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Free Press, 1863

5th December 1863

Glascoed Vale, near Little Mill,


Messrs GRAHAM & Co.

Have been favoured with instructions from Mr RICHARD MILES, who is leaving the Farm, to

SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION, On Tuesday, the 8tlt December, 1863,

THE UNDERMENTIONED Live & Dead Farming Stock,

Hay, 700 Gallons of Cider,



Live Stock: One Cow, with Calf; two young Cows, to calve in good season; three two-year-old Heifers, in calf; one fat Cow; two steer Calves; four heifer Calves; twenty- five good sound Sheep; one useful cart Horse, rising 5 years; one cart Mare, in foal; one half-bred Colt; two sucking Colts; one Sow, in farrow; one young Sow; three store Pigs; one fat Sow.

Implements:—Three very excellent Carts; two iron Ploughs, one wooden ditto; pair iron Harrows; pair wooden ditto capital yew-tree Roller; winnowing Fan; several Pigs' Troughs; Pikes; Rakes; 4 dozen Hurdles; Tubs; Casks; Chaff Machine, &c.

Harness: Two sets long Harness; three sets short ditto two sets of G.O. ditto.

Dairy Utensils:—Patent Cheese Press; Cheese Vats; Milk Pans; Cheese Cowl, &c.

Hay, Corn, &c. :—Three ricks of well-harvested and first class Hay and Clover; a large quantity of Straw; a rick of Oats, (about 60 bushels); two acres of Turnips. Also, upwards of 700 gals. of prime Cider.

Refreshments on the Table at Eleven, and the Sale to commence precisely at Twelve o'clock at Noon.

Dated 20th Nov., 1863, Newport, Mon.

(Webmaster note: This was Glascoed Vach)