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Register of Electors. Glascoed. 1889

The Register of Persons entitled to Vote



Parish of Glascoed


No Name Place of Abode Nature of Qualification Description of Qualifying Property

1 Baker, Rev. Stephen Catley Usk freehold rent charge Vicarial tithes

2 Crump, Thomas Monkswood, Pontypool freehold land and barn Ton

3 Gustard, Henry Stafford Usk freehold land, mortgagee in possession Green Meadow farm

4 Jones, Daniel Glascoed, Pontypool freehold house and land Sunny bank

5 Jenkins, James Trostra upper, Glascoed, Pontypool freehold house and land Trostra upper

" James, John Davies Myrtle Grove, Blackwood freehold land Part of Greenpool To poll at Pontypool

6 Lewis, John Upper house, Glascoed, Pontypool share in freehold farm Upper house

7 Meredith, Philip Sunny banks, Glascoed, Pontypool freehold house and land Sunny banks

8 Morgan, Emmanuel Tymawr farm, Glascoed, Pontypool freehold land Lower common

" Nicholl, George Whitlock The Ham, Cowbridge freehold land Larch plantations and coppice woods To poll at Pontypool

9 Smith, David Unity house, Aberdare moiety of freehold land & buildings Lower Wernhir

10 Watkins, Henry Glascoed, Pontypool freehold land Purgoed and Lower common

11 Williams, Henry Bryn, Glascoed, Pontypool share in freehold farm near Bryn farm

OCCUPATIONAL VOTERS (other than Lodgers) Division 1

Persons entitled to vote both as PARLIAMENTARY VOTERS, and as COUNTY ELECTORS.

Persons against whose name a @ appears are entitled to vote as COUNTY ELECTORS ONLY, and not as Parliamentary voters

No Name of each Voter Place of Abode Nature of Qualification Description of Qualifying Property

12 Arnold, Richard Glascoed, Pontypool dwelling house Twyn

13 Brown, Henry Glascoed, Pontypool dwelling house Cwm

14 Bryant, James Glascoed, Pontypool dwelling house Yew Trees

15 Cowles, William Glascoed, Pontypool land and tenement Trostra Lower

16 Davies, Uriah Glascoed, Pontypool dwelling house Lower Cwmare

17 Evans, Cornelius Glascoed, Pontypool land and tenement Glascoed vach

18 Edins, James Glascoed, Pontypool land and tenement Cwm Soar

19 Edwards, James Glascoed, Pontypool dwelling house Cherry Orchard

20 Edwards, Thomas Glascoed, Pontypool dwelling house Jerusalem

21 Griffiths, John Glascoed, Pontypool land and tenement New House

22 Gwatkin, William Glascoed, Pontypool land and tenement Maesmawr

23 Haycock, Charles Glascoed, Pontypool dwelling house Jerusalem

24 Hibbert, Thomas Glascoed, Pontypool dwelling house Three Styles

25 Humphreys, George Glascoed, Pontypool dwelling house near Beech farm

26 Jones, Thomas Glascoed, Pontypool land and tenement Lower Wernhir

27 Jones, John Glascoed, Pontypool land Upper Wernhir

28 Jacob, Theophilus Glascoed, Pontypool dwelling house Poplar Tree

29 Jones, Daniel @  Glascoed, Pontypool dwelling house Sunny banks

30 Jenkins, James @  Glascoed, Pontypool dwelling house Trostra upper

31 Lewis, John @  Glascoed, Pontypool dwelling house Upper House

32 Lewis, Joseph Glascoed, Pontypool land and tenement near Hollybush

33 Morgan, Edward Glascoed, Pontypool land and tenement Hollybush

34 Meredith, Philip @  Glascoed, Pontypool dwelling house Sunny bank

35 Powell, Edward Glascoed, Pontypool land and tenement Hill farm

36 Preston, Henry Glascoed, Pontypool dwelling house Panty

37 Rowlands, David Glascoed, Pontypool dwelling house Poplar Tree

38 Sainsbury, James Glascoed, Pontypool dwelling house Twyncreen

39 Waters, Jonah Glascoed, Pontypool dwelling house Petingale Mill

40 Webb, William Glascoed, Pontypool dwelling house School house

41 Williams, James Glascoed, Pontypool dwelling house near Purgoed

42 Williams, James Glascoed, Pontypool dwelling house Twyn

43 Williams, William Glascoed, Pontypool dwelling house Purgoed

44 Williams, Philip Glascoed, Pontypool land and tenement Beech farm

45 Williams, William Glascoed, Pontypool dwelling house Cwmare

46 Williams, Edward Glascoed, Pontypool dwelling house Upper Cwm

47 Williams, William Glascoed, Pontypool land and tenement Pentwyn

48 Williams, James Glascoed, Pontypool land and tenement Tycoch

49 Williams, John Glascoed, Pontypool land and tenement near School

50 Williams, Henry @  Glascoed, Pontypool dwelling house Bryn farm

OCCUPATION VOTERS (other than Lodgers) Division 3

Persons entitled to vote as COUNTY ELECTORS but not as Parliamentary Voters.

No Name of each Voter Place of Abode Nature of Qualification Description of Qualifying Property

51 Harris, Jane Glascoed, Pontypool dwelling house Bush cottage

52 Thomas, Charlotte Glascoed, Pontypool dwelling house High house