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The Jenkins family

Jenkins of Trostrey

This Jenkins family was probably the family with the highest social status in Victorian Glascoed.

Much can be found of this family on the net, so I won’t repeat it all here yet, although in the fulness of time, it can be added.


The basic tree is as follows:

William Jenkins (died 1720) married Joyce.

They had at least 3 children: Hercules (1691-19/4/1760), Alice and Mary.

Hercules married Anne (born 1687, died 20/3/1749 at Glascoed. Both Hercules and Anne were buried at Panteg.

Their children included: William (born 1720 at Glascoed and died 30/4/1803 at Trostrey Upper, Glascoed).

William married Elizabeth Nicholl (born 1728) on 11/9/1750 at Tredunnock, Monmouthshire. Mary died on 11/04/1769 at Glascoed. Their children included: William (born 1753, died 1754), Elizabeth (1756-1836), Susannah (1758-1759), Hercules (1760 at Glascoed to June 1821 at Glascoed), Anne (died 1764), William (1754 to 1816) and a second Susannah (born 1766).

Hercules married Mary Arthur of the village, Trostrey, on 27/08/1796 at Trostrey. Mary was born in 1764 and died on 24/1/1835 at Trostrey Upper, Glascoed.

Their children were Elizabeth (c. 1797 to 1814), Mary (1799-1842), William (born c.1802), Hercules (born c. 1803), James (c.1804-1892), Florence (born c.1806) and Susannah (born c. 1810).

James died on 9th Oct 1892 at Glascoed (buried Panteg). He married twice:

(1) Eliza Milner. Eliza was born in Nash in 1815. She married James on 16/3/1843 at Whitson, Monmouthshire. She died young on 19/3/1844.

They had one son, William Hercules Jenkins, born 1843 at Glascoed.

(2) Elizabeth Handley Wilmot (c.1815 to 26/7/1892). They married on 21st May 1847 at the bride’s parish, Llanddewi Fach.

Their children were James Wilmot Jenkins (1847-1897), Helena Jane (1849-), Nathaniel Handley (1850-), Mary Elizabeth (c.1851-), Arthur Wilmot Jenkins (c.1854-), Eliza Tabitha Jenkins (c.1856-) and Francis Edward Jenkins (c.1860-).

I have been given a little extra information on Elizabeth Handley Wilmot, by Les Wilmot who is descended from her family’s line, so she is the first to get her own page. Many thanks for this, Les. I have also linked to Mary Arthur’s page via these buttons.

Elizabeth Handley Wilmot Mary Arthur 1764

2) Jenkins of Pergoed

John Jenkins Senior was born in the 1760s at Glascoed. His wife was called Mary - she was also born in the 1860s, and was about 4 years younger than John. They were at Pergoed farm in 1841 - as was their son who was also named John Jenkins. By this point, John was single, presumably a widower. In 1851, John and Mary Jenkins Senior were at Middle Cwm, Glascoed - John was a retired farmer (aged 88!) and Mary aged 84.

John Jenkins the younger (born about 1797) had a daughter named Maria JenkinsMaria had been at Lower Wernhir farm in 1841, as a servant, although by 1851 had taken on the family farm, Pergoed, with her new husband Henry Watkins. Her father, John, was listed as a labourer at Pergoed and moved with Henry and Maria to Upper House, Llanbaddock again listed as a labourer and father-in-law to Henry.

Maria Jenkins Henry Watkins

They had seven other children:

I have only created a Bio page for Edwin so far.

William (1850) - born at Glascoed.

Mary Ann (1854) - born at Glascoed.

Elizabeth (1856) - born at Llanbaddock.

Hannah Maria (1859) - born at Llanbaddock.

John (1861-1882) - born at Llanbaddock.

Ruth Matilda (1863-1885) - born at Llanbaddock.

Alfred (c. 1865-1875) - born at Llanbaddock.

I assume for all the children that Glascoed means at Pergoed farm and Llanbaddock means at Upper House (Llanbaddock).


Edwin Watkins

Married 20 March 1846 at Llanddewi Fach