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Date Groom Name Groom sur X Age B Occupation Groom Parish Father Dads occup Bride Name Bride S X Age S Occupation Bride Parish Father Dads occup Church Witness 1 Witness 2 Witness 3 Banns? Link Other

3/4/1742 Philip Jones        Susan Morgan     Glasgoed   Usk     

17/12/1744 Chas Williams     Lanvrechva   Mary Jenkins     Glasgoed   Usk     

2/8/1750 Phillip Morris        Margt Lewis     Glasgoed   Usk    Banns

12/11/1751 Richd Edward        Elizth Richard     Glascoed   Usk     

1/6/1759 Robt Williams X    Glascoed   Frances Parry X    Glascoed   Usk Chas Parry …? Marshall  Banns

19/02/1760 Wm Morgan     Glascoed   Cecil Jenkins X    Glascoed   Usk John Edwards John Watkins  Banns

16/5/1760 Edward Morgan     Glascoed   Mary Powell X    Glascoed   Usk John Edwards …? Marshall  Banns

26/5/1769 Wm Jacob X    Panteg   Anne Lewis     Glascoed   Usk John Lewis Wm Phillips  Banns

14/2/1770 Jas Jenkins X    Glascoed   Rachel Sampson X    Glascoed   Usk Wm Williams Wm Phillips  Banns

4/12/1770 Edward Jones     Glascoed   Anne Adams X    Usk   Usk John Stockham Wm Phillips  Banns

15/2/1774 Henry Williams     Lanvihangel Pontymoil   Elizth Jones X    Glascoed   Usk Edmund Williams Wm Phillips  Banns

22/5/1774 Wm Lewis     Gwehelog   Margt Lewis     Glascoed   Usk Mary Lewis Wm Phillips  Banns

12/5/1775 Henry James X    Glascoed   Rachel Phillips X    Glascoed   Usk Thos George Wm Phillips  Banns

23/5/1775 Jas James X    Glascoed   Mary Edwards X    Glascoed   Usk Thos Williams Wm Phillips  Banns

12/6/1775 John Reece X  B  Usk   Mary Jones X  S  Glascoed   Usk Wm Phillips Reece Rees X  Banns

29/6/1775 Solomon Morgan X  W  Glascoed   Jane Richards X  S  Glascoed   Usk Wm Phillips Ann Watkins  Banns

30/10/1775 Thos Sampson X  W  Langibby   Mary Williams X  S  Glascoed   Usk Chas Williams X Wm Phillips  Licence

17/7/1776 David Parry X  B  Glascoed   Mary Andrew   S  Glascoed   Usk Wm Phillips Wm Andrew X  Banns

8/4/1777 Wm Williams X    Glascoed   Mary Parry X    Glascoed   Usk Wm Williams Wm Morgan  Banns

16/6/1777 Joseph Hambury X    Ragland   Candy Morgan     Glascoed   Usk John Jenkins Wm Phillips  Banns

16/5/1778 David Jenkins     Glascoed   Martha Lewis X    Glascoed   Usk John Lewis John Stockham  Banns

16/6/1778 Thos Jones X    Lanbaddock   Jane Morgan X    Glascoed   Usk Jacob Parker Wm Phillips  Banns

4/6/1779 Wm Jenkins X    Glascoed   Rachel Lewis X  S  Glascoed   Usk John Lewis Herbert Thomas  Banns

16/7/1781 Thos Andrew X    Glascoed   Mary Evans X    Glascoed   Usk John Stockham Ann Davis X  Banns

27/7/1781 Wm Jones     Monkswood   Ann Hughs     Glascoed   Usk John Hughes John Jenkins  Licence

29/7/1782 John Martin X    Monkswood   Rachel Edwards     Glascoed   Usk Isaac Edwards Theos Morgan  Banns

1/8/1783 Jas Daniel     Lanvihangel Pontymoil   Margt Evans     Glascoed   Usk Thos Evans John Stockham  Banns

10/8/1783 Phillip Morgan X    Glascoed   Frances Lewis X    Glascoed   Usk Wm Lewis John Stockham  Banns

1/10/1783 John Watkins X    Glascoed   Elizth Rosser X    Glascoed   Usk Elizth Morgan John Stockham  Banns

12/1/1784 Wm Watkins     Glascoed   Margt George     Glascoed   Usk John Stockham Sarah Stockham X  Banns

21/6/1785 Edmund Morgan     Glascoed   Ann Edwards X    Glascoed   Usk Joseph Edwards John Williams  Banns

19/8/1785 Wm Lloyd     Glascoed   Mary Wroth X    Glascoed   Usk John Roberts John Stockham  Banns

15/1/1787 Chas Andrew X    Glascoed   Mary Morgan X    Glascoed   Usk John Morgan X John Stockham  Banns

20/2/1787 John Jenkins     Langibby   Margt Lewis     Glascoed   Usk Ann Lewis John Stockham  Banns

4/6/1787 Wm Andrew X    Glascoed   Susanna Jones X    Glascoed   Usk John Stockham Wm Jenkins X  Banns

9/8/1789 John Williams     Lanvihangel Ponty Moyle   Ann Lewis     Glascoed   Usk Abraham Williams David Williams  Licence

21/10/1790 Jas Howell X    Mamhilad   Rachel Jenkins X    Glascoed   Usk Robt Jones John Stockham  Licence

21/5/1791 Phillip Williams X    Glascoed   Elizth Parry X    Glascoed   Usk Wm Lloyd John Stockham  Banns

17/7/1792 Joseph Samson X    Glascoed   Jane Morgan X    Glascoed   Usk Jas Jenkins X Chas Andrew X  Licence

16/5/1793 Edward Edwards X  B  Glascoed   Ann James X  S  Glascoed   Usk Roger Williams John Stockham  Banns

13/7/1793 John Lewis X    Glascoed   Rachel Williams     Glascoed   Usk Robt Williams X John Stockham  Banns

6/12/1794 Wm Williams X    Glascoed   Hannah Williams X    Glascoed   Usk Jas James X John Stockham  Banns

26/5/1799 John Jacob X  B  Glascoed   Ann Thomas X  S  Glascoed   Usk John Stockham Wm Thomas X  Banns

28/9/1799 Wm Jones X  B  Glascoed   Ann Richards X  S  Gwehelog   Usk Henry Watkins Ann Williams X  Banns

24/7/1800 Wm Chadwell   W  Usk   Mary Richards X  S  Glascoed   Usk Howell Price John Stockham  Banns

16/7/1802 Edmond Lewis   W  Usk   Margt Williams X  S  Glascoed   Usk Miles Ismeal X John Stockham  Banns

21/2/1803 Arnold Jenkins     Lanvrechva   Mary Jones     Glascoed   Usk Wm Jenkins Margt Jones  Banns

21/2/1803 John Davis     Lanvihangel Ponty Moyle   Ann Watkins     Glascoed   Usk Richd Rosser Henry James  Banns

25/2/1803 Jas Edwards     Glascoed   Ann Jones X    Glascoed   Usk John Stockham   Banns

22/8/1803 John Lewis X    Lanbadock   Amey Samson X    Glascoed   Usk Edward Thomas John Stockham  Banns

17/8/1804 Saml Williams     Glascoed   Mary Prichard X    Glascoed   Usk John Stockham   Licence

2/6/1805 Wm Williams X    Glascoed   Elizth Williams X    Glascoed   Usk John Stockham   Banns

9/2/1807 Thos Williams     Lanbadock   Margt Jones X    Glascoed   Usk Henry Watkins John Williams?  Banns

24/10/1808 Wm Arnol X    Trevethin   Elizth Jenkins     Glascoed   Usk Henry Watkins   Banns

5/2/1810 David Harrhy     Newport   Rebekah Prichard     Glascoed   Usk Maria …? John Prichard  Licence

10/6/1810 John Jenkins X    Glascoed   Mary Lewis     Glascoed   Usk Henry Watkins   Banns

17/8/1814 Wm Williams X   Carpenter Monkswood   Elizth James X    Glascoed   Usk Not completed   Banns

31/3/1813 Thos Jones X    Langibby   Elizth Waters X    Glascoed   Usk Henry Watkins   Banns

4/11/1815 David Parry     Trevethin   Ann Roberts     Glascoed   Usk Wm Roberts   Licence

17/2/1816 Wm Crump     Glascoed   Ann Jenkins X    Glascoed   Usk Wm Harris Elizth Jenkins X  Banns

1/6/1818 John Matthews X    New Church   Margt James     Glascoed   Usk Wm Williams   Banns

1/6/1819 Jas Evans     Trevethin   Mary Andrew X    Glascoed   Usk Wm Williams Wm Harris  Banns

20/5/1820 John Stevens X    Glascoed   Mary Thomas X    Glascoed   Usk Wm Harris   Banns

3/6/1822 Jas Morgan X    Glascoed   Maria Lewis X    Usk   Usk Wm Harris   Banns

8/7/1822 Jas Jenkins X    Glascoed   Ann Williams X    Glascoed   Usk Wm Harris   Banns

1/10/1822 Herbert Williams X    Lanvrechva   Mary Lewis X    Glascoed   Usk Wm Harris   Banns

4/4/1825 Jas Mason     Glascoed   Mary Williams     Glascoed   Usk Wm Harris   Banns

29/6/1825 Wm Powell X    Glascoed   Ann Davies     Glascoed   Usk Wm Harris   Banns

14/5/1828 Wm Morgan X    Lanbaddock   Mary Jeremiah X    Glascoed   Usk Wm Harris Jas Davies  Banns

19/5/1828 Lewis Morgan X    Usk   Mary Morgan     Glascoed   Usk Wm Harris Matthew Brain  Banns

24/6/1828 Thos Arthur   B  Trostre   Mary Jenkins   S  Glascoed   Usk Francis Davis Susan Jenkins  Licence

21/8/1830 Chas Harper     Glascoed   Elizth Lewis X    Glascoed   Usk Wm Harris   Banns

4/10/1830 Roger Williams X    Glascoed   Ann Morgan X    Glascoed   Usk Wm Harris   Banns

9/7/1833 Henry White X    Glascoed   Rachel Jenkins X    Glascoed   Usk C Stockham   Banns

25/12/1833 John Jones X    Glascoed   Elizth Williams X    Gwehelog   Usk Chas Stockham   Banns

26/5/1834 Danl Roberts     Glascoed   Sarah Evans     Monkswood   Usk Chas Stockham   Licence

9/8/1834 Wm Richards     Glascoed   Sarah Watkins     Glascoed   Usk Philip Watkins Chas Stockham  Banns

3/2/1835 Thos Hearn     Glascoed   Maria Williams     Glascoed   Usk John Williams Chas Stockham  Banns

16/3/1835 Wm Griffiths X    Glascoed   Sarah Lewis X    Glascoed   Usk Chas Stockham   Banns monfamilies/uskmarr1813-37.htm

20/4/1835 Thos Saunders X    Glascoed   Ann Davies X    Glascoed   Usk Chas Stockham   Banns

13/7/1835 Geo Tomkins     Glascoed   Ann Morgan X    Glascoed   Usk Chas Stockham   Banns Wife X with consent

1/8/1835 Jas Meredith X    Glascoed   Caroline Lewis X    Glascoed   Usk Chas Stockham   Banns

12/9/1837 John Williams  24 B Mason Glascoed   Elizth Morgan X 25 S  Glascoed John Morgan Farmer Usk Chas Stockham   Banns

21/5/1839 Danl Waters X FA B Draper Glascoed Edward Waters Labr Hannah Crocket X FA W  Glascoed Geo Gibbon Labr Usk Chas Stockham Wm Willetts  Banns

15/12/1839 Wm Cadogan X FA B Labr Glascoed John Cadogan Labr Elizth James X FA S  Glascoed John James Labr Usk Chas Stockham John Stockham X  Banns

10/10/1840 Edwin Pontifix  FA B Farmer Glascoed Danl Pontifix Farmer Diana Barnett X Minor S  Glascoed Richd Barnett Farmer Usk Chas Stockham John Stockham X  Banns

5/12/1841 Wm Price  FA W Labr Glascoed Wm Price Labr Susannah Gardener X FA S Servant Glascoed Thos Gardener Labr Usk Thos Edey Ann Edey   Banns

5/10/1842 Phillip Lewis X FA B Labr Glascoed Phillip Lewis Mason Hannah Williams X FA S  Glascoed Wm Williams Labr Usk Wm Morgan X Mary Williams X  Banns

2/3/1846 Jas Meredith X FA B Labr Glascoed Wm Meredith Labr Elizth Jenkins X FA S  Glascoed Henry Jenkins Labr Usk Thos Jenkins X Elizth Lloyd X  Banns

17/5/1846 Jas Freemantle  FA B Carpenter Caerleon Geo Freemantle Confectioner Susannah Watkins  Minor S  Glascoed Chas Watkins Gardener Usk Sarah Richards Walter Thomas X  Banns

27/5/1847 Wm Cowles  FA B Clerk Cardiff Wm? Cowles Farmer Florence Jenkins  FA S  Glascoed Hercules Jenkins Gentleman farmer Usk Jas Jenkins Susannah Jenkins  Licence

21/9/1847 Wm Baylis  FA B Farmer Llanwitcwm, Ragland Wm Baylis Farmer Maria Arnold  FA S  Maesmawr, Glascoed Richd Arnold Farmer Usk Ann Arnold X John Arnold  Licence

18/6/1848 John Rosser X FA B Blacksmith Gwehelog John Rosser Blacksmith Mary  Jones X FA S  Glascoed John Jones Mason Usk Richd Waters X Elizth Somerfield X  Banns

15/10/1848 Wm Jones X FA B Collier Glascoed Thos Jones Carpenter Ann Jones X FA S  Glascoed Thos Jones Collier Usk John Rosser X Mary Jones X  Banns

27/2/1849 David Williams X FA B Farmer Glascoed Wm Williams Farmer Frances Williams  FA W  Monachdy Thos Morgan Farmer Usk Edward Davies Anne Davies X  Banns

1/3/1849 Leonard Williams  FA B Labr Glascoed Thos Williams  Labr Mary Davies X FA S  Glascoed Geo Davies Labr Usk Edward Williams Ann Davies X  Banns

22/3/1852 Jas Jenkins X FA B Farmer Glascoed Edward Jenkins Labr Ann Hooper X FA S  Gwehelog Thos Hooper Farmer Usk Jas Morgan X Chas Stockham  Banns

15/5/1852 John Jones  FA B Weighing Man Race Wm Jones Farmer Elizth Andrews X FA S  Glascoed John Andrews Farmer Usk Jas Davies Chas Stockham  Banns

24/2/1859 Job Lewis X FA B Farmer Glascoed   Cath Williams X FA S  Pontypool? Park Herbert Williams Labr Usk Chas Stockham John Stockham  -----

26/9/1859 Jas Lewis  FA B Farmer Glascoed Lewis Lewis Farmer Mary Ann Williams X FA S  Glascoed Roger Williams Farmer Usk Chas Stockham John Stockham X  Banns

11/9/1864 Thos Jones X FA W Labr Glascoed Thos Jones Labr Mary Williams X FA W  Glascoed Thos Howells Farmer Usk Saml Watkins X Elizth Watkins X  Banns

6/12/1864 Alexander Wynter Blyth  22 B Medical student Glascoed Alexander Blyth Surgeon MD Anne Elizabeth Morgan   S  Glascoed John Morgan Farmer Usk John Arthur Morgan Jane Frances Morgan  Licence

11/2/1867 Wm Thomas X 31 B Tailor Glascoed Matthew Thomas Labr Caroline Watkins X 30 S Servant Beech?, Glascoed Wm Watkins Wood corder Usk Chas Stockham Chas Nicholas  Banns

31/12/1867 Edwin Davies  39 B Labr Glascoed Wm Davies Labr Margt Davies X 38 W Servant Glascoed Evan Davies Miner Usk Chas Stockham Marie Petronelle M Nicholas X  

21/1/1880 John Landale Wilson Watt  29 B Gent Spring? Barn? Glasgow Cumberland Watt Factor Helena Jane  Jenkins  29 S  Trostra? Glascoed Jas Jenkins Farmer Usk Wm Hercules Jenkins David Jones Henry Jones Banns

10/5/1890 Jas  Jones  38 B Labr Pontypool Richd Jones Farmer Maria  Arnold  29 S  Glascoed Richard Arnold Farmer Usk R. Arnold Martha Arnold  Banns

10/6/1893 John Lewis  28 B Farmer Upper House, Glascoed Job Lewis Farmer Martha Arnold  31 S  The Twyn, Glascoed Richd Arnold Labr Usk Danl? Jones Emily Arthur  Banns

24/2/1894 Jas  Parry  25 B Farmer Goytre Jas Parry Farmer Emily Arnold  21 S  Glascoed Richd Arnold Labr Usk Sara F Cooke Philip Gunter  Banns

21/8/1894 Wm Isaac Lewis  22 B Farmer Beech Farm, Glascoed Isaac Lewis Farmer Edith Twissell  22 S  Pettingale Mill, Glascoed Saml Twissell Butcher Usk John Lewis Florence Lewis  ----

4/8/1896 Danl Jones  59 W Farmer Sunny Bank, Glascoed Thos Jones Labr Emma Louisa Webb  32 S  School House, Glascoed Wm Webb Naval pensioner Usk Wm Webb Emma Webb  Licence

3/5/1899 Frank Summers  26 B Farm labr Glascoed Saml Summers Engine driver Annie Sainsbury  22 S  Glascoed Jas Sainsbury Farmer Usk Martha Sainsbury Edward W Wynn Pugh Banns



Many thanks to both Dave Woolven and Mike John for their permission to use this information.

These records were initially published on the internet by Mike John. I believe that Dave Woolven may have transcribed a good number of these originals. Dave and Mike have done much good work that they have shared with each other and others.

Many more parish records could previously be found on Mike’s Monmouthshire Family History Website (MONFH). There was also a related Yahoo group. Now a good portion of this and additional information can be found through Mongenes website and family history messaging group. It’s a thriving and active community of people interested in the history of Monmouthshire families. Highly recommended.