husband Charles Stratton of The Poplars

 2 Cross Street, Graig, Pontypridd, Glamorgan Six rooms

Alfred Williams Head 42 Married  Miner Hewer Worker Glascoed Mon Both

Elizabeth Ann Williams Wife 38 Married~13 Neath Glamorgan Both

Agnes Pitt Niece 11 Sebastopol Monmouth English

Clifford Richard Stratton Nephew 25 Single Colliery timberman (below ground) Worker Pontypool Monmouth English


Annie Williams, Daughter of Henry Williams and Hannah Morgan of the Bryn Farm, Glascoed

 Ty Ffynon Farm, Nine Mile Point, Crosskeys 5 rooms

William Stephens Head 36 Married Weigher Colliery 170 Worker Grosmont, Abergavenny Monmouthshire English

Annie Stephens Wife 30 Married 7~5~4~1 Llanbaddock Monmouthshire English

Gwyn Stephens Son 3 Risca Monmouthshire English

Edith Stephens Daughter 1 Risca Monmouthshire

Arthur Stephens Son 1 Risca Monmouthshire

Olwen Stephens Daughter 11 mths Risca Monmouthshire

Blodwen Pash Servant Single Taylorstown, Risca Monmouthshire Welsh


Arthur Williams #1 c 1869 of Glascoed and family

 Twyn Gwyn, Trevethin, Pontypool, Monmouthshire 5 rooms

Arthur Williams Head 42 Married Colliery haulier below ground worker Glascoed Monmouthshire English

Elizabeth Williams Wife 32 Married 11~5~4~1 Mamhilad Monmouthshire English

Beatrice Williams Daughter 9 School Cwmnisgery? (deleted and Panteg replaces this by enumerator) Monmouthshire English

Eva Williams Daughter 8 School Cwmbran Monmouthshire English

Stanley Williams Son 5 School Cwmbran Monmouthshire English

May Williams Daughter 2 Pontypool Monmouthshire English

Daniel Williams, 1860 son of William and Esther Williams, nee Lanwarne of Upper Twyn

 Upper Coe Coed, Goitrey, nr Abergavenny, Mon Four rooms

Daniel Williams Head 50 Married Farm labourer Worker Glascoed Monmouthshire English

Bridget Williams Wife 41 Married 3~None~-~- House work NK Berkshire English


David Williams, c 1886 son of William and Hannah Williams of Pentwyn

 Glen-Brook, Crumlin, Monmouthshire 5 rooms

Edith Rees Head 31 Married 3~1~1~- Confectioner Own account At Home Newport Mon British Both

Sarah Edwards Sister 23 Single Assistant Confectionary At Home Bridgend Glam British Both

Margaret Edwards Sister 20 Single Farmer's daughter Dixton Monmouthshire British Both

Elwyn Rees Daughter 2 Trevethin Monmouthshire British

David Williams Visitor 25 Single Railway servant (Carrier) GWR Glascoed Monmouthshire British English

Jhon? Edward Jones Boarder 22 Single Plasterer Builder & Contractor Rhosddu Denbighshire British Both


Edmund Williams c 1876 of Glascoed and family son of Henry and Mary Ann Williams of Upper Twyn

 21 Mill Road, Pontypool, Mon 3 rooms

Edmund Williams Head 35 Married Coal miner repairer? Worker Glascoed Mon British English

Alice Williams Wife 28 Married 10~5~5~0 Abergavenny Mon British English

Doris Williams Daughter 10 Mynyddislwyn Mon British English

Reginald Williams Son 9 Pontypool Mon British English

Edmund Williams Son 7 Pontypool Mon British English

William Williams Son 5 Pontypool Mon British English

Alice Williams Daughter 3 Pontypool Mon British English

John Phillips Boarder 49 Single Coal miner Hewer Worker Mamilad Monmouthshire British English


Eli and Mary Williams of Panta House and their family

160 The Firs, New Inn, nr Pontypool 5 rooms

Eli A. Williams Head 44 Married Galvaniser Iron works Worker Pontypool Mon English

Mary A. Williams Wife 42 Married 22~14~11~3 Abertillery Mon English

Mary E. Williams Daughter 21 Single At home Llanvihangel Mon English

Elizabeth Williams Daughter 20 Single At home Llanvihangel Mon English

Miriam Williams Daughter 19 Single At home Llanvihangel Mon English

Albert V. Williams Son 17 Single Steelworker Doubler holder Steel works Worker Llanvihangel Mon English

William H. Williams Son 16 Single Steelworker Doubler holder Steel sheet works Worker Llanvihangel Mon English

Ernest J. Williams Son 14 Steelworker Scrap Bender Steel sheet works Worker Llanvihangel Mon English

Percy J. Williams Son 12 School Glascoed Mon English

Dorothy Williams Daughter 10 School Glascoed Mon English

Trevor Williams Son 9 School Glascoed Mon English

Eli S. Williams Son 7 School Glascoed Mon English

Cecil T. Williams Son 5 School Llanvihangel Mon English


Henry Williams of Upper Twyn with children, all born in Glascoed

 Holly Bush Cottage, Panteg, Pontypool, Mon Four rooms

Henry Williams Head 69 Widower 16~10~6~4 Platelayer (Permanent Way) G.W.R. Worker Llanvihangel Pontymoile Monmouth English

William Williams Son 37 Single Guard (Goods) G.W.R. Worker Glascoed Monmouth English

Elizabeth Williams Daughter 46 Single House Maid At Home Glascoed Monmouth English

Annie Maud Williams Daughter 28 Single House Maid At Home Glascoed Monmouth English


Hezekiah Williams of Glascoed c 1864 with mother, Louisa and sister

 Monkswood, Near Usk, Mon 3 rooms

Louisa Williams Head 67 Widow 27~8~7~1 Monkswood Mon English

Hezekiah Williams Son 46 Single Roadman County Council Glascoed Mon English

Mabel Maud Williams Daughter 23 Single Monkswood Mon English


John Williams c.1872, probably son of John and Mary Wms of Cross Farm, Glascoed

 7 Prospect Road, New Inn, Pontypool Rd, Mon 6 rooms

William King Head 41 Married Mine repairer. Underground Colliery Worker Avebury Wiltshire English

Charlottie King Wife 37 Married 15~7~7~0 Lanthewey Vach Mon English

Charles King Son 12 School Llanvihangel Mon English

Agnes King Daughter 9 School Llanvihangel Mon English

Frances King Daughter 6 School Llanvihangel Mon English

Alick King Son 3 Do Llanvihangel Mon English

Goerge King Son 3 Do Llanvihangel Mon English

Winefred Daughter 1 Llanvihangel Mon

John Williams Lodger 38 Single Plate-layer GWR Railway Co Worker Glascoed Mon English


Mary Ann Williams, daughter of James and Ann Wms of Twyn married name Watkins c 1863 with family

 Coedypaen, nr Pontypool 3 rooms

Lewis Watkins Head 52 Married Roadman R.D. Council Worker Langibby Monmouth English

Mary Ann Watkins Wife 48 Married 23 - - - Glascoed Monmouth English

Gwendoline Williams Niece 9 Glascoed Monmouth English


Hannah Louisa Williams, daughter of William and Hannah Maria Wms of Pergoed. Marr name is Louisa Stephens c 1883 with family

 Bittia Farm, Nr Usk 6 rooms

Thomas Stephens Head 32 Married Farmer Employer Grosmont Mon English

Louisa Stephens Wife 28 Married 5~2~2~0 Glascoed Mon English

William Stephens Father 68 Widower Retired Farmer Radnorshire English

William George Servant 20 Single Farm Laborer Worker Llangibby Mon English

Gwendoline Louisa Stephens Daughter 4 Llangibby Mon English

Frances Mabel Stephens Daughter 1 Llangibby Mon

Susannah Williams, 1861, dau of John & Eliza Wms of Pentwyn, Glascoed married to Levi Lavender

 95 The Highway, New Inn, Pontypool Rd, Mon 6 room house

Levi Lavender Head 54 Married Steelworker (Ladleman) Iron works Worker Monmouthshire English

Susannah Lavender Wife 50 Married 30~8~4~4 Wife Glascoed Monmouthshire English

Clifford Lavender Son 25 Single White Smith & Plumber Ironmonger Worker New Inn Monmouthshire English

May Lavender Daughter 17 Single Milliner Draper Worker New Inn Monmouthshire English

Horace Lavender Son 10 Single School Boy New Inn Monmouthshire English


William Williams son of James and Ann Williams of Lower Twyn farm, Glascoed

 15 Hyfield Terrace, "Old Road Laira?", Plymouth 4 rooms

William Williams Head 50 Married Railway Engine Driver Worker Glascoed Monmouthshire

Mary Eliza Williams wife 47 Married 20~1~1~0 Merthyr? Breckonshire?

Iris Williams Daughter 15 Single Swansea Glamorganshire

William Williams, son of John & Mary Williams and wife Joan Morgan, daughter of Francis Morgan, Prescoed.

Prescoed Cotts, Llanbaddock, nr Usk, Monmouthshire Private House 4 rooms

William Williams Head 40 Married Wood cutter for timber merchant Worker Glascoed Mon English

Joan Williams Wife 37 Married 16~7~6~ 1 Llanbaddock Mon English

Annie Williams Daughter 15 Single Llanbaddock Mon English

Mary Elizth Williams Daughter 14 Single Llanbaddock Mon English

Margaret Williams Daughter 12 Single School Llanbaddock Mon English

Gertrude Williams Daughter 9 Single Llanbaddock Mon English

Elsie Williams Daughter 6 Llanbaddock Mon English

Phyllis Joan Williams Daughter 7 months Name deleted. Must be the infant who died. Llanbaddock Mon English

Olive Williams Daughter 2 Home Llanbaddock Mon English

William Henry Williams, c.1881 son of William and Hannah Maria Wms of Pergoed. His wife Beatrice Edwards was the daughter of James and Florence Edwards of Cherry Orchard. Beatrice's sister, Elizabeth Edwards c.1892 is also here.

 Lower Sofrydd Farm, Crumlin, nr Newport, Mon 6 rooms

William H Williams Head 30 Married Farm Bailiff Worker Glascoed Monmouthshire English

Beatrice Williams wife 26 Married 2~1~1 Glascoed Monmouthshire English

Beatrice Evelyn Williams Daughter 1 Llanhilleth Monmouthshire

James Snell Boarder 38 Single Cowman Worker Gunnislake Cornwall English

Elizabeth Edwards Visitor 18 Single General Servant Worker Glascoed Monmouthshire English


Emily Wilmott c.1893, daughter of Thomas and Alice Wilmott of Ashford Cottage

 Coed y paen, Pontypool 7 rooms

Thomas Arthur Head 43 Married Farmer and Innkeeper Employer Home Llandegveth Monmouthshire British English

Mary Ann Arthur Wife 45 Married 10~2~2~- Panteg Monmouthshire British English

Doris M. Arthur Daughter 8 Panteg Monmouthshire British English

Hilda E. Arthur Daughter 5 Llangibby Monmouthshire British English

Emily A. Wilmott Servant 17 Single General servant (Domestic) Domestic Glascoed Monmouthshire British English

William Weaver Servant 28 Single Waggoner on farm Worker Town N.K. Gloucestershire British English


Florence May Wilmott c1892., daughter of Thomas and Alice Wilmott of Ashford Cottage married to Henry Williams. Also Annie Louisa Pardoe c.1905 of Glascoed.

 New House, Monkswood, nr Usk, Mon 4 rooms

Henry Albert Williams Head 34 Married G.W.R. Plate layer GW Rly Comp Worker Monkswood Mon English

Florence May Williams Wife 18 Married Under 1~1~1~None Glascoed Mon English

Williams James Williams Son 8 months Mamhilad Mon

Annie Louisa Pardoe Visitor 5 Glascoed Mon English