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Edith Winifred Morgan

Was mainly known as Winnie Morgan and was actually born in 1877 at St. Brides Netherwent, in Monmouthshire. Her parents William and Emma Rachel Morgan (nee Price) had left the family farm, Hill Farm, Glascoed between 1871 and 1873. Winnie’s christening was on 1st July 1877 at St. Brides.

They also lived for at least a short period in Essex, at Grays, where Winnie’s father worked at the cement works (according to the 1881 census). Maybe William and Emma decided that either there was no future in farming at South Wales or were possibly tempted by the possibility ofeemigrating to Canada, since by 1891, the family had emigrated to Montreal, where they stayed.

Winnie’s Grand-Niece, Mary Morgan provided me with this info: “I remember fondly my three great-aunts – May, Winnie and Dolly (Bertha) Morgan who lived in Montreal.  They spent each summer in a house they had built on the coast of Maine (picture here).  The money to build this house was said to have come from an Aunt Jane in Wales – perhaps Jane Price.  The house is named ‘Hadlow’ which may be named for a house in Wales.

After further pondering, Mary’s sister Monica “solved the mystery of the origin of Hadlow and identity of Aunt Jane thanks to some brilliant internet sleuthing!

Aunt Jane is Jane Frances Morgan, sister of our grand-father William Morgan, born in 1846 in Glascoed.”

I (the webmaster) had initially speculated that Jane may have died young, since I had lost track of her on censuses - it appears that I was very wrong!

Left to right: Dolly (Bertha), May, Winnie.

Mary continued: “She did not die young as you speculate on the Glascoed website but lived to age 72.  She died on February 25th 1919 as noted in her death notice in the Abergavenny Chronicle of 7th March 1919.


JONES - February 25th, suddenly, at Hampstead, Jane Francis Jones, recently of "Hadlow", Llanwenarth Citra, widow of the Rev. George Baynon Jones, late Rector of Llangattock Lingoed.  Buried at Bettws Newydd, March 5th.

There is information about her house, Hadlow, part of the Marquis of Abergavenny’s estate in Ty-r ywen here:

“HADLOW, residence pleasantly situated at Mrs. Jones, Green Ty-r-ywen, containing three bed, subject to six on rooms, sitting-room, kitchen and month’s notice.  Wash-house being part of 552 on Plan.

When the Marquis’ [of Abergavenny] estate was sold in 1916, Hadlow was tenanted by Mrs. Jane Frances [Morgan] Jones who purchased the property.  She died in 1919 leaving Hadlow to her nephew, James Frederick Fothergill Rowland who lived in London.”

As noted in the article, Jane left the Welsh Hadlow to her nephew, James Frederick Fothergill Rowland (son of Jane’s sister, Mary Susanna Morgan) who was an analytical chemist living in West Hampstead, London.  She apparently also left some money to our great-aunts who used it to build the house in Maine – the house they named Hadlow after Aunt Jane’s house.  Since the house was built in 1920 and Jane died in 1919, this fits perfectly.” The house, as mentioned above, is pictured on this page.



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