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Glascoed Census “Strays” 1911 A-H

These are records of people who were born in Glascoed and appear elsewhere on the 1911 census. They appear in alphabetical order (surnames). The surnames used are the maiden names while living in Glascoed, in the case of now married ladies. Other families with Glascoed links may also be included here in the future.

#~House~Description~# Rooms~Name~Surname~Rel to Head~Age m~Age F~Mar status~Marriage yrs~Children born alive~Children still living~Deceased children~Occupation~Industry~Employer?~Work at home?~Place of Birth~County of birth~Nationality~Language

Emily Arnold, daughter of Richard Arnold and Elizabeth Williams of Upper Twyn, with her family

Black Beech, Goytrey, Pontypool, Mon 5 rooms

James Parry Head 42 Married Farmer Employer Mamhilad Mon English

Emily Parry Wife 38 Married 17~9~8~1 Glascoed Mon English

Laura Parry Daughter 16 Single Farmers daughter Dairy work At home Goytrey Mon English

Bertha Parry Daughter 14 Single At home Goytrey Mon English

Gus Parry Son 12 School Goytrey Mon English

Susan Parry Daughter 11 School Goytrey Mon English

Elizabeth Parry Daughter 9 School Goytrey Mon English

Emily Parry Daughter 7 School Goytrey Mon English

Ellie Parry Daughter 4 Goytrey Mon English

Maria Arnold, daughter of Richard Arnold and Elizabeth Williams of Upper Twyn.

Lasgarn Cottage, Waterworks Lane, Abersychan, Mon 4 rooms

James Jones Head 59 Married Labourer (Woodman) On Estate Worker Goitrey Monmouth English

Maria Jones Wife 51 Married 20~5~4~1 Clytha Monmouth English

Arthur Jones Son 20 Single Dairyman On own acc Abersychan Monmouth English

Ada Jones Daughter 12 Single School Abersychan Monmouth English

James Jones Son 11 School Abersychan Monmouth English

Ruth Parry Visitor 5 Goitry Monmouth English

Sarah Arnold, daughter of Richard Arnold and Elizabeth Williams of Upper Twyn with her family

Pentwyn Farm, Mamhilad, nr Pontypool, Mon 7 rooms

William Jenkins Head 43 Married Farmer Own account Mamhilad Monmouth British English

Sarah Jenkins Wife 44 Married 24~12~11~1 Assisting in Business Mamhilad Monmouth British English

William Jenkins Son 19 Single Cowman Worker At home Mamhilad Monmouth British English

Margaret Jenkins Daughter 16 Single Dairymaid Worker At home Mamhilad Monmouth British English

Abraham Jenkins Son 15 Single Waggoner Worker At home Mamhilad Monmouth British English

Mary Ellen Jenkins Daughter 13 Single Scholar At home Mamhilad Monmouth English

Martha Jenkins Daughter 12 Single School At home Mamhilad Monmouth English

Minnie Jenkins Daughter 11 Single School At home Mamhilad Monmouth English

Elsie Jenkins Daughter 10 Single School At home Mamhilad Monmouth English

John Jenkins Son 7 Single School At home Mamhilad Monmouth English

Thomas Jenkins Son 6 Single School At home Mamhilad Monmouth English

Sydney Jenkins Son 5 Single School At home Mamhilad Monmouth English

Elizabeth was noted on census (two lines below other children), but had died in 1899, aged 12.

Elizabeth Jenkins Daughter 12 Single School Mamhilad Monmouth English

Louis or Lewis Bale and Amos Bale son of Ann Bale of Cwmsoar

1 Thurston Road, Trallwn, Pontypridd, Glamorgan 4 rooms

Louis Bale Head 26 Married Collier hewer Brompton Parish Somersetshire English

Lucy Bale Wife 26 Married 5~1~1~0 Pontypridd Glamorganshire English

Silvia Josephine Bale Daughter 3 Pontypridd Glamorganshire English

Amos Bale Brother 24 Single Collier hewer Brompton Ralph Somersetshire English

Rachel Bellamy - prob daughter of James Williams and Sarah Davies, formerly Pitt of Rose Cottage

5 No. 4, Convent Cottage, Shepton Mallet, Somerset Five rooms

Edward Bellamy Head 37 Married Prison Officer (Warder) Civil service Worker Corfe Somerset

Rachel Bellamy Wife 38 Married 14~4~3~1 Glascoed Monmouthshire

Edw.d Arthur Bellamy Son 13 School Usk Monmouthshire

Alfred Ivor Bellamy Son 9 Birmingham Warwickshire

Edith Lilian Bellamy Daughter 6 Birmingham Warwickshire

Elizabeth Bevan, nee Giles???, born c 1827 at Glascoed

The Garrow, Croesyceiliog, Nr Newport, Mon 4 rooms

John Bevan Head 87 Married Retired (farm labourer formerly) Llanover Monmouthshire English

Elizabeth Bevan Wife 83 63~8~4~4 Glascoed Monmouthshire English

David Bevan Son 39 Single Labourer (farmers) Worker Goytre Monmouthshire English

Thomas Herbert Bevan born c 1904 at Glascoed

Green Meadow Cottage, Cwmbran, nr Newport, Mon 4 rooms

Evan Bevan Head 44 Married Waggoner on farm Llanddewi Radnorshire English

Ethel Margaret Bevan Wife 34 Married 14~4~3~1 Usk Mon English

Thomas Herbert Bevan Son 6 School Glascoed Mon English

Winifred Annie Bevan Daughter 3 Cwmbran Mon English

William Henry Bevan Son 10 mths Cwmbran Mon

Abraham Bowen born in Glascoed c. 1867 and family

51 Beaufort Street, Brynmawr, Monmouthshire 6 rooms

Abraham Bowen Head 44 Married Dealer in books, news, stationery, Tobacco and fancy goods Employer Glascoed Monmouthshire English

Gwenllian Bowen Wife 44 Married 20~3~2~1 Crumlin Monmouthshire English

Dorothy May Bowen Daughter 16 Single Assistant in above business Worker Newport Monmouthshire English

Hartley Roy Bowen Son 12 School Newport Monmouthshire English

Edith Hughes Servant 20 Single General servant Worker Crumlin Monmouthshire English

James Bryan of Yew Tree Cottage, his daughter Alice Pardoe and her son Arthur Pardoe, born at Glascoed

Fir Tree Cottage, Mamhilad, nr Pontypool, Mon Five rooms

James Bryan Head 81 Widower Formerly a Farmer Shelwick Hereford English

Alice Pardoe Daughter 45 Widow Glascoed Mon English

George Henry Bryan Grandson 20 Single Brickyard labourer Worker Leicester Leicester English

Arthur Pardoe Grandson 7 Glascoed Mon English

Elizabeth Burton, widow of Wm Burton, Glascoed's schoolmaster of 1901 and their family

Simpsons Lane, Broseley,Salop 5 rooms

Elizabeth Burton Head 54 Widow 36~12~9~3 Broseley Shropshire

Harry Burton Son 29 Single Postman G.P.O. Worker Leeds Yorkshire

William Burton Son 19 Single Tile sorter Zinc tile works Worker Leeds Yorkshire

Leonard Burton Son 14 Apprentice grocer's Worker Broseley Shropshire

Laura Mary (or Mary Laura) Charles, now Wheeler with family. Daughter of Wm & Eliz Charles of Hill Farm

Yew Tree Inn, Trevethin, Mon 7 rooms

William Henry Wheeler Head 30 Married Milk selling Publican Employer Trevethin Monmouthshire English

Laura Mary Wheeler Wife 30 Married Under one~None~Assisting in Business Worker Glascoed Monmouthshire English

Florence Wheeler Sister 18 Single Bar-maid Worker Trevethin Monmouthshire English

Elizabeth Vaughn Servant 15 Single Servant Domestic Worker Rhadyr Monmouthshire English

James Clark b c 1897 at Glascoed and family

Backs? House, Pentwyn, Monnmouthshire 6 rooms

James Clark Head 46 Married Shot firer Coal mines Worker Cwmcarvan Monmouth English

Frances Clark Wife 43 Married 20~5~4~1 Llangwm Mon English

Beatrice Clark Daughter 19 Single Pontypool Mon English

Agnes Clark Daughter 17 Single Pontypool Mon English

James Clark Son 14 Collier. Coal mine hewer Worker Glascoed Mon English

Willie Clark Son 12 School Llangwm Mon English

Elizabeth Taylor Visitor Married 15~4~4~- Sheffield Yorkshire English

Reginald Taylor Visitor's son 14 Collier. Coal mine hewer Sheffield Yorkshire English

Russell Taylor Visitor's son 11 School Sheffield Yorkshire English

Doris Taylor Visitor's Daughter 8 School Sheffield Yorkshire English

Lillian Taylor Visitor's Daughter 5 Sheffield Yorkshire English

Harold Cowles, son of William and Ann Cowles of Lower Trostrey

Monachty, Llanvihangel Pontymoile, nr Pontypool, Mon 7 rooms

Christopher John Cook Head 44 Married Farmer Employer At Home Mamhilad Monmouthshire English

Gertrude Cook Wife 33 Married 5~2~2 Westbury on Severn Gloucestershire English

Florence Maud Collins Servant 14 Servant Domestic Panteg Monmouthshire English

Arthur Jenkins Servant 22 Single Waggoner on farm Worker Mamhilad Monmouthshire English

Arthur Harold Cowles Servant 19 Single Cowman on farm Worker Glascoed Monmouthshire English

William Albert Cowles son of William and Annie Cowles of Lower Trostrey, Glascoed

20 Cambrian St, Griffithstown, Mon 5 rooms

Albert J. Ludlow Head 38 Married Loco Engine Driver Railway Worker Cirencester Gloucestershire English

Hannah Maria Ludlow Wife 35 Married~8~None Garndiffaith Monshire English

Samuel Higgs Boarder 20 Single General Labourer Steel works Worker Merthyr Glam English

Albert Cowles Boarder 24 Single Loco Engine Stoker Railway Worker Glascoed Monshire English

Henry Crump of Little Wernhir and daughter, Sarah Ann Crump, now Nash with her husband

High Street, nr Griffiths Town, nr Newport, Mon 5 rooms

Samuel Nash Head 54 Married Carpenter Worker At home Bitterley Parish Salop British English

S.A. Nash Wife 48 Married 24~0~0~0 General Store? Keeper Own acc At home Glascoed Mon British English

Henry Crump Father in law 87 Widower 7 5 2 Retired None Childs Wickham Gloucestershire British English

Adelaide Davies, married name Lewis born c 1856 at Glascoed

Pentranch farm, Tranch, Pontypool, Mon 3 rooms

Lewis Lewis Head 58 Married Coal miner, Hewer Worker Trinant Monmouth Both

Adelaide Lewis Wife 55 Married 30~None Glascoed Monmouth English

Amy Hale Servant 17 Single General servant, Domestic Worker Bristol Somerset English

Elizabeth Davies marr name born c 1851 at Glascoed

8 Alexander Road, Six Bells, Abertillery 6 rooms

Elizabeth Davies Head 59 Widow 39~10~9~1 Glascoed Mon British English

Albert Davies Son 29 Single Hair dresser Employer At Home Risca Mon British English

Florence Davies Daughter 23 Single Dressmaker At Home Abertillery Mon British English

Arthur Davies Son 19 Single Hair dresser Worker At Home Cadoxton Mon British English

Charles Davies Grandchild 11 At school Crosskey Mon British English

Joseph Gould Boarder 31 Single Baker Confectioner Worker Gloucester British English

Emma Edwards, widow of Thomas. They lived at Pentwyn where they had a few kids including Sarah now Tunnadine

Carlton House, Malpas, Newport, Mon 7 rooms

Anthony Tunnadine Head 46 Married Brickmaker Employer Grantham British English

Sarah Tunnadine Wife 43 Married 20~1~1~None Tywain Mon British English

Anthony T. Tunnadine Son 15 Single Apprentice W Grocery Apprentice Newport Mon British English

Emma Edwards Mother-in-Law 74 Widow Sandy acre Derbyshire British English

Lemuel Edwards c 1862 of Glascoed and family

1 Tycoch Row, Cwmbran, Mon 4 rooms

Lemuel Edwards Head 49 Married Railway Platelayer G.W. Ry Co. Worker Glascoed Monmouthshire English

Emily Edwards Wife 49 Married 27~7~5~2 Abertillery Mon English

Samuel Short Father-in-law 73 Widower Old-age-pensioner Bristol Gloucestershire English

Samuel L. Edwards Son 19 Single Nailcutter in Wire works Worker Llantarnam Monmouthshire English

Beatrice E. Edwards Daughter 10 Llantarnam Monmouthshire English

Emily A. Edwards Daughter 7 Llantarnam Monmouthshire English

Florence Amelia Evans, daughter of Wm and Anne Evans of Cwm, Glascoed

4 Prospect Road, New Inn, Monmouthshire 4 rooms

William H. Gould Head 36 Married Pickler Galvanized iron worker Steel sheet Worker Crumlin Monmouthshire English

Florance A. Gould Wife 36 Married 8~4~4~0 Glascoed Monmouthshire English

Clifford H. Gould Son 7 School New Inn Monmouthshire English

Jennie L. Gould Daughter 6 School New Inn Monmouthshire English

William Gould Son 3 New Inn Monmouthshire English

Annie Florence Gould Daughter Under 7 months New Inn Monmouthshire

William Evans Boarder 72 Widower Galvanizing Labourer Steel Sheet galvanizing works Worker Cirencester Gloucestershire English

Harriet Rose Evans now Stinchcomb, daughter of Cornelius and Martha Evans of Glascoed Vach

Yew Tree Cottage Farm, Goytre, Usk, Mon 6 rooms

George Stinchcombe Head 46 Married Farmer Employer Monkswood Monmouthshire English

Harriet Rose Stinchcombe Wife 40 Married 20~9~7~2 Glascoed Monmouthshire English

Florence Rose Stinchcombe Daughter 16 Single Farmer's daughter - Dairy work Goytre Mon English

Hilda Stinchcombe Daughter 14 Goytre Mon English

Nellie Stinchcombe Daughter 8 School Goytre Mon English

Harold Stinchcombe Son 6 School Goytre Mon English

Annie Rachel Stinchcombe Daughter 5 Goytre Mon English

Kathleen Emma Stinchcombe Daughter 3 Goytre Mon English

Mary Jane marr name Evans of Glascoed c 1878

Buckyard?, Llangwm, nr Usk, Mon 5 rooms

William Henry Evans Head 32 Married Farmer Own account Cwm Hereford English

Mary Jane Evans Wife 33 Married 8~1~1 - Glascoed Monmouthshire English

William Reginald Evans Son 6 Llangwm Monmouthshire English

James, Mary Ann Gibbon plus adopted daughter Annie Seabourne of Ton farm, Glascoed

Mill Street, Usk, Mon 3 rooms

James Gibbon Head 55 Married Timber haulier (Teamster) for timber merchant Worker Goytre Monmouth English

Mary Ann Gibbon Wife 50 Married 24~None - - Vowchurch Hereford English

Annie Seabourne Adopted child 15 Single At home Abbey Dore Hereford English

Elizabeth Goodenough marr name Rowland born c 1855 at Glascoed

Rising Sun Inn, 108 The Highway, New Inn, nr Pontypool 7 rooms

Frederick Rowland Head 57 Married Retired Tin plate roller Pontrhydywain Mon English

Elizabeth Rowland Wife 56 Married 33~3~2~1 Manageress Hotel Worker At Home Glascoed Mon English

George and Emma Gough, formerly of Pettingale Mill

New Cottages, Station Road, Raglan, Mon Five rooms

George Gough Head 39 Married Farm labourer Working Herefordshire English

Emma Gough Wife 40 Married 11~-~-~- Wooton Bassett Wiltshire English

Kathleen Jones Neice 7 Penallt Monmouth English

Annie Griffiths, widow of John Griffiths of New House with their 3 children and new family

Oakfield Cottage, Mamhilad, Mon 5 rooms

George Williams Head 25 Married Galvanizing labourer Steel sheet works Worker Goytrey Mon English

Annie Williams Wife 30 Married 4~2~2~0 Longtown Herefordshire English

Bessie Griffiths Daughter 11 School Glascoed Mon English

Philip Griffiths Son 9 Glascoed Mon English

David John Griffiths Son 7 Glascoed Mon English

Maggie Williams Daughter 2 Mamhilad Mon

Annie May Williams Daughter 1 Mamhilad Mon

Kathleen Gwatkin, c 1900 of Maesmawr Glascoed, daughter of Edmund and Bessie.

103 The Highway, New Inn, Pontypool, Mon 7 rooms

Edmund Gwatkin Head 47 Married Milk vendor Own account At Home Goytre Monmouthshire English

Bessie Gwatkin Wife 42 Married 12~1~1~- Usk Monmouthshire English

Kathleen M. Gwatkin Daughter 11 Single School Glascoed Monmouthshire English

Onesimus Thomas Boarder 21 Single Mining Engineer Underground Worker Rock? Cardiganshire English

Alfred Harris of Glascoed c 1865

Glebe Farm, Llanthewy Vach, Caerleon, Mon 5 rooms

Alfred Harris Head 46 Married Farmer Employer Glascoed Mon English

Annie Harris Wife 44 Married 26~12~8~4 Llanishen Mon English

Alfred Harris Son 22 Single Farmers son working on farm Worker Llandegveth Mon English

Harold Harris Son 21 Single Farmers son working on farm Worker Llandegveth Mon English

William Harris Son 14 Farmers son working on farm Worker Llandegveth Mon English

Hilda Harris Daughter 13 School Llandegveth Mon English

Edith Harris Daughter 11 School Llandegveth Mon English

Adrain Harris Son 3 Llanthewy Vach Mon English

Florence Jessie Harris born Glascoed c 1910. The family only lived there for v short time.

Green Meadow Cottage, Cwmbran, Mon 4 rooms

John Harris Head 45 Married Farm labourer Worker Orcop Hereford English

Evelyn Mary Harris Wife 37 Married 5~2~2 Creech St. Michael Somerset English

Sidney John Harris Son 2 Panteg Monmouth English

Florence Jessie Harris Daughter 1 Glascoed Monmouth

Thomas Hibbert, formerly of Three Styles, Glascoed

26 Bridge Street, Griffithstown, Monmouthshire Five rooms

Thomas Hibbert Head 62 Married Labourer. Steel Foundry. Worker Thornbury Gloucestershire British English

Emily Hibbert Wife 53 Married 1~None~None~None Pontypool Monmouth British English

Gertrude Dutson Step daughter 17 Single Dressmaker Worker Usk Monmouthshire British English

George Humphreys, son of William & Elizabeth Humphreys of Yew Tree Cottage.

33 Rockhill Road, Pontymoile, Pontypool. Mon 6 rooms

George Humphreys Head 50 Married Engine driver (Stationary) Tin Plate works Worker Glascoed Mon English

 Elizabeth Ann Humphreys Wife 45 Married 22~12~10~2 Household duties At Home Lower Race, Pontypool Mon English

William Humphreys Son 21 Single Cold roller Tin Plate works Worker Glascoed Mon English

James Humphreys Son 19 Single Tinner Tin Plate works Worker Farm land?, Little Mill, near Pontypool Mon English

George Humphreys Son 18 Single Cold roller Tin Plate works Worker Farm land?, Little Mill, near Pontypool Mon English

Maud Humphreys Daughter 16 Single House duties At Home Farm land?, Little Mill, near Pontypool Mon English

Owen Humphreys Son 14 Single Milk carrier Farmer Worker Fir Trees, Little Mill, near Pontypool, Mon English

Charles Humphreys Son 12 At school Fir Trees, Little Mill, near Pontypool, Mon English

Alfred Humphreys Son 10 At school Pontymoile, Pontypool Mon English

John Humphreys Son 8 At school Pontymoile, Pontypool Mon English

Elizabeth May Humphreys Daughter 3 At home Pontymoile, Pontypool Mon English

Herbert Stanley Humphreys Son 1 At home Pontymoile, Pontypool Mon English