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Archived Updates

10th May 2015: These are the updates from the old look website - I’ve decided not to link up all the statements here to the relevant dates right now - it’s a huge job and I don’t really know whether people would actually use these pages a lot! The search box (top right hand corner) should help you to locate the record you’re looking for quite well I think! I thought it was better to publish the whole site now rather than wait for something people probably won’t use! Let me know if you need these linked back up though here.

9th April 2015: My Great-Great Grandfather, John Pitt, lived at Glascoed from 1853 to his death in 1865. This case from the Monmouthshire Merlin in 1851 may not be him, although aspects of the case seem to be in keeping with his character, having a strong sense of right and wrong ... if it IS him, this did not extend as far as disapproving of prostitution!

6th April 2015: I’ve been making progress with maps recently and came across some interesting information on Rose Cottage. It concerns a planning application to restore the house, which had fallen into misuse, from 2008. I’ve constructed a Rose Cottage page which should be added to once the Panta House information has been completed. A small update has also been added to Panta House, since the last update.

3rd April 2015: I’ve continued to add to the site - there’s an extra article for the Monmouthshire Merlin page on Sarah Pitt and Hannah Lewis’ falling out previously reported in the Usk Observer. This one is from the Monmouthshire Merlin. Also an update to the Panta House page. This is a work in progress and should be completed over the Easter holidays.

31st March 2015 - I remember a little while ago someone emailed me and had been worried I might have died to a lack of recent updates! Well I’m still alive (only 49 years old, but you never know do you?!) - with some updates to announce. I’ve been trying to add to some of the house histories and am currently trying to trace exactly where each of the houses was situated. I’d like to put up a map at some point. For now the following house histories have been completed: Bryn farm, Cherry Orchard and Walnut Tree House’s page has been constructed. The email asking me if I was still alive did make me chuckle at the time, but brought up a serious point: What would happen to the site when I eventually do pop my clogs?! I was contacted by the National Library of Wales at Aberystwyth last month and they asked whether they could keep an archive copy of the site to preserve for future generations. I was so pleased to hear this - and it will be archived by them. So when the site eventually does disappear from the web (probably some months after I disappear from the earth!) it should be found at the National Library for Wales.

18th June 2014 - Many thanks to Hilary Whitton for providing pages for two farms related to the Arnold family  - Llangwendr Farm, Llangovan and Tregeirog House, Llanishen.

22nd March 2014 - Many thanks to Peter Selley of “The Medical Gentlement of Bow” site: He has provided me with new information on Annie Elizabeth Morgan (Hill Farm Morgans) and her husband Alexander Wynter-Blyth his main source of interest. It’s on their bio pages here and here and also on the Sussex Agricultural Express page.

26th November 2013 - More great information from Pat Morris on the Glascoed reservoir flooding and how this affected people and their homes and land. There is also a map showing which properties were lost. This significant event is long overdue on this site, so many many thanks. Pat also provided information on her ancestor William Morgan who lived at Beech Cottage among other Glascoed properties.

23rd November 2013 - Many thanks to Pat Morris who has added some more memories with photographs to the Glascoed school page.

18th November 2013 - Thanks to Olwen’s brother John Robinson for providing further information on the teachers at Glascoed school from the 1960s onwards. This can be found here:

28th October 2013 - Thanks to Olwen Hughes for providing a photo and some more detail on Miss Agnes Pitt-Williams.

19th October 2013 - I have started adding Probate index records to the site. The first ones are Merediths: Caroline Meredith (nee Lewis) and her son, Philip.

11th October 2013 - Many thanks to Gwyneth Spadaro-Dutturi, who has provided some interesting new information on Glascoed school and Miss Pitt-Williams.

9th October 2013 - I heard from somebody who had used the site and mentioned a Miss Agnes Pitt-Williams, who taught at Glascoed Board School. This set me researching and I confirmed that this was actually one of my relatives (My Grandfather’s cousin) so I constructed a page on her. I also put together a page on Glascoed Board School and would be very interested to her memories or receive any photos from people who remember the school. It would be personally a thrill to find a picture of Miss Pitt-Williams, to trace any family likeness!

5th August 2013 - New articles from the Weekly Mail - an article from 1901 re an Elizabeth Williams, wife of Alfred Williams, who goes missing from home. This is quite possibly the Alfred Wms from Rose Cottage originally - son of James and Sarah Williams.

Also from the 1856 Usk Observer: Caroline Meredith assaults Elizabeth Jones. Neither appears blameless - the magistrate describes Caroline as “a very quarrelsome woman” and Elizabeth as having “an aggravating tongue”!

From the 1870 County Observer: Henry Williams and Richard Arnold appointed tax Collectors for the hamlet. Several more articles from the 1876 County Observer: Several names with Glascoed origins or links - may not be them, but seemed a coincidence - in Court for not having a dog licence: John Rosser, John Arthur Morgan and Henry Crump; David Pritchard exposes himself in the street at Usk!; John Harris’ wife sells unlicensed Cider; another account of Non-vaccination of children: Richard and Elizabeth Arnold and Wm Evans; James Morgan allegedly poisons the Berthon Brook - with Glascoed witnesses including: Cornelius and Martha Evans, and David Williams nephew of David Williams, Monachty Farm. This later went to the Quarter Sessions. Mount Zion Sunday School and Choir Annual treat - baton presented to Choir Master, John Morgan. Henry Williams presents a report to the Highway Board on the state of the local roads; A coroner’s court at High Cross Inn, Glascoed, establishes that Charles Jenkins was “Found dead”.; Glascoed Board School to be established with 42 places for pupils.

4th August 2013 - Articles from the Cardiff Times (between 1876 and 1908). Two Glascoed families taken to court for failure to vaccinate their children in 1876: William Evans (fined). Richard & Elizabeth Arnold were acquitted but only because their twin children, Elizabeth and Philip had died. Rev Thomas mentioned at opening of new Baptist Chapel at Pontypool report (1878). Robert Davies convicted of drunkenness at Glascoed in 1880. Concern over quarries’ proximity to Glascoed Board School (1885). James Arnold Jones (husband of Rachel Rosser) sent for trial over manslaughter of a Caerleon farmer after “break-in” at Pettingale Farm (1889). Vote of sympathy for family of Rev Joseph Lewis regarding their recent bereavement, from his fellow Baptist Ministers (1894). Thomas Jones of Lower Wernhir takes a Newport man to court over alleged horse stealing (1899). Mount Zion chapel represents the hamlet at a Pontypool Music Festival (1903). George Morgan (I believe it must have been George from Hollybush, Glascoed) convicted of watering down milk that he sold. Wouldn’t that just be like semi-skimmed these days? That makes him a pioneer, surely?! (1906). William Burton, Glascoed Board School’s former Schoolmaster is found dead at Newport, in mysterious circumstances (1907). Finally, a report on the Llangibby hunt’s day, ranging through Glascoed and the neighbouring communities in 1908.

31st July 2013 - More news articles - this time from the County Observer. The Davies’ from Lower Cwmhir: Jesse Davies died (31st Dec 1880) and his sons featured in an interesting horse stealing and assault case a few months later.(1881). Also Part Two of this story. There’s a sad tale of the accidental death of Annie Matilda Thomas, daughter of Job and Jessica, who died after falling from a cart driven by Edward Williams (1882). John Morgan became very drunk, disturbed the chapel service and got the landlady of the Crosskeys Inn (Sarah Roberts) into trouble all on the same evening (1884).

30th July 2013 - Lots of newspaper updates:

Monmouthshire Merlin - 1837 House fire (Thomas Protheroe’s new built cottage), Philip Lewis assaults William Griffiths (1839), “William Holloway” (actually it was John Holloway of Cwm House) dies after being bitten by a rabid dog, John Williams, labourer commits suicide (1850), John Pitt is a witness in a court case (1852), Another Glascoed riots account (1860), Sheep stealing case involving John Davies, John Richards, Ann daughter of James Lewis and Thomas Hickey (1862), the induction of Rev W Morgan at Mount Zion Chapel, John Pitt takes someone to court for unpaid bills (1863), John Pitt measuring land as a witness in another court case (1864),  Job Lewis dies after falling from a hay cart (1865), A Biddle at the Stratton’s house (1865), George Roberts has seven gold sovereigns stolen after sleeping (drunk?) by the side of the road by George Clements (1865), James Williams (soon to marry Sarah Pitt) gets into a fight with Hannah Lewis (1868), Philip Lewis takes his nephew, James Meredith junior to court for taking an axe then thinks better of it (1869), Martha Meredith’s husband John Harney is arrested for sheep stealing (1869) and finally Martha Meredith accuses Thomas Smith of being the father of her child (John Harney by now has been transported to Australia) - case dismissed.

Usk Observer: Caroline Meredith and her son James are accused of assaulting Mary Ann Jones - case dismissed (1857), Sarah Pitt takes Isaac Lindsay to court for unpaid lodgings (1868).

The Cambrian: Coppice Woods for Sale in Glascoed: 1814 - at Ty Newydd, Ty Coch and “Bibian Vain?” woods. 1822: Ty Coch woodland again for sale.

25th July 13 - Advert from 1831 Monmouthshire Merlin, Beech Farm is for sale - Roger Williams (newly married to Ann Morgan) is the tenant.

30th January 13 - I think that I have got the format of the site back to normal. I had saved over my up to date versions of the site with some backups from 2010 by mistake! Some new pages added as a result of information provided by Darren Davies. It has been my intention to start including some information on properties which I am told have been considered by many to have been part of the Glascoed of their youth in any case, even if technically by parish boundaries they lay in Llanbaddock. The first of these then is Upper Wernhir. Darren provided me with information on his ancestors who lived at Upper Wernhir. The first of these pages have been added on the Upper Wernhir Williams’, John Edward Williams and his wife (sister of Cornelius Evans) Eliza Evans. Some more on that family to follow.

29th January 13 - Site rescue continues. The Houses, People, Law & Order, Archived updates, contact and Links pages along with the following Records branches now have been formatted correctly: Census, Birth & Baptism, Marriage and Death & Burial. Other pages will still display incorrectly for now. It’s a time consuming task. I have also added a marriage certificate copy for Sarah Ellen Pitt and Charles Stratton.

27th January 13 - Much of this weekend has been taken over trying to sort out my site! I had managed to save over the site with an old copy (going back to Dec 2010!). Fortunately I was able to download the current copy from my web server, although this has needed hours of re-formatting. So if any glitches occur this weekend, please bear with me - the menu bars in particular may not all function from every page. Hopefully will be sorted by the end of the day or if not, soon! While going through every page, decided to write a bio for Sarah Ellen Pitt, including a photo.

17th January 13 - One more account of the inquest into the death of Sarah Davies and James Williams’ child, this one from the Monmouthshire Merlin..

14th January 13 - Sarah Davies’ bio updated to take into account the updates added on 13th January. Free Press article added on the burial scandal involving Sarah and James Williams - this is much fuller.

13th January 13 - Thanks to Vivienne Rosser, for passing on this information to me about my Gt, Gt Grandmother, Sarah Davies. It is the story of the death of her new-born baby son in 1868. Her husband to be attempted to bury the baby without leave of the Vicar in Glascoed Churchyard. Infanticide was alleged. Read the record of the inquest in the County Observer. A much fuller account was made in the Free Press article. Sarah married her second husband, James Williams 3 days after the newspaper report. Also a photo of Cornelius Evans from Darren. More updates courtesy of Darren later in the week, regarding Williams’ who lived at Upper Wernhir in the mid-19th century.

13th August 12 - Monumental Inscription added from Ebenezer Independent Chapel, Cwmffrwdoer of Lewis Lewis, his wife Jane (nee Miles) and their daughter Sarah. These details also added to the Names register, plus a corrrection where I believe I had added Elizabeth Lewis to the wrong parents previously - likely daughter of the above Lewis and Jane Lewis not of their son, Edmund as previous. Apologies for any confusion.

30th July 12 - Three Glascoed people found on Penygarn Baptist Church, Trevethin’s membership lists. Thomas Philips and Ann Watkins (both in 1817) and Ann Powel (1840). Also some baptismal records for the Moses family of Glascoed at Mill Street Congregationalist chapel at Newport in the early 1780s.

17th July 12 - Another update of the Names register. Marriage records updated for a number of couples.

12th July 12 - Baptismal records of Glascoed people in other Monmouthshire parishes have also had a major update. Check here.

11th July 12 - Marriage records of Glascoed people in other Monmouthshire parishes have had a major update - Check here.

4th July 12 - Having had some helpful advice, I think I’ll hold fire on the wiki idea for now, since there is apparently a proposal for a Monmouthshirepedia - will wait for that to take place. Thanks to Cheryl Morgan of the Raglan Wales UK Domesday site for this advice. Her site is really worth a look - especially if you have a local or family history interest in Raglan. Today have uploaded burial records for a number of additional parish churches - especially Llanfihangel Pontymoile. Find them here.

1st July 12 - I am considering making the site a wiki, to allow for collaboration and emphasis the community aspect to this project - it shouldn’t really just be mine and about me! If anyone has experience or advice in how to do this - there is a large amount of data to transfer - please let me know. Also, is this the best way forward? I want the site to be shared by anyone who has an interest in the village, for it to remain free and open to all, to allow it to grow with the easy input of others, for the info to be safeguarded for future generations and also frankly, the amount of time I have to devote to the project varies; recently, I’ve been occupied with other things, although will always come back to the project when time allows. I created a page on familypedia to see how it works and how feasible and am not quite sure - it seems quite daunting facing putting everything over to there!

Pages added for the Jenkins family of Lower Trostrey, Glascoed. Also a page for Elizabeth Handley Wilmot, wife of JamesJenkins. Thanks to Les Willmott for the information.

Also the Names pages have been updated.

15 March 12 Hereford Journal - David Williams (a Glascoedian) marries an older widow who farmed Manachty at Pontymoile. Also Mrs Eliza Davies gets into a dispute over a horse (and also an assault) with a Goytrey man as reported by the Gloucester Citizen.

14 March 12 Death of a Centenarian - Thomas Williams, a publican who “kept a Glascoed public house” for 30 years died in his 103rd year at Risca. Not sure which public house (will need to check this - maybe the High Cross Inn?) since appears to have lived outside of Glascoed as defined by censuses. Anyway, it can be found here - a paraphrase from the Western Times.

9 March 2012: County Observer 1876 - added articles up to May 1876. Several Highway Board articles: January meeting, concerning Henry Williams and Benjamin Rees; These two feature in most of the subsequent meetings: March (concerning Accounts and a road repair), April (Waywarden for Glascoed elected - Benjamin Rees and Estimate for year) and May (Henry Williamsestimates severely questioned by Benjamin Rees). Baptist Chapel address on John Bunyan; A dozen men are seen rabbiting near the Glascoed road - the two caught were in trouble! - William Pritchard and James Morgan - were these Glascoed men? William Hall Rees elected Sidesman for Glascoed church; Thomas Rees, his son, gets married and David Moseley is elected to the Board of Guardians..

4 March 2012: Completed transcription of Glascoed references in County Observer 1875. Stories added: Death notice of Elizabeth Stinchcomb (a family with later links to Glascoed); Sarah Roberts (widow of Daniel) loses 8 sheep; Richard Williams (whose daughter Emily Ada later married William John Pitt of Panta House and Rose Cottage) has his house broken into; David Morgan of Glascoed gives evidence at an assault case; Glascoed people (led by J. Morgan) and Miss Louisa Roberts of Hendrew Farm celebrate harvest at Mamhilad; Mrs Rees of  Lower Wernhir wins a prize at Usk Farmer’s Club; Thomas Henry Rees (son of William Hall Reece of Bryn Farm and nephew of Benjamin Rees) wins a ploughing competition at Abergavenny Agricultural Association; Samuel Twissell kicked a lad who allegedly called his wife “an old sow”, “threw dirt over” his “little girl” (possibly Edith, who later married William Isaac Lewis of Beech Farm) and “put their dog in the canal”!; Jesse Davies (of Lower Cwmhir) is mentioned (along with “Mr Rees”) in a Highways Board discussion on the haulage of stones and associated road works mentioning William Reece and Henry Williams. In the same meeting Glascoed people object to paying for what they see as a “Monkswood road”; Martin, son of William Crump of Estavarney Farm, Monkswood marries an Usk girl in the USA.

I also found the missing 5 years of Mount Zion Minutes books (several baptisms and exclusions) - 1901 to 1905.

9 Sept 11 Affiliation case involving David Moseley and Sarah Ann Pritchard. I believe that this David Moseley was the son of David Moseley of Trostrey farm, Glascoed.

8 Sept 11 Added photos to Simeon Warder’s war record of two of the ships he served on (interesting mementos from my Warder family contact). Also added a page from the 1925 Electoral Register (absent voters list), showing a Glascoed resident now serving in the Armed Forces - Leonard Owen Rowland.

1 Sept 11 Many thanks to my Warder family contact for an updated page on Simeon HH Warder and another on Simeon’s war record.

6 May 11 - 1929 Register of Electors for Glascoed added.

5 May 11 - 1922 Register of Electors for Glascoed added.

2 May 11 - Update: Monumental Inscriptions for Glascoed people added from Llanbaddock and Monkswood Parish Churchyards, with thanks to David Woolven.

14 Apr 11 - Update. A new family - the Pegington family, of Hill Farm. Many thanks to Chris Pegington, a direct ancestor.

06 Apr 11 - Sorry for lack of updates for a while. Just been busy with other things! Will be back sooner or later!

3 Jan 11 - 1866 Usk Observer transcripts all now uploaded. Latest include Sarah Roberts (widow of Daniel) in court and losing a sheepdog. Reg Perrott married Ellen Arnold, of Upper Twyn in the 20th century. His grandfather, John Perrott has his coat stolen and takes the offender to court. Here, and here. He was also found guilty of “driving his horse furiously” through Usk town centre.

31 Dec 10 - 1871 Census Strays added.

31 Dec 10 - 1866 Usk Observer entries added (to late May). Including notices re the Cattle Plague. Philip and Hannah Lewis’ marital unhappiness continues - here they are re-united and soon after are back in court, after the recently widowed Sarah Pitt is intimidated by Hannah over an alleged unproven affair with Philip. Frances Williams, wife of David of Monachty farm, Pontymoile dies. David was a Glascoed boy born c 1815 who moved away. Our friend, George Roberts declares bankruptcy (See Reports One, Two, Three and Four) and the Highways Board commission a bridge over the Berthin Brook. John Rosser’s farm, Llanynant, is up for auction (he farmed at Glascoed Vach in 1841) and Robert Arnold (one of the Maesmawr Arnolds) is in court for dangerous driving! Also opened a “Twitter” account to give you updates to the site if you are on It’s free - my account is glascoeddotcom or just click here.

23 Dec 10 - Some corrections and adjustments made to the Farr and Warder families in the Personal Names section of the web-site. Thanks to Ginny and my Warder family contact.

22 Dec 10 - Added additional info to the Warder family in the names section - more to add to the Warder family pages in due course, including a family link to T.E. Lawrence (‘Lawrence of Arabia’). A number of new pages added to the 1865 Usk Observer. New stories include James Aldridge (probably related to the Goodenoughs) involved in an assault, Mr Moseley and Wm Gwatkin elected to the Highways Board and Francis Morgan (Prescoed) proposed for election to the Highway Board, a fatal accident near to Glascoed where Joseph Goodenough (formerly of Ty Coch) gave evidence and also a William Williams (possibly one of the Glascoedians of that name). Sarah Morgan (widow of Henry of Middle Wernhir) involved in an affiliation case with a schoolmaster, William Morgan of Hill Farm marries Emma Rachel Price, reports on the James Powell boot stealing case - Report One, Report Two,  George Roberts (a busy man in 1865 according to the Usk Observer) had seven gold sovereigns stolen, and here and here, various Game notices and here, Mrs Lewis, wife of James involved in a cart accident, trouble at Mill - well Little Mill where a knacker’s yard was proposed, road matters relating to Glascoed roads falling into disuse and here, the Reece family in ploughing competitions and again, and George Roberts and Edward Morgan in court.

28 Nov 10 - New family pages added re the Warder family of Cwm Soar Farm. Also a specific page of a war hero - Simeon Warder. Thanks to a grandson of Hilda Warder for the information and pictures on this. Also corrections made to the Farr family (related to the Gwatkins) on the Names part of the site - thanks to Ginny for correcting this!

23 Nov 10 - Uploaded new newspaper articles from Usk Observer. 1863: Wm Gwatkin (later of Maesmawr) Church warden organising meeting at Goytre, Bryn Farm and Lower Wernhir and later Glascoed Fach all put up for auction, Arthur Morgan of Hill Farm accused of fathering a child out of wedlock, Ploughing competitions involving the Wernhir Reece brothers and Tom Crump at Abergavenny and Usk Farmers clubs, the Rowlands family of High House accused of damaging a hedge, bizarrely William Arnold (possibly of Maesmawr Arnolds or a namesake from neighbouring parish) falsely(?) accused of having un-natural relations with a cow! The case was not proved. 1864: Jesse Davies another account of the disputed warranty of pigs purchased, a Ghost story (allegedly of the recently deceased Irish Cobbler, Thomas Hickey), Marriage of Mrs Martha Williams (a Glascoed widow), Obituary of John Morgan of Hill Farm, Cornelius Evans (later of Glascoed Vach) and Henry Watkins (Pergoed) appear as Jurors at the Usk Quarter Sessions, George Roberts appears in several reports: 1) Accused of assaulting a Thomas Williams of Glascoed, 2) taken to court over non-payment of bill and 3) Taken to court again by Henry Watkins (Pergoed) over a manure dispute. Roger Williams (Beech Farm), Benjamin Rees (Lower Wernhir), Job Lewis (Lower Cwm) and James Jenkins (Trostrey Upper) all given Parish Appointments, Mount Zion Chapel Summer Tea Party held, Philip and Hannah Lewis of Bush Cottage have a marital dispute and finally, Benjamin Rees of Lower Wernhir is found to have fathered the child of Sarah Jones. 1875:The Hunt meets at Hendre Farm, Llanbaddock (former home of Daniel Roberts) and William Jacob, of the Poplar Tree Cottages, dies suddenly. At the inquest, Joseph Goodenough (formerly of Ty Coch) and now of Panteg, is mentioned as William’s overseer.

18 Nov 10 - finally uploaded Mark 1 of the Glascoed People database. Check it out here. Some new info - lots is more to do with linking people together whose records are already on here in the form of census appearances, etc. Search for people via Given names or Surnames. The portal for this part of the site is on the People tab.

16 Nov 10 - Corrections made to censuses - involving 1841 - Charles Jones is actually Charlot, Ponty Cuckoo is Panty Cuckoo, also dittos corrected or noted involving the Andrew/ Hanbury household at Pentwyn, and the Lewis and Harris families at Mount Pleasant. 1881 - Samuel Morgan is Lemuel, Arthur J Smith to Arthur T., the Davis family of Bryn Farm corrected. 1891 - Limekilns - Edward Williams aged 81, not 51?, 1901 - Isaac and Mary Heath - places of birth corrected. 1911 - Kate/Rose Sevenoaks is Rosa, May Charlotte Gillard”is Mary and Nathaniel Gillard was born at Kellaton, Devon, not Killaton.

Finally, I’ve finished adding the Glascoed censuses and some other records to the family tree database, so the long-promised database of Glascoed people (Version 1) can be published - could be later today or later this week depending on other demands on time!

4 Oct 10 - A couple of corrections to the 1851 Glascoed census - Elizabeth Richins and her son James at Lower Panta, on re-examination in the light of other records, appears to be Hichins (actual name Hitchins). Also in Households 16 (Elizabeth and Edward Jones) and 17, Philip and Hannah Lewis on re-examination (again in light of later records) the places of birth are indexed one line up - so I have corrected this indexing discrepancy.

2 Oct 10 - 1901 Census Strays added today.

29 Sep 10 - 1891 Census Strays added. 1901 Strays part way through being transcribed, should be a few days away.

16 Sep 10 - More Census strays added: 1871 Strays and 1881 Strays. There are significantly more 1881 Strays than for other years. I believe that the 1881 census was indexed more thoroughly since it was the first, since many more entries are found by typing Glascoed and the most common mis-transcriptions of Glascoed. Once I have added the 1891 and 1901 Strays that I have already found to the site, I’ll have to do a search by name for the stragglers and hopefully find a few more in the fullness of time!

12 Sep 10 - First of a couple of larger updates uploaded today. Took a fair bit of work. The term ‘Strays’ refers to people with Glascoed links who are found in other area records. I have been tracing and transcribing as many of these as I can in recent weeks of Glascoed people. The 1911 strays were already uploaded. Today’s updates are the 1851 Strays and 1861 strays. 1871 and 1881 are ready to be checked (the tiresome bit!) with 1891 and 1901 to follow.

17 Aug 10 - Making good progress with database of Glascoed people. Not near uploading this yet though it’s a big undertaking. Getting an overview of the records has helped me to spot some minor errors that needed to be corrected. Mainly in the 1911 census strays S-Z, (re the Sainsbury family, the odd relationship clarified, Eli Wms address, Thomas Stephens age and Wm Wms of Plymouth wife is Mary not May I think!). Also in the Mount Zion Minutes (correcting one date in Aug 1892), the 1851 census - House 13, re Wm Garner - not Gardner and the 1911 census - House 27 Pentwyn the couple were married 30 not 36 yrs.

10 Aug 10 - Uploaded the 1832 and 1841 Electoral Registers.

05 Aug 10 - Still bothered by sciatica, but it is starting to improve and I can spend short periods sitting at the computer now and walk a bit! Enough today to update Emma Rachel Price’s page (wife of Wm Morgan of Hill Farm). I now believe that she was probably still alive in 1881 - see her page for details. I have been working on a couple of projects on laptop re Glascoed. One is a database of all Glascoed people I have found (this will take some time to finish) and the others are indexes of Glascoed strays on the 1911 census (added today) and the 1832 and 1841 Electoral registers (to be uploaded at a later date). Olwen Hughes has kindly provided info on Upper House and its residents which is now uploaded.

22nd May 10 - Today I was contacted by Susan Wright, the transcriber of the 2005 Mount Zion Church MIs. I can now credit the transcriber! Thanks very much for getting in touch Susan, and bringing this to my attention.

I’ve been off the site for a while - sciatica has meant sitting transcribing for long periods has not been very appealing! Hopefully it’ll go soon and I can get back to normal!

9th Mar 10 - Latest instalment of Glascoed minute books added today, 1901 onwards.

4th Mar 10 - More entries from the Minute books. Now added up to the end of 1882. (27th Feb 10) Now to end of 1888 (1st Mar 10). Now to 1892

16th Feb 10 - Updated a few more entries from the Mt Zion Minute books for 1876 and 77. Elections of trustee. Includes baptisms and two female church members, Mary Jacob and Sarah Rowlands, being excluded from fellowship for squabbling!

10th Feb 10 - Thanks to Olwen Hughes who wrote up 90% of the information for the new Cross Farm page.

8th Feb 10 - Added the first of the 1911 census Glascoed strays on site. They are Annie Stephens and family (daughter of Henry & Hannah Williams of Bryn Farm, Arthur Williams born c. 1868 and family and also William Willams (b 1871) and his wife Joan Morgan (of Prescoed) with family.

14th Jan 10 - Staying at home due to 8 inches of snow in Bargoed, means that I have been able to spend the day transcribing the 1911 census and it is now up on the site. Much quicker than I thought it would take! Well worth a look.

12th Jan 10 - J and K Robinson kindly sent me a clearer photo of a Mt Zion Sunday School group, which I have placed here. For those interested (my family includes quite a number of Glascoed people) I have updated my personal family tree site today - worth a look to see whether the people you are interested in are also in my tree.

30th Dec 09 - Additions are mainly around Hill Farm, with a summary page of its history and a fair bit of information on the Hill Farm Morgans. I am working through these one by one. Full bios so far for John Morgan snr, Mary Arthur and some of their children: John Arthur, William (and his first wife Emma Price), Anne Elizabeth (and her famous husband!). The other 4 children to follow. Also a couple of new additions to Other parish Burials, Baptisms and Marriages and a new section 1881 census strays.