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Maes Mawr Farm

Maes Mawr Farm is one of the first farms you encounter on the way in to Glascoed travelling from New Inn, off Glascoed Lane.

In common with most Glascoed properties in the 18th and 19th centuries, it was a tenanted farm on the Duke of Beaufort Estates. We first see it in “A List of Tenants Renting from The Duke of Beaufort Estates Surveyed by John Aram, Volume 10” dated 1763-1765”.

At this time the tenant was Charles William Jenkins who farmed around 146 acres. Elizabeth Phillips also rented around 5 acres of the farmland: this may well be what was referred to in the 1841 census as “Little Mase Mawr”. I wonder whether “Little Mase Mawr” is actually Cwm Soar?

Charles William Jenkins’ wife, Elizabeth was buried at Goytre parish church on 23rd February 1777. I don’t have any further records at the moment that refer to Charles.

Later tenants noted in the records I have were:


The Land Tax records of 1806 do not show names of houses. I believe that it is likely that Francis Morgan was the tenant of Maes Mawr at this time, since the owner of Maesmawr in 1823 was the Duke of Beaufort and the valuation of the property was £12, exactly the same details as the 1806 records show for Francis Morgan’s property.



Matthew Vaughan. 1823, 1824, 1829, 1831.


Register of Electors:

1840-41: Edward Lewis

Census: 1841:

Little Mase Mawr”: Louisa Powell, Farmer, aged “40”  and Ann Powell, a Farmer aged “60”.

Mase Mawr”: Edward Lewis, Farmer, aged 50. Jane Lewis, aged 10. John Arnold, aged 15, “Ag. Lab.” And “Mary Ann” aged 20. “F.S.”


The Arnold family (John Arnold, the labourer on the 1841 census’ parents) had taken over the farm at some point between 6th June 1841 and 30th November 1843 (when the new Register of Electors became effective). The Arnolds came across from Llanishen (Mon). Richard’s wife Maria, was born Jones at Llanishen (26th Feb 1797), while Richard himself had been born in Llandenny (In 1796). Maria was the daughter of William Jones and Ann Powell (of Tregeiriog House, Llangovan).

They farmed at Maesmawr until 1871, I believe and appear to have lived their with their son, Robert, till their death: Maria died aged 75 on 3rd December 1872 and Richard on 5th February 1874, aged 77/78.

Records concerning Richard and Maria Arnold at Maesmawr:

Registers of Electors1843-44 through to 1871.

Censuses: 185118611871.

Their son, Robert Arnold took over the as the tenant around 1871, as we see from the Register of Electors and Census records.

Registers of Electors concerning Robert Arnold as tenant: 1872, 1874, 1875, 1876, 1878.

On the 1879 Register of Electors, there’s a change: William Arnold (Robert’s brother) was on the Register as living at Maesmawr, although his qualifying property was actually land at Upper House.

Another of Richard and Maria’s sons lived at Glascoed for most of his life: Richard Arnold (born c. 1830/31 at Llandenny) married Elizabeth Williams of Beech Farm, a month after her first child, Mary Ann Arnold was born at Beech Farm. Richard was not named on the certificate, although was always seen in the family as her father. After a brief period in Bryngwyn, near Raglan, after their marriage (9th April 1857), Richard and Elizabeth moved back to Glascoed - initially I believe in Beech Cottage/ Castle Corrin and later at Upper Twyn, till their deaths in 1916.


William and Eliza Gwatkin moved to Maesmawr somewhere between 1879 and census night 3rd April 1881.

William was born in Walterstone, Herefordshire around 1820. It was a brief foray to Herefordshire for his parents, James and Elizabeth, since they moved back to Wales when he was little to settle at Goytre. William and Eliza had farmed at Church Farm, Lower Goytre, before moving to Maesmawr in their 60s.

There appear to be close links between the Maesmawr farm families and the Williams family of Beech Farm, since their only daughter (they had at least 8 sons), Anne married the 48 year old bachelor farmer at Beech Farm, Philip Williams. Anne’s first husband had died young at the age of 36, leaving Anne to bring up 5 children alone for the six years prior to her marriage to Philip.

Eliza died in 1893 and William in 1897 both at Glascoed (I assume Maesmawr) and were buried at Monkswood parish church.

Relevant records of the Gwatkins at Maesmawr:

Census records188118911901.

Registers of electors: 1889.

Edmund Gwatkin, William and Maria’s son carried on farming at Maesmawr after the death of his parents, having married Bessie Lloyd (born c 1868 in Llantarnam) in 1898. They had at least one daughter, Kathleen. Edmund gave up farming by 1911, since on the census of that year, he was now a milk vendor, living at 103, The Highway in New Inn, with Bessie and Kathleen.

I know little about the subsequent residents:


Sidney and Annie were newly weds in 1911 who were now living at Maesmawr. It’s possible that the farm had been empty for a period, since it’s not mentioned in the 1909 Register of Electors.

Sidney was a 29 year old Farmer, from Monknash in Glamorgan and Annie was aged 26, from Llantwit Major, Glamorgan, just a few miles from Monknash.

Henry Elsted was with them as their Waggoner. He was from Sherborne in Dorset.

Census records1911


Francis George and Minnie Florence Connabeer appeared on the 1922 Register of Electors, at Maesmawr.


Bessie appeared on the 1929 Register of Electors at Maesmawr.


On the 1939 National Register we find a new family at the Farm. The Head of the Household was Benjamin W. Morgan. He had been born on 22nd October 1902 and was a married Farmer. It appears that his wife was Alice Morgan (DOB: 12th February 1909). She is listed as an unpaid domestic.