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Saturday March 6, 1869


Upper House Farm, Glascoed.


BY MR. JOHN PHILPOT, on THURSDAY, the 11th MARCH, 1869, on the premises, at the Upper House Farm (near the Beach Farm), Glascoed, about midway between Pontypool and Usk, the


 Implements in husbandry, Dairy Utensils, prime Cider, and other Effects.

For further particulars see post bills.

Refreshments will be provided at One, and the sale commence at Two o'clock in the afternoon. Pontypool, February 27, 1869.

Saturday September 4, 1869.


ACCIDENTAL DEATH.-On Wednesday night, the 25th ult., as James Meredith and a companion were crossing the Glascoed, they found a man named Thomas Harris, son of Mr. Harris, Beaufort Arms, Monkswood, lying on the road, a little the worse for drink. They assisted him along some distance, and at length, at his request, left him. He made across a path, on the side of which are some open quarries, and before Meredith could overtake him he fell into the quarry about 20 feet deep. He was picked up Insensible and taken home, where he was attended by Dr. Shepard, who found him with compression of the brain, although there was no fracture of the skull, he died on the following day, and an inquest was held by Mr. Batt, coroner, on Saturday, when a verdict of “Accidental death from falling into a quarry" was returned. - Since this unfortunate occurrence, our attention has been called to the necessity that exists for the proper protection of such dangerous places as the one at which this fatality happened; it is surprising, considering the number of open quarrys there are in this neighbourhood, that accidents of this discription are not of more frequent occurence. We are informed that at the Prescoed, within a few feet of the public foot-path, there is an open quarry, quite unprotected, which is very dangerous.