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William Williams, 1871-1950

1871 Census

No. 16 on census (probably Cross Farm)

John Williams 36 farmer b Glascoed

Mary Williams 44   b Llanbattock

Ann Williams 11   b Glascoed

Elizabeth Williams 9   b Glascoed

Mary Williams 7   b Glascoed

Henry Williams 4   b Glascoed

William Williams 2 months  b Glascoed

1881 Census

No. 25 on census No name to property (probably Cross Farm).

John Williams 46 farmer b Glascoed

Mary Williams 54   b Llanbattock

Mary Williams 17  b Glascoed

Henry Williams 14   b Glascoed

William Williams 10   b Glascoed

John Williams  7    b Glascoed

1891 Census

No. 48 on census: Cross Farm

Mary Williams 27  b Glascoed single farmer

William Williams 20   b Glascoed  haulier

John Williams 18    b Glascoed  haulier

William Williams b 1871 then became a railway man. William married Joan Morgan, the daughter of Francis and Joanna Morgan of Prescoed Cottages.

William and Joan then lived at Prescoed Cottages, Llanbaddock.

Their children were

Annie (born c. 1895 at Llanbaddock) - Annie lived in Usk.

Mary Elizabeth (born 1896 at Llanbaddock)

Margaret (Peggy) (born c 1899 at Llanbaddock). Peggy later lived in Brighton, Sussex.

Elsie born 1904 at Llanbaddock. Died 2000, probably at Prescoed.

Frankie. Apparently never married and died at Prescoed.

Olwen. Born at Llanbaddock.

Olive. Born at Llanbaddock. Lived in Tredunnock

Gertrude. Also born in Llanbaddock.

The 1901 census record for Prescoed Cottage, Llanbaddock:

4 rooms occupied. All inhabitants only spoke the English language.

William Williams - Head - Married - 30 - Plate Layer GWR - Worker - Monmouthshire, Glascoed.

Joan Williams - Wife - Married - 27 - Monmouthshire, Llanbaddock.

Annie Williams - Daughter - 5 - Monmouthshire, Llanbaddock.

Mary E. Williams - Daughter - 4 - Monmouthshire, Llanbaddock.

Margaret Williams - Daughter - 2 - Monmouthshire, Llanbaddock.

Frank Stratton - Boarder - Single - 32 - Woodmans cutter in woods - Monmouthshire, Llanbaddock.

The 1911 census record for Prescoed Cottage, Llanbaddock:

Prescoed Cotts, Llanbaddock, nr Usk, Monmouthshire Private House 4 rooms

William Williams Head 40 Married Wood cutter for timber merchant Worker Glascoed Mon English

Joan Williams Wife 37 Married 16~7~6~ 1 Llanbaddock Mon English

Annie Williams Daughter 15 Single Llanbaddock Mon English

Mary Elizth Williams Daughter 14 Single Llanbaddock Mon English

Margaret Williams Daughter 12 Single School Llanbaddock Mon English

Gertrude Williams Daughter 9 Single Llanbaddock Mon English

Elsie Williams Daughter 6 Llanbaddock Mon English

Phyllis Joan Williams Daughter 7 months Name deleted. Must be the infant who died. Llanbaddock Mon English

Olive Williams Daughter 2 Home Llanbaddock Mon English

William died on 9th August 1950, 13 years after Joan had died - on 30th January 1937. They were both buried at Mount Zion Baptist Chapel.