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Saturday March 2nd 1861 Free Press

A POET AT PRESCOED.— In reference to the proceedings at Glascoed, a notice of which appeared in theFree Press of the 16th ult., we have received the following original production, which we insert verbatim et literatim. It will be observed that the originality is in the orthography rather than the “poetry”, the latter being of the “truly rural” (otherwise “tooral looral”) order:-


Much as been spoken of what as been done

By those Evil villans who think it brave fun

We learn it we know it from what as been said

How they spoiled their neighbour of his daily Bread

If thoes madmen were but to consider aright

They whould not spoil Meredith out of anger and spite

Or consider on what they themselves as enclosed

They would not their Poor neighbours ever opposed

But how can they consider wen self will precides

There is hategood and malice they cannot expell

Together with the hosts and the lesians of h-ll

There were their Father Beelzebub in anger and skill

Better known by their Sergent or Captain of will

Likewise the good boatsmen boath Father and Son

Who will find Shipwreck in a storm for to come

And he who had not the patiance of Gob

Whould take the whole commen if it was a huge globe

Mr Jenkins an high Churchman in speech

And also uncle Roger that lives at the beech

And Morgan the Baptist I regret for to tell

All now clast with the rebels of h-ll

Also fine whomen somewhat like a score

Of such a Stamp that ne’r trodth commen before

Likewise Coalman the Millar who road up with Speed          (Research Note: This refers to Charles Coleman of Prioress Mill, Llanbaddock)

And came like a man for to Sanction the deed

Who did it by giving some gallons of Beer

Their hearts to Strengthen and Spirits to cheer

So now my glascoenians I’ll bid you adue

You have a nut for to crack and a curnel to chew

Now all your kind neighbours go quickly and see

For it’s in Monmouth or Abergavenny no doubt you will be.

F.M., Prescoed

F.M. is believed to have been Francis Morgan of Prescoed Cottages.

The Usk Observer declined to publish the Article!!! This is their reaction!


T.M. PRESCOED – Your communication is ineligible for insertion, for several reasons. Firstly, you have not given us your name – secondly, several of the passages are actionable – thirdly, it has already appeared in the column of a contemporary, and lastly, the verses are miserably deficient in rhyme and sense, not to say anything of the orthographical blunders.