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Maria (Edwards), c.1817-1862.

Maria Edwards (I don’t know her maiden name) was born in Newport, Monmouthshire in approximately 1817. She married Thomas Edwards some time between 1841 and 1851. They were living at Pentwyn, Glascoed at the time of both the 1851 and 1861 censuses. In 1851, they were living with Thomas’ mother, Ann Edwards.

Ann died in February 1857 and was buried at Llanfihangel Pontymoile church. By 1861, Thomas and Maria were the heads of a growing family: Ann (born c. 1853), James (born c. 1855) and Leonard (born c. 1857) had joined them.

All appeared to be well until a tragedy struck the family. In early July 1862, Maria was in a tree picking cherries, when her foot slipped and she fell to the ground. She was carried into the house unconscious, but was later found to have broken her back. The prognosis was not promising, and she died a few months later, on November 8th 1862, leaving Thomas to bring up the three children alone. He apparently never re-married.

There is a slight anomaly in the records that I assume is the result of a mis-transcription somewhere, although it could mean that Thomas had actually been married 3 times between 1851 and 1861.

On Mike John’s site, when it was was still functioning, an Anne Edwards is recorded as having been baptised on the 4th June 1853 at Usk Parish Church. The puzzling note is that her parents are noted as “Thos & Anne Edwards, Glasgoed, farmer”. It may be that this Anne is actually Thomas’ mother, or that we are talking about a different Thomas Edwards altogether. A mis-transcription seems more likely. Two years later, another baptism is recorded at Usk, of James, son of Thomas and Maria Edwards, a farmer from Glasgoed (on 6th Jan 1856). If anybody can help me solve this anomaly, I’d be grateful.

See her “family tree” in the names database for further details.


Census: 1851, 1861.

Burial Register: 1862

Newspaper reports of her fall from the cherry tree and death: Maria falls from a cherry tree, Maria’s death notice.