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The Rees family

The Rees family was part of an extended family that others have researched. Their name was also written as Reece and Reese in various sources.

We first see Ann Rees in Glascoed at Lower Wernhir Farm in 1861 with her nephews Richard and Benjamin and her niece Alice Mary Rees.

Richard married Eliza Morgan on 18th February 1867 at Tregare Parish church and settled at Bryn Farm in Glascoed. He was actually quite an accomplished ploughman who won prizes at several ploughing competitions in the 1860s. You can see at least one account of his exploits in most years of the Usk Observer in the late 1850s and early 1860s - e.g. 18591861, and later in 1862 (twice)Benjamin also did well in some of these same competitions. Richard and the family had moved to Magor, in Monmouthshire by the time of the 1881 census - Richard was working as a Farm Bailiff, although was later noted to be a labourer on some of his childrens’ baptism entries.

Benjamin stayed at Lower Wernhir after his aunt, Ann, had moved on (farming there at the time of the 1871 census) marrying a Catherine Jones, from Llangattock, Breconshire in 1867. They had several children, but had moved away from Glascoed by 1881.

William Hall Rees, Richard’s brother and Benjamin’s half brother, lived at the Bryn Farm for a period in between the 1871 and 1881 censuses. He was Sidesman at Glascoed Church in 1876 and was certainly at Bryn Farm when his son Thomas was married in the same year to Margaret Howell.

This is a basic tree:

1 William Reese

. +Ann Hall

2 Leonard Reese b: 1787 Llansoy, Mon.

... +Anne Jones m: 08.02.1816 Trostrey, Mon.

. 3 Thomas Reese b: 1817 Usk, Mon.

. 3 Leonard Reese b: 1819 Usk, Mon.

..... +Elizabeth Howells b: Abt. 1823 Shirenewton, Mon. m: 08.02.1846 Trevethin,

.. 4 Leonard Reese b: 1846 Shirenewton, Mon.

.. 4 Sarah Ann Reese b: 1848 Llanellen, Mon.

. 3 William Hall Reese b: 1822 Raglan, Mon.

. 3 John Reese b: 1824 Raglan, Mon.

. 3 Ann Reese b: 1826 Raglan, Mon.

. 3 Temperence Reese b: 1829 Raglan, Mon.

. 3 Richard Reese b: 1830 Raglan, Mon.

..... +Eliza b: 1850 Gwehelog, Mon.

.. 4 Alice M Reese b: 1867 Llanbaddock, Mon.

.. 4 Annie Sophia Reese b: 1868 Glascoed, Mon.

.. 4 Elizabeth Ann Reese b: 1870 Glascoed, Mon.

.. 4 Mary Reese b: 1871 Glascoed, Mon.

.. 4 William S Reese b: 1873 Glascoed, Mon.

.. 4 Emily Reese b: 1875 Magor, Mon.

.. 4 Temperance Reese b: 1880 Magor, Mon.

*2nd Wife of Leonard Reese:

... +Mary Morgan b: Abt. 1802 Penrhos, Mon. m: 06.05.1832 Llanellen, Mon.

. 3 Benjamin Reese b: 1834 Llanellen, Mon.

m. Catherine Jones. They settled at Lower Wernhir farm, Glascoed for a period in the 1860s and 70s).

. 3 Mary Reese b: 1840 Llanellen, Mon.

..... +William James Williams b: Abt. 1836 Wolvesnewton, Mon. m: 23.04.1863
Trevethin, Mon.

2 William Reese b: 1791 Llansoy, Mon.

Thanks to Mike John and others of Monmouthshire Family History group for the detail. It’s really worth checking out. If others, who know far more about this family would like to write a potted history of individuals -especially those with Glascoed links - or the wider family, please let me know and I will gladly publish it.

Adrian Rees kindly supplied much of this information and I am especially grateful to him for sharing more detailed bios of Benjamin and Catherine - and also a photograph of Benjamin and Catherine’s family bible. Rees family Bible - click here.

Their specific tree is listed below: click on the boxes below for individual bios.

Benjamin Rees

Married  1867 at Llanellen.

Catherine Jones

Their children

Mary Ann Rees William Rees Leonard Lewis Rees Tom Benjamin Rees Elizabeth Jane Rees Katie Rees