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The Roberts families

So far I’ve added Bios on two different Roberts families. It’s possible that these individuals might even be related -possibly even brothers since they seem to be contemporaries, but I have not been able to make a proper link yet.

1) William Roberts the Baptist. He died in 1837/8. You’ll see why when you read his bio. I don’t know where he was from, although it is noted that - “He was connected with a coal round at Abergavenny”.

William Roberts

2) Daniel Roberts Lower Wernhir.

Daniel Roberts was one of the central figures in the “Glascoed Riots” which is where I first came across him.

He was born in Llanbaddock around 1799 and married Sarah Evans at Usk in 1834. He farmed at Lower Wernhir and then later the Hendre(w) farm, Llanbaddock. After his death in 1863, Sarah continued to farm at Hendre farm. See their bios for further detail.

Daniel Roberts Sarah Evans

Married  26th May 1834 at Usk Parish Church