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Pontypool Free Press

SATURDAY FEBRUARY 28th 1860. DEATHS. After a short illness, aged 50, Mr Daniel Lewis, farmer, Glascoed.

SATURDAY FEBRUARY 20th, 1864. MARRIAGES. Feb. 15, at the Welsh Baptist Chapel, by the Rev. D. Roberts, Mr James Jones, collier, Garndiffaith, to Miss Martha Williams of Glascoed.

SATURDAY MARCH 5th 1864. DEATHS. Feb 25, aged 68. at his residence, The Hill, Glascoed, John Morgan, Esq., after a long and painful illness, borne with patience and resignation, and deeply lamented by a numerous circle of friends and relatives. He was a kind husband and affectionate father.

Darren Davies provided me with an obituary for John Edward Williams from the Free Press. I do not have the date of death at present, although know that he died on 17th May 1896 from the death notice in the South Wales Daily News below this article:



It is with great regret that we announce the death, after a long illness, of Mr John Edward Williams, of Typoth Farm, near Pontypool, which took place on Sunday afternoon. The deceased, who was 76 years of age, and was very highly esteemed throughout the district, had, during his long and useful life, actively identified himself with every good movement which tended to ameliorate the condition of all classes of society. He took especial interest in the cause of Temperance, of which he was a strong supporter for more than 50 years. As a Guardian of the Pontypool Union, as a member of the Panteg Local Board and of the School Board, and in other public offices, he rendered valuable services to the community. Mr Williams was a native of Montgomeryshire. He was baptised in the year 1840 Glascoed, where he remained about 12 years; he then removed to Llangwm, and was also connected with the Church worshipping at Usk until he came to Pontypool. He resided at Typoth Farm for about 23 years. So respected was he that he was called upon to fill the office of Deacon in all the churches with which he was associated. He took a very active part in religious work, and often filled neighbouring pulpits.


The funeral took place on Thursday afternoon at Pontrhydyrun Chapel, the mournful procession, on its way from Typoth, calling forth marks of sympathy and respect which were eloquent testimony to the high esteem in which Mr Williams was held by all persons far and near. The service at the house was conducted by the Rev J. Williams, Crane-street, after which the cortege pursued its way to the chapel. There were a large number of mourners, including the following members of the family and friends of the deceased: - First coach, Mrs Williams (widow); Mr Oliver Williams (eldest son); Misses Lizzie and – Williams. Second Coach, Mr Williams, Mrs Walters, Miss Hattie Williams, and Miss Agnes Williams. Third coach, Dr Edwards (Cardiff), the Rev J. Williams, the Rev D.R. Jenkins, Mr John Williams, Mr Walters (son-in-law), Miss Evans (Llandenny), and Mr John Evans (Llandenny). Amongst the others present were: Mr John Evans (Llanynant), Mrs Turner (sister), Mr C.H. Waters, Mr and Mrs J. Turner, Messrs P. Eckersley,-Williams,- Jenkins, A. Boytt, Charles Williams, - Evans (Pontnewynydd), T. Jones, &c. The following deacons of Crane-street Church, of which deceased had been a member for many years, were also present: Messrs D. Reid, Thos. Jones, W.L. Pratt, J.P., Henry Thomas, Joseph Jones, W. Burgoyne, and D. Jones. The coffin was covered with beautiful wreaths sent by the following ; Wife and Children of the deceased, Mr and Mrs Walters (daughter and son-in-law), Mr J. Evans (Llanynant), Mrs Lloyd, Mr and Mrs Pratt, and Mr J Williams (Llangwm), nephew. At the chapel, portions of scripture were read, and prayer offered by the Rev D.R. Jenkins, Trosnant, after which a brief address was delivered by Dr Edwards, Cardiff. Besides the persons comprising the funeral cortege the chapel was fairly filled by several friends of the deceased who had come there to meet the funeral. At the graveside the service was conducted by the Rev J. Rees.


South Wales Daily News

20th May 1896. DEATHS. On May 17th at Typorth Farm, Pontypool, John Edward Williams, in his 77th year. Funeral on Thursday, May 21st, at 2.30pm., for Pontrhydyrun Chapel.

Births, Marriages and Deaths (from the Usk Gleaner, 1878)

FEBRUARY 25th 1864, DEATH, At the Hill Farm, Glascoed, Mr J. Morgan aged 68.

MARCH 28 1859, DEATH, At Lower Wernhere, Mrs Rees, aged 56 years

JUNE 27 1865, MARRIAGE, At Llanfihangel Torymnyndd, Mr. William Morgan, of the Hill Farm, Glascoed, to Emma Rachel, second daughter of the Rev. John Price.

JULY 27 1863, DEATH, At the Hendrew farm, Mr Daniel Roberts, aged 64 years.

AUGUST 20 1857, DEATH, William, son of Mr. Daniel Roberts, Hendrew farm, aged 19 years.

SEPTEMBER 25 1859, MARRIAGE, At Llanbadoc, Mr. John Williams, of the Beech farm, Glascoed, to Mary Williams, of Llanbadoc.

SEPTEMBER 26 1859, MARRIAGE, At Usk Church, Mr. James Lewis, to Mary Ann Williams, of the Beech farm, Glascoed.

DECEMBER 25 1858, DEATH, At Wernhir farm, near Usk, Mr. Leonard Reece, aged 71 years. (Research note: this was Lower Wernhir).


3rd January 1857. Page 5.

MARRIAGES On the 28th ult., at the Baptist Chapel, Glascoed, by the Rev. Rees Rees, Mr. John James, to Miss Rachel Richards.

18th July 1857. Page 1.

MARRIAGES At the Baptist Chapel, Glascoed, July 13th, by the Rev. Rees Rees, Mr. John Jenkins to Miss Martha Williams.

DECEMBER 4th, 1858.

Deaths. At Pontnewydd, Nov. 27, Mr. Richard Williams, late of Wernhere, near Usk, aged 88. (Research note: this was Upper Wernhir).

SATURDAY JANUARY 1st, 1859. DEATHS. At Gwernhir farm, near Usk, Dec 25. after a protracted illness, Mr. Leonard Reece, aged 71 years. Deservedly respected and deeply lamented. (Research note: this was Lower Wernhir).

SATURDAY FEBRUARY 26th, 1859. MARRIAGES. At Usk church, Feb. 24, by the Rev. Wm. Evans, Mr. Job Lewis to Catherine Williams, of Glascoed, in the parish of Usk.

SATURDAY APRIL 2nd, 1859. DEATHS. At Lower Wernhere, March 28, Mrs. Rees, aged 56 years.

SATURDAY MAY 14th, 1859. MARRIAGES. At Glascoed Baptist Chapel, May 5, before the Registrar, Charles Merriman, Llanbaddock, to Mary Lanwerne, Glascoed.

SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 17th, 1859. MARRIAGES. At Glascoed Baptist Chapel, September 11, by the Rev. Rees Rees, Mr. James Williams, Beech farm, to Miss Ann Symon.

SATURDAY OCTOBER 1st, 1859. MARRIAGES. At Llanbaddock, September 25, (by license), by the Rev. Arthur Williams, Mr. John Williams, of the Beech farm, Glascoed, to Mary Williams, of Llanbaddock.

At St. Mary’s Church, Usk, September 26, by the Rev. W. Evans, Vicar, Mr. James Lewis to Mary Ann Williams, of the Beech farm, Glascoed.

SATURDAY MARCH 17th, 1860. DEATHS. At Glascoed, March 4, William, infant son of Mr. James Jenkins, Trecymmin, aged 11 months.

SATURDAY APRIL 21st 1860. DEATHS. At Glascoed, April 25, in her confinement, the wife of Mr Henry Crump, farmer, aged 36 years.

SATURDAY NOV 16th 1861. MARRIAGES. At Usk Church, Nov 14, by the Rev. D. Thomas, curate of Usk, by license, Mr. Walter Charles Blower, of Dingestow, to Sarah, second daughter of Mr. Daniel Roberts, of Hendrew farm, Llanbaddock.

SATURDAY NOVEMBER 15th 1862. DEATHS. At the Glascoed, Nov. 8, Maria, the wife of Thomas Edwards, aged 43.

SATURDAY AUGUST 1,1863. DEATHS. At the Hendrew farm, near Usk, July 27, after a short but painful illness, Mr Daniel Roberts, aged 64 years. He was a kind and loving husband, and an affectionate father, and his death is lamented by a large number of sorrowing friends and relatives.

Births marriages and deaths from the Monmouthshire Merlin


3 March 1849

At Usk, by the Rev. Wm. Evans, vicar, Mrs Williams, of Manachty farm, to David Williams, of Glascoed. The bride was 63 years of age, and has several grandchildren.

28 May 1852

24th at the Glascoed Baptist-chapel, by the Rev. Rees Rees, Mr. William Marshall to Miss Sarah Williams, both of Panteague parish.

14 October 1853

Oct. 2nd, at Glascoed Baptist Chapel, by the Rev. Rees Rees, Mr. Charles Williams to Miss Frances Williams.

27 September 1856

On the 21st ult., at Glascoed Baptist Chapel, by the Rev.-Reese, Mr John Richards to Miss A. Price.

3 January 1857

On the 28th ult., at the Baptist Chapel, Glascoed, by the Rev. Rees Rees, Mr. John James, to Miss Rachel Richards.

17 September 1859

On the 11th inst., at Glascoed Baptist Chapel, by the Rev. Rees Rees, Mr. James Williams, Beach Farm, to Miss Ann Symon.

Bendith y Naf o'r Nef a'u dilyno,

Tra fyddant ar ddaiar yn teithio;

A phan 'madawsant a'r anial hwn

Nefoedd a'u derbyniont.

The translation of this is (from google translate!)

The blessing of the Lord of Heaven and followeth,

 While they are traveling on earth;

 And when they left this desert

 Heaven may receive.


July 16 1852. DIED, On the 5th, Mr. John Williams, formerly of the New House, Glascoed, a man well-beloved by his neighbours.