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Davies families

Several Davies or Davis families have lived in Glascoed (as you’d expect in Wales!) … across Censuses the names were still fairly interchangeable, due to the whim, often of the census enumerator in the days before people learned how to read and write their names.

Probably the Davies family I should have started with was the Davies family of Lower Cwmhir. They farmed there throughout the census period. The matriarch was Ann - she married again after her first (?) husband, Mr Davies died - to William Powell on 29th June 1825 at Usk Parish Church. We therefore see her at Lower Cwmhir on the 1841 census as Ann Powell (“60”) with her son, Jesse, daughter in law (Eliza) and grand-daughter Emmyra (aged 6).

From that point onwards the Heads of Household at Lower Cwmhir were Jesse, Eliza (after Jesse’s death) and their son Uriah. Hopefully I can focus more on this family in due course.

I have started with Sarah Davies, since she was my Great-Great Grandmother (nepotism!). She married John Pitt and they had several children together. We hear little from Sarah in the newspapers before her husband John died of Small pox in 1865. In the 3 or 4 years after that point though, she hit the headlines. Read more of this in her Biography here. She married James Williams in 1868.

Sarah Davies