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Monmouthshire Merlin 1852

19th March 1852



Present-E.H. Phillips, Esq.

John Kelly and Christopher Brian, two navvies, were charged with stealing eight pounds of beef, two pair of stockings, one flannel waistcoat, and one silk pocket handkerchief, the property of Mr. Isaac Walford landlord of the Horse and Jockey, near Pontypool. The following was the evidence adduced: —Mr. Isaac Walford, being sworn, said: On yesterday, the two prisoners and two other men, came to my house, and were drinking there until about three o'clock. I saw the prisoner Brian coming out of my pantry: I asked him what he wanted there; he said he had made a mistake. I went into the pantry and I found that a piece of roast beef had been removed. I told the prisoner Brian not to let me see him there again. I refused to draw them any more beer, when they began to abuse me, and swore they would pull the house down. After the prisoners had left the house, I missed two pair of stockings, one flannel waistcoat, and a silk pocket handkerchief; I traced footmarks from the the back of the house to the clothes line; I afterwards missed a piece of uncooked beef out of the pantry. I came to Pontypool and gave information to the police; as I was returning home, I met the two prisoners; Brian had a bundle under his arm. I came back to Pontypool, and PC. Vincent and I went to the prisoners’ lodgings, and there found the piece of beef now produced, which is my property, (the prosecutor here explained to the Bench how he knew the beef to be his property, by the manner he had cut some pieces off it): the prisoner Kelly came up at the time we found the beef; the beef is about 8lb. weight.—John Pitt, being sworn, said: I am a mason, staying at the Court Farm, near the Horse and Jockey: on yesterday evening, about 4 or 5 o'clock, I heard a noise at the Horse and Jockey: I saw both the prisoners there. I saw them go away I observed that the prisoner Kelly had something under his arm, under his smock frock. I came to Pontypool with Mr. Walford and as we were returning home, and near Pontymoile, we met the prisoners; I observed a bundle under the prisoner Brian's arm; I followed them back towards their lodgings. I saw them pass the bundle from one to the other twice; when they got near their lodgings. I saw the prisoner Kelly give the bundle to the prisoner Brian, and he took it into their lodgings. I then met PC. Vincent and told him where they lodged.- P.C. Vincent proved apprehending the prisoners, searching their lodgings, and finding the piece of beef he now produced.—Mary Clary, the landlady, proved the prisoners bringing the beef home to her house, on the evening in question.—This being the whole of the evidence, the prisoners, after being cautioned in the usual way, were fully committed to take their trial at the Assizes.