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Job Lewis, 1828-1865

Job Lewis left his mark on Glascoed village! He sounds like a real character. He was born in Glascoed in about 1828 and probably lived his whole life in the hamlet, which as you’ll see later on was cut tragically short. He was living at Cwym (probably Lower Cwm) farm at the time of the 1841 census, with a Lewis family who were all born in Glascoed (Rachel - aged “60”, Charles aged “20” and William aged “40”. I believe that Rachel was Job’s Grandmother, but haven’t proved this for sure - it just seems 99% likely!

Job was one of the major players in the “Glascoed riots”. The most illuminating article over Job’s role in the dispute can be found here. He seemed to be quite a character!

He was the District Surveyor for Glascoed, at the time of his death. The Usk Highway Board voted to remunerate Job’s widow, Catherine a few months after Job’s death. He was also Overseer for Glascoed in 1862.

NOTES FROM OLWEN HUGHES: Thanks for providing this!!!

Job Lewis  

B. 1828 Glascoed, Usk, Monmouthshire

husband of Catharine Lewis (nee Williams)

m 24th February 1859 at Usk Parish church.

father of William Lewis

d 1865 Glascoed, Usk, Monmouthshire

1841 Census Cwym , Glascoed

Rachael Lewis 60 Ind head of house

Charles Lewis 20  Farmer

William Lewis 40  Farmer

Job Lewis 15  Ag Lab (ANY RELATION ? NOT KNOWN)

1851 Census Trostra Lower, Glascoed

John Lewis 56 farmer

Elizabeth Lewis 50

Job Lewis 21, nephew, servant

Catharine Williams, 19 servant

Also ... 1851 census Address Lower Cwm, Glascoed

Rachel Lewis 80 freeholder 35 acres

William 57, son , b Glascoed

Charles 45, b Glascoed

Daniel 42, b Glascoed


1861 Census Address Lower Cwm, Glascoed

Job Lewis 32

Catharine Lewis 29

William Lewis 71 uncle

William Lewis 1


Job Lewis died in July 1865. Job died in 1865 after a fall from a hay wagon - This was reported in the Usk Observer and the Monmouthshire Merlin - that he had broken his back.

I spoke to Job’s descendant, John Williams about this very recently (April 2015) - oral history in the family says that Job fell off a haywagon and broke his neck by a large oak tree which is still there, close to Lower Cwm farm on Glascoed Lane.


Census: 1841, 1851, 1861.

Marriage: 1859 at Usk Parish Church. Marriage indexes reference: Catharine Williams m. Job Lewis Jan/Feb/ March 1859 (Vol 11a p179).