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1851 Census “Strays”: A-M

These are Glascoed people in other parishes mainly after they had left Glascoed, or in some cases before they had settled in the hamlet.

I’m sure that there must be other “Strays” that I have not managed to trace, often due to indexing or transcription errors by others on the pay census sites. I have left research notes on the page for myself to double-check whether there could be more individuals from these families on preceding or subsequent frames.Later versions of this will also include a more thorough linking of individuals to their places of residence at Glascoed and/or families that they are linked to.

Hoping this will be of help. If you would like me to revisit the original scripts to check a detail, please contact me.

David Andrews c 1808 with wife Alice nee Jenkins and Father in law Wm with their children

 Holly Bush House, Panteague, Monmouthshire HO107/2449/667/12

 William Jenkins Head Widr 82 Carpenter S Melons Monmouth

 David Andrews Son in law Mar 42 Laborer Glascoed Monmouth

 Alice Andrews Daur Mar 43 Panteague Monmouth

 David Andrews Grandson U 14 Scholar Panteague Monmouth

 Jonathan Andrews Grandson 10 Scholar Panteague Monmouth

 Daniel Andrews Grandson 6 Scholar Panteague Monmouth

 Rachel Andrews GrandDaur 4 Panteague Monmouth

Jonathan Andrews c 1802 and family at Pontymoile HO107/2449/626/?

 Pontymoile, Panteague, Monmouthshire

 Jonathan Andrews Head Mar 48 Groom Glascoed Monmouth

 Margaret Andrews Wife Mar 50 Clydock Herefordshire

 Mary Stephens Niece Un 21 Dress maker Clydock Herefordshire

Wm Andrews c 1805 and family at Clawrplwyf HO107/2453/304/26?

 Tryscoed, Clawrplwyf Hamlet, Mynyddislwyn, Monmouthshire

 William Andrews Head Mar 45 Coal miner Glascoed Monmouth

 Mary Andrews Wife Mar 49 Mynyddislwyn Monmouth

 Catharine Andrews Daur U 17 House servant Mynyddislwyn Monmouth

 Mary Andrews Daur 7 Mynyddislwyn Monmouth

Charlotte Bevan marr name Garland c 1823 with new family HO107/2449/521/38

 Varteg, Abersychan, Monmouthshire

 Joseph Garland Head 42 Coal Miner Dudley Staffordshire

 Charlotte Garland Wife 22 (or 27) Glascoed Monmouthshire

 Enoch Garland Son 20 Coal Miner Trevethin Monmouthshire

 Abel Garland Son 17 Coal Miner Trevethin Monmouthshire

 Isaac Garland Son 12 Trevethin Monmouthshire

 Tabiathan Garland Son 8 Trevethin Monmouthshire

 Maria Garland Daur 1 Trevethin Monmouthshire

Rachel c 1779 marr name Brown, widow with son William Brown and family HO107/2449/124/36

 High Street, Trevethin, Monmouthshire

 William Brown Head Mar 36 Shoemaker (Journeyman) Panteg Monmouth

 Jane Brown Wife Mar 36 St. Woollos, Newport Monmouth

 Mary J Brown Dau 9 Scholar Trevethin Monmouth

 Elizabeth Brown Dau 7 Scholar Trevethin Monmouth

 Thomas Brown Son 4 Scholar Trevethin Monmouth

 Rachel Brown Mother Widow 71 Shoemaker's widow Glascoed Monmouth

Wm Crocket c 1833 with family at Trevethin HO107/2449/?/27

 Gelly Pistill Road, Trevethin, Monmouthshire

 John Crocket Head Mar 40 Labourer on Highway Skenfrith Monmouth

 Elizabeth Crocket Wife 46 Dingestow? Monmouth

 William Crocket Son 17 Coal miner Glascoed Monmouth

 James Crocket Son 13 School D & S Trevethin Monmouth

Benjamin Davies c 1818 with wife Ruth at Talywain HO107/2449/427/44

Talywain Woodlands, Abersychan, Monmouthshire

 Benjamin Davies Head Mar 32 (poss 30) Coal miner Glascoed Monmouthshire

 Ruth Davies Wife Mar 35 Paulston Somersetshire

Sarah Davies, later wife of John Pitt Panta House and James Williams Rose Cottage

 Coed y Cadno, Llanfihangel Pontymoile, Monmouthshire

 Lewis Jones Head Married 73 Farmer 130 acres, Employ 3 labourers Moniddyslwyn Monmouthshire

 Anne Jones Wife Married 70 Moniddyslwyn Monmouthshire

 Thomas Jones Son Unmarried 28 Farmers son Moniddyslwyn Monmouthshire

 James Jones Servant Unmarried 22 Agricultural labourer Usk Monmouthshire

 Thomas Morgan Servant Unmarried 27 Agricultural labourer Llantrissant Monmouthshire

 Sarah Davis Servant Unmarried 22 General servant Llansawel Carmarthenshire

 Jane Williams Servant Unmarried 13 General servant Moniddyslwyn Monmouthshire

Leonard Edwards c 1792 and wife Mary with niece HO107/2450/118/6

 Lanynant, Llangibby, Monmouthshire

 Leonard Edwards Head Mar 50? Bailiff Glascoed Monmouth

 Mary Edwards Wife Mar 38 Housekeeper (deleted)Chapel Gwynfa Carmarthen

 Mary Thomas Neice U 30 Dress maker St Mellons Monmouth

 Eliza Morgan Serv 14 Genl Serv Lanvair Monmouth

 Willm Williams Serv U 20 Ag Lab Llancachas Monmouth

 John Davies Serv U 17 Ag Lab Tredunnock Monmouth

Martha c 1807 with husband Rowland Edwards and family at Llanellen HO107/2446/?/19

 Cwm Cottage, Llanellen, Monmouthshire

 Rowland Edwards Head M 64 Ag Lab Goitrey M

 Martha Edwards Wife M 43 Ag Lab's wife Glascoed M

 Emma Edwards Daur U 18 At Home Goitrey M

 Chas Edwards Son U 17 At Home Goitrey M

 Rowland Edwards Son 11 At Home Llanellen M

 John Edwards Son 8 At Home Llanellen M

 Mari-Ann Edwards Daur 6 At Home Llanellen M

 Elizabeth Edwards Daur 2 At Home Llanellen M

Mary Evans c 1780 living with her daughter Margaret now Jeffreys and Margts husband HO107/2452/?/31

 3 White Lion Court, St Woollos, Newport, Monmouthshire

 David Jeffreys Head Mar 33 Iron Heater Dowlais Glam

 Margaret Jeffreys Wife Mar 28 Glasgoed Mon

 Mary Evans Mother in law Mar 70 Shoe Maker's wife Glasgoed Mon

John Griffiths c 1835 visiting in Llanbaddock HO107/2450/195/10

 Lanbaddock, Monmouthshire

 Charles Williams Head Wid 64 Ag Lab Lanvrechva Monmouth

 John Griffiths Visitor U 15 Ag Lab son Glascoed Monmouth

Martha c 1814 and her husband Thomas Hambury at Trevethin HO107/2449/?/17

 Penygarn, Trevethin, Monmouthshire

 Thomas Hambury Head Mar 46 Labourer Llangwmb Monmouthshire

 Martha Hambury Wife Mar 36 Glascoed Monmouthshire

 Elizabeth Reese Visitor 4 Panteague Monmouthshire

Elizabeth c 1805 marr name Harper wife of Charles at Trevethin HO107/2449/336/12?

 Garndiffaith, Abersychan, Monmouthshire

 Charles Harper Head Married 43 Plasterer Blaenavon Monmouth

 Elizabeth Harper Wife Mar 45 Plasterer's wife Glascoed Monmouth

 Ann Harper Daughter U 16 Nurse (deleted)Trevethin Monmouth

 Richard Harper Son 9 Scholar Trevethin Monmouth

 James Harper Son 7 Scholar Trevethin Monmouth

 Henry Harper Son 1 Trevethin Monmouth

 Amelia Spill Servant 15 House servant Grove End Gloucester

Elizabeth c 1820 marr to Thomas Harris and son Thomas HO107/2449/?/17

 Abersychan, Monmouthshire

 Thomas Harris Head Mar 35 Ironstone and Coal pit Sinker Mitchel Troy Monmouth

 Elizabeth Harris Wife Mar 30 Glascoed Monmouth

 Thomas Harris Son U 7 mo Trevethin Monmouth

Edwd and Mary Holloway with daughters born in Glascoed in 1846 to 8 HO107/2449/594/8

 Lanvrechva Lower, Monmouthshire

 Edward Holloway Head Mar 37 Woodard Tintern Monmouthshire

 Mary Holloway Wife Mar 37 Woodard's wife Tintern Monmouthshire

 Hannah Holloway Dau 4 Glascoed Monmouthshire

 Eliza Holloway Dau 3 Glascoed Monmouthshire

 Thomas Holloway Son 10 mo Lanvrechva Monmouthshire

Ann c 1818 wife of John Hughes with family at Monkswood. Also Margt Matthews c 1775. HO107/2450/

 Monkswood, Monmouthshire

 John Hughes Head of 5 Mar 36 Labourer Monkswood Monmouthshire

 Ann Hughes Wife Mar 32 Glascoed Monmouthshire

 Mary Ann Hughes Daur U5 Monkswood Monmouthshire

 Eliza Hughes Daur U2 Monkswood Monmouthshire

 Separate household mark

 William Williams Head of 2 Wido’r  76Toll Collector Turnpike Goytre Monmouthshire

 Margaret Matthews servant U 75 Domestic Servant Glascoed Monmouthshire

James Jacob c 1790 with family at Panteg HO107/2449

 Middle Farm, Panteague, Monmouthshire

 James Jacob Head Mar 60 Quarryman (employing 13 men) Glascoed Monmouth

 Elizabeth Jacob Wife Mar 60? Lanvrechva Lower

 Margaret Jacob Daur Daur 31 Panteague

 Ann Jacob Daur Daur 27 Dress maker Panteague

David Jenkins c 1836 of Glascoed and William Arnold of Maesmawr Arnolds

 Wern Farm, Llanfihangel Pontymoile, Monmouthshire

 Elizabeth Williams Head Widow 69 Farmer 150 acres, employ 6 labourers Trevethin Monmouthshire

 Henry Williams Son U 25 Farmers son Llanvihangel Pontymoile Monmouthshire

 William Cadogan Servant Married 55 Agricultural labourer Goytre Monmouthshire

 William Arnold Servant U 20 Agricultural labourer Llanishen Monmouthshire

 John Harris Servant U 52 Agricultural labourer Blaneavon Monmouthshire

 David Jenkins Servant U 14 Agricultural labourer Glascoed Monmouthshire

 Mary Thomas Servant U23 General servant Cwmbrane Monmouthshire

Thomas Jenkins c 1775 daughter and dau in law at Risca HO107/2453/161/48?

 Pleasant Fields, Risca, Monmouthshire

 Thomas Jenkins Head Widr 75 Smith Glaescoed Monmouthshire

 Sarah Jenkins Daur U 33 Housekeeper Risca Monmouthshire

 Elen Jenkins Son's wife Mar 35 Labourer's wife Breconshire

Ann Jones c 1780 widow with family at Crossvach Farm, Panteg HO107/2449/?/3

 Crossvach Farm, Panteg, Monmouthshire

 Ann Jones Head Widow 70 Farmer 70 acres Glascoed Monmouthsh

 James Jones Son U 43 Farmer Lab Panteague Monmouthsh

 Henry Jones Son U 30 Farmer Lab Panteague Monmouthsh

 Elizabeth Jones Servt U 16 House Servt Langibby Monmouthsh

Ann c 1821 marr name Jones with husband Evan and family at Garndiffaith, Abersychan HO107/2449/?/5

 Garndifath, Abersychan, Monmouthshire

 Evan Jones Head Mar 30 Coal Hallier Trevethin Monmouthshire

 Ann Jones Wife Mar 29 Glascoed Monmouthshire

 Margaret Jones Daur 5 Trevethin Monmouthshire

 Abraham Jones Son 2 Trevethin Monmouthshire

 Ezekia Jones Son 3 mth Trevethin Monmouthshire

 Jane James Lodger U 22 Iron Stone Stacker Beersheba Cornwal

Giles Jones c 1795 with family at Pontnewynydd HO107/2449/?/1

 Tir Bumpin, Pontnewynydd, Monmouthshire

 Giles Jones Head Mar 55 Farmer of 19 acres Glascoed Monmouth

 Mary Jones Wife Mar 52 Farmer's wife Blayna Monmouth

 Isaac Jones son Un 23 Fireman in Iron works Trevethin Monmouth

 Giles Jones son Un 21 Coal miner Trevethin Monmouth

 Elizabeth Coock Relation Un 9 Paupers Trevethin Monmouth

 Maryann Coock Relation Un 7 Paupers Trevethin Monmouth

 James Coock Relation Un 4 Trevethin Monmouth

 Ann Baliey Servant Un 16 House Servant Trevethin Monmouth

William Jones c 1797 with family at Mamhilad HO107/2449/584/11

 The Common, Mamhilad, Monmouthshire

 William Jones Head Mar 53 Shoemaker Glascoed Monmouthshire

 Ann Jones Wife Mar 48 Penrose Monmouthshire

 Ruth Jones Daughter U 15Mamhilad Monmouthshire

 Mary Jones Daughter U 12 Scholar Mamhilad Monmouthshire

 Eliza Jones Daughter U 10 Mamhilad Monmouthshire

 Harriett Jones Daughter U 8Mamhilad Monmouthshire

James Lanwarne c 1827 HO107/2449/?/3

 Underwoods Cottages, Pontnewynydd, Monmouthshire

 Richard Kettle Head Mar 45 Huxter Bromsgrove Worcestershire

 Ann Kettle Wife Mar 50 Pembridge Herefordshire

 James Lanwarne Lodger U 23 (or 25) Labourer Glascoed Monmouthshire

 John Pascoe Lodger U 24 Labourer Llanhilleth Monmouthshire

 Michael Gee Lodger U 23 Hostler Chipenham Wiltshire

Eliz Lewis c 1817 marr name Wms with Husb Wm and father Lewis Lewis HO107/2450/?/11

 Ty Hare, Goytrey, Monmouthshire

 Lewis Lewis Head Widr 75 Farmer 14 acres Trevethin Mon

 William Williams Son in law Mar 42 Labourer Panteague Mon

 Elizabeth Williams Wife Mar 33 Housekeeper Hamlet Glascoed Mon

 RESEARCH NOTE - CHECK whether any more in household   

Sarah c 1803 with husband George Lewis from Trelleck at Rogerstone HO107/2453/101/46

 Near Groes lan Bro, Rogerstone, Monmouthshire

 Thomas Brace Head mar 30 Tin works labourer Undy Monmouthsh

 Mary Brace Wife mar 30 Bedwas Monmouthsh

 Thomas Brace son 3 Bedwas Monmouthsh

 Jane Brace Daur 1 Bassalleg Monmouthsh

 Ann Evans Mother in law widow 75 Bassalleg Monmouthsh

 George Lewis Lodger mar 39 Tin works labourer Trullick Monmouthsh

 Sarah Lewis Lodger mar 43? Glascoed Monmouthsh

Thomas Lewis c 1800 with wife Mary and children at Llantrissent Mon HO107/2450/?/1

 Llantrissent, Monmouthshire

 Thomas Lewis H of family Mar 50 Labourer Glascoed Mon

 Mary Lewis Wife Mar 45 Caldicot Mon

 Mary Ann Lewis daugh Un 12 Pencaemawr Mon

 Rachel Lewis daugh Un 9 Pencaemawr Mon

 Thomas Lewis Son Un 4 Pencaemawr Mon

Richard Miles c 1814 and wife Mary c 1818, later of Ton, Glascoed, with brother at Halfway House, Little Mill

 Halfway House, Little Mill, Mamhilad, Monmouthshire

 Richard Miles Head Mar 36 Miller, publican & farmer of 120 acres Monkswood Monmouthsh

 Mary Miles Wife Mar 32 Monkswood Monmouthsh

 James Miles Brother U 31 Domestic Servant Monkswood Monmouthsh

 Thomas Lightfoot Servant U 56 Domestic Servant Daiton Devonshire

 Phoenenus? Davis Servant U 17 Domestic Servant Langovan Monmouthsh

 Eliza Lanwern Servant U 22 Domestic Servant Monmouth Monmouthsh

 Margaret Williams Servant U 20 Domestic Servant Lanbaddock Monmouthsh

 Walter Jones Visitor U 42 Woodward Goitry Monmouthsh

Ann and Henry Morgan c 1830 and 1832 plus parents Henry and Mary

 Mamhilad House, Mamhilad, Monmouthshire

 Henry Morgan Head Mar 46 Farmer Llanthetty Breconshire

 Mary Morgan Wife Mar 49 Cheriton Glamorganshire

 Ann Morgan Daughter U 20 Glascoed Monmouths

 Henry Morgan Son U 18 Glascoed Monmouths

 Roger Morgan Son U 16 Mamhilad Monmouths

 Roger Morgan Harris Nephew U 19 Apprentice Llanvrechva Monmouths

 Ruth Howell Niece U 10 Cheriton Glamorganshire

Ann Morgan c 1834 at Sowhill, Trevethin, Monmouthshire HO107/2449/134/?

 Sowhill, Trevethin, Monmouthshire

 Joseph Matthews Head Mar 45 Woodcutter & Publican Llanddewi Vach Monmouth

 Cecilia Matthews Wife Mar 35 Kemys Monmouth

 Richard Griffiths Wife's Brother U 28? Agricultural Labourer Kemys Monmouth

 William Griffiths Wife's Brother U 26 Agricultural labourer Kemys Monmouth

 Ann Morgan Servant U 16 House Servant Glascoed Monmouth

Eliza Morgan, later wife of Richard Reece of Lower Wernhir and Bryn farm with parents HO107/2450/185/16

 Gwehelog, Monmouthshire

 Samuel Morgan Head Mar 39Farmer of 60 acres Ragland Monmouthshire

 Maryann Morgan Wife Mar 31 N.K.

 Ann Morgan Daur 11 Ragland Monmouthshire

 William Morgan Son 8 Gwehelog Monmouthshire

 Mary Morgan Daur 6 Gwehelog Monmouthshire

 Eliza Morgan Daur 4 Gwehelog Monmouthshire

 Benjamin Morgan Son 2 Gwehelog Monmouthshire

Elizabeth marr name Morgan c 1796 with husband George at Pontymoile HO107/2449/626/?

 Pontymoile, Panteague, Monmouthshire

 George Morgan Head Mar 62 Labourer Langattock Monmouthshire

 Elizabeth Morgan Wife Mar 54 Glascoed Monmouthshire

Emma Morgan c 1830 HO107/2446/?/1

 Upper Triley, Llantillio Pertholey

 John Rosser Head M 36 Farmer of 190 acres Llangattock Monmouth

 Elizabeth Rosser Wife M 41 (or 47) Panteague Monmouth

 Catherine Rosser Mother W 68 Farmer's Wo? (Widow?) Llangattock Brecon

 Elizabeth Rosser Sister U 25 Llanelly? Brecon

 Ann Thomas Niece U 10 Llanwenarth Monmouth

 Emma Morgan Servant U 20 House Servant Glascoed Monmouth

 Jane B. Joshua Servant U 20 House Servant Panteague Monmouth

 Thomas Purcell Servant U 48 Farm Servant U K

 William Spencer Servant U 25 Farm Servant U K

 John Thomas Servant U 26 Farm Servant U K

 Joseph Huiton Servant U 19 Farm Servant U K

Francis Morgan and family at Llanbaddock HO107/2550/193/6

 Llanbaddock (next to Prescoed farm), Monmouthshire

 Francis Morgan Head Mar 31 Ag Lab Lanbaddock Monmouth

 Sophia Morgan Wife Mar 30 Lanbaddock Monmouth

 Francis Morgan Son 7 Lanbaddock Monmouth

 Margaret Morgan Daur 5 Glascoed Monmouth

 Elizabeth Morgan Daur 2 Lanbaddock Monmouth

James, Maria and Elizabeth Morgan at Trevethin HO107/2449/168/1&2

 Sowhil Upper, Trevethin, Monmouthshire

 James Morgan Head Married 47 Labourer on Highways Glascoed Monmouth

 Maria Morgan Wife Married 49 Glascoed Monmouth

 Elizabeth Morgan Daughter Un 18 Scrap Iron Piler Forge Glascoed Monmouth

 Mary Morgan Daughter 17 Servant at home. Sunday School. Trevethin Monmouth

Martha c 1795 marr name Morgan widow with 2 children HO107/2450/?/7

 Lanbaddock, Monmouthshire

 Martha Morgan Head W 55 Ag Lab widow Glascoed Monmouthshire

 Charles Morgan Son U 29 Farm Lab Lanbaddock Monmouthshire

 Martha Morgan Daur U 16? Housemaid Lantarnham Monmouthshire

Thomas Morgan c 1820 servant at Monkswood also Sophia Herbert dau of Thos & Elizth of Monkswood HO107/2450/206/2

 Monkswood, Monmouthshire

 John Howell Head of Family Mar 40 Farmer of 145 stiles? 3 workmen Shirenewton Monmouthshire

 Margaret Howell Wife Mar 37 Itton Monmouthshire

 Merab Howell Daur U 6 Llangwym Monmouthshire

 Mary Howell Daur U 4 Monkswood Monmouthshire

 John Howell Son U 2 Monkswood Monmouthshire

 Margaret Howell Daur U 1 Monkswood Monmouthshire

 Francis Gwyn servant U 23House servant Monkswood Monmouthshire

 Sophia Herbert servant U 10 House servant Monkswood Monmouthshire

 Thomas Morgan Servant U 30 Farm Labourer Glascoed Monmouthshire