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1891 Census strays A-L

These are Glascoed people in other parishes mainly after they had left Glascoed, or sometimes people who came to the village later on.

I’m sure that there must be many other “Strays” that I have not managed to trace, often due to indexing or transcription errors by others on the pay census sites. I have left research notes on the page for myself to double-check whether there could be more individuals from these families on preceding or subsequent frames.

Later versions of this will also include a more thorough linking of individuals to their places of residence at Glascoed and/or families that they are linked to.

Hoping this will be of help. If you would like me to revisit the original scripts to check a detail, please contact me.

In the fullness of time, I would like to add a name index onto this page, but I’m concentrating on other things for now. If looking for a particular individual, it’s worth checking each of the pages since in some households there are Glascoed people with differing surnames in one household.

Key: Reference # House Name Surname Rel to Head Mar status Age m Age F Occupation Place of Birth County of birth Blind, deaf etc Language Spoken

James Arnold widower of Leah nee Jayne with 3 remaining children incl Mary c 1868 from 1871 census


 1 Medlicot, Llanvair Kilgeddin, Monmouthshire 4 rooms

  James Arnold Head Widr 50 General Labourer Employed Llanhishom Monmouthshire English (James was one of the Maesmawr Arnolds).

 Mary Arnold Daur Sin 22 Housekeeper Dom Panteg Monmouthshire English

 William Arnold Son 9 Schoolar Trostrey Monmouthshire English

 Leah Arnold Grandaur 1 Llanvair Kil(geddin)Monmouthshire -

Maria Arnold and her mother Elizabeth Arnold wife of Richard, with husband James Jones

RG12 4361/138

50 Lasgarn, Abersychan, Trevethin, Monmouthshire 4 rooms

  James Jones Head Married 39 Woodward Employed Goitrey Monmouthshire English

 Maria Jones Wife Married 30 Glascoed Monmouthshire English

 Elizabeth Arnold Visitor Married 54 Glascoed Monmouthshire English


Martha Arnold, dau of Richard and Elizabeth nee Williams, now a servant at Llanllowell


 Glen Court House, Llanllowell, Monmouthshire 5 rooms or more Ellen Waddington Head Widow 66 Living on own means Employer Usk Monmouthshire English

 Evelyn Waddington Son S 33 Solicitor Llanllowell Monmouthshire English

 Martha Arnold Serv S 28 Domestic Servant Glascoed Monmouthshire English

 Jane Gumbleton Serv S 22 Domestic Servant Newchurch East Monmouthshire English


Robert Arnold c 1841 of Maesmawr Arnolds at Llangibby, with children (Maud c 1874 at Glascoed) and brother William c 1830


 The Darren, Llangibby, Monmouthshire 5 rooms or more

  Robert Arnold Head M 49 Agricultural Laborer Employed Llanisien Mon English

 Maud Arnold Daur S 16 Housekeeper Glascoed Mon English

 William Arnold Son 10 Scholar Panteg Mon English

 John Arnold Son 8 Scholar Panteg Mon English

 Herbert Arnold Son 4 Scholar Panteg Mon English

 William Arnold Brother Widr 60 Agricultural Laborer Llandenny Mon partially blind English


William Arnold b 1870 son of Richard and Elizabeth Arnold of Upper Twyn


 17 West Place, Pontypool, Trevethin, Monmouthshire 4 rooms

  Mary Ann Thomas Head Widow 56 Abergavenny Monmouth English

 John Gilbert Forrest Lodger Single 30 Baker Employer County Cork, Ireland English

 William Arnold Lodger S 21 Haulier (Cart) Employed Glascoed Monmouth English

 Chas Edward Tranter Boarder S 30 Engine fitter Employed Abergavenny Monmouth English

Elizabeth c 1827 with husband John Beavan and family at Pontnewydd


 Pontnewydd, Llanfrechva Upper, Monmouthshire 5 rooms or more

  John Beavan Head M 66 Farmer Employer Goytre Mon English

 Elizabeth Beavan Wife M 63 Glascoed Mon English

 Anne Beavan daug S 35 Trevethin Mon English

 Elizabeth Beavan daug S 32 Trevethin Mon English

 Moses Beavan daug M 27 Farm labourer Employed Trevethin Mon English

 Abram Beavan Son S 24 Farm labourer Employed Trevethin Mon English

 David Beavan Son S 19 Farm labourer Employed Trevethin Mon English

 Elizabeth Todd Gdaug S 5 Myrthor Glamorgan English

 John Walters Boarder wdr 55 Rt Army Capt Bengal Est Indis English

Abraham Bowen c 1866 and wife Gwenllian at Christchurch, Newport


 24 Lis Com?, Christchurch, Newport, Monmouthshire 4 rooms

  Abraham Bowen Head M 24 Railway Signalman Employed Glascoed Mon English

 Gwenllian Bowen Wife M 25 Crumlin Mon English

Sarah c 1850 married to George Burt in Aberkenfig, Glamorgan


  8 Penyfai Road, Aberkenfig, Newcastle Higher, Glamorgan 5 rooms or more

  George C. Burt Head M 35 Railway Goods Guard Employed Whitcombe Dorset English

 Sarah Burt Wife M 40 Glascoed Monmouth English

 Rachel Burt Daur 10 Scholar Griffithstown Monmouth English

 Sarah J. Burt Daur 5 Sebastopol Monmouth English

 Ernest G. Burt Son 3 Aberkenfig Glamorgan English

 Richard A. Burt Son 4 mo Aberkenfig Glamorgan English

Ann Charles c 1879 with grandparents Isaac and Ann Jenkins & servant Mary Meredith c 1867


 Pantypudding Farm, Monkswood, Monmouthshire 5 rooms or more

  Isaac Jenkins Head M 68 Farmer Employer Monkswood Monmouthshire English

 Ann Jenkins Wife M 66 Monkswood Monmouthshire English

 Ann Charles Grand-daur 11 Scholar Glascoed Monmouthshire English

 Mary Meredith Serv Single 23 General Servant Domestic Glascoed Monmouthshire English

 Jabez Davies Serv Single 45 Farm Servant Employed Monkswood Monmouthshire English

Mary Laura Charles c 1881 with parents William and Eliz and family, formerly of Hill Farm, Also Aaron Jayne of Ty Coch and New House


 Goytrey, Monmouthshire 5 rooms or more

  William H. Charles Head M 39 Farmer Employer Llanvrechva Lower Monmouth English

 Elizabeth Charles Wife M 33 Monmouth English

 Mary L Charles Daur 10 Scholar Glascoed Monmouth English

 Henry L? Charles Son 8 Scholar Goytrey Monmouth English

 William J. Charles Son 7 Scholar Goytrey Monmouth English

 Isaac J. Charles Son 2 Goytrey Monmouth English

 Margaret Meredith Servant S 19 General servant (Dom) Monmouth English

 Aaron Jayn Servant 40 Farm Servant Employed Glascoed Monmouth English

 Sidney Meredith Servant 17 Farm Servant Employed Monmouth English

Edward Crump c 1874 with parents Thomas & Alice and family


 Burnt House, Monkswood, Monmouthshire 5 rooms or more

  Thomas Crump Head M 46 Farmer Employer Usk Monmouthshire English

 Alice Crump Wife M 39 Llantarnam Monmouthshire English

 Edward Crump Son S 16 Farmers son Employed Glascoed Monmouthshire English

 Ellen Crump Daur 12 Scholar Monkswood Monmouthshire English

 William Crump Son 10 Scholar Monkswood Monmouthshire English

 Elizabeth Crump Daur 8 Scholar Monkswood Monmouthshire English

 Florence Crump Daur 6 Scholar Monkswood Monmouthshire English

 George Gown Serv S 17 Agricultural Laborer Employed Newent Gloucestershire English

 Mary Jones Serv S 18 General Servant (Domestic) Blaenavon Monmouthshire Both

Margaret Davies c 1867 servant at Pontypool


 Clarence Street, Pontypool, Monmouthshire 5 rooms or more

  John Bevan Head M 43 Managing Director Bevan ??? Employed Pontypool Mon English

 Rhoda Bevan Wife M 37 Furnes? Her Household Panteg Mon Both

 Evangeline R. Bevan Daur 9 Pontypool Mon English

 Margaret Davies Serv 23 Cook Glascoed Mon English

 Mary Jones Serv 16 Housemaid Pontypool Mon English

Mary c 1830 married to Charles Elliston, living at Cowbridge. Nb, in the 1881 census, Mary was said to come from Goytre


 East Village, Cowbridge, Glamorgan 5 rooms or more

  Charles Elliston Head M 63 General Laborer Lurhn man? Suffolk English

 Mary Elliston Wife M 60 Glascoed Monmouth Both

 Joseph Mills Lodger S 50 Rlwy Laborer Hillsler? Berkshire English

 Thomas Williams Lodger S 60 Carpenter Employed Welshpool Montgomeryshire English

 Denis McCarthy Lodger S 35 Artist (Sculp)Neither employer or employed Kildare Ireland English

 Thomas Cross Lodger S 53 Rlwy Laborer Long Crendon Buckinghamshire English

 Joseph Fleming Lodger S 20 Pedlar (Do) Do New Mills Derbyshire English

 Edward Allen Lodger S 45 Pedlar (Hawk)Huntingdon Huntingdon English

 Evan Evans Lodger S 60 Sub Medical Assistant Llandovery Carmarthenshire Both

Charles Evans c 1827 with sons James and Evan at Tirphil with James' family


 1 Taylor's Row, Tirphil, Pontlottyn, Gelligaer, Glamorgan 5 rooms or more

  James Evans Head M 36 Coal miner Employed Newport Monmouth English

 Mary Evans Wife M 39 Dowlais Glamorgan Both

 James James Stepson S 17 Coal miner's boy Employed Gelligaer Glamorgan English

 Sarah Evans Daur 3 Gelligaer Glamorgan English

 Charles Evans Father Widr 63 Ostler in Colliery (Coal m) Employed Glascoed Monmouth Both

 Evan Evans Brother S 30 Driver in Colliery (Coal m) Employed Newport Monmouth English

 David Jones Boarder S 34 Coal miner Employed Dowlais Glamorgan Both

 Simon Jones Boarder S 23 Coal miner Employed Gelligaer Glamorgan Both

 Mary Powell Servant S 40 General Servant Domestic Talybont Brecon Welsh

Florence & Adolphus Evans children of Wm and Anne Evans at New Inn


 Clerewain Cott, New Inn, Llanfihangel Pontymoile, Monmouthshire

  William Evans Head M 51 General Laborer Employed Cirencester Gloucester English

 Anne Evans Wife M 57 Llangibby Mon English

 Frederick Evans Son S 25 General Laborer Employed Llangibby Mon English

 Florence Evans Daur S 16 Dressmaker Employed Glascoed Mon English

 Adolphus Evans Son 13 Glascoed Mon English

Margaret nee Evans c 1819 dau of Mary widow of David Jeffreys at Newport


 2 Jones Court, St. Paul's, Newport, Monmouthshire 2 rooms

  William Evans Head Widower 62 Sailor (Seas) Fishguard Pembrokeshire Both

 Margaret Jeffreys Boarder W 71 Glascoed Mon Both

Kate French c 1887 with parents Frederick and Clara at Panteg Wern school. Dad presumably must have taught at Glascoed Board School for a time in the late 1880s


 Panteg Wern School House, Sebastopol, Panteg, Monmouthshire 5 rooms or more

  Frederick E. French Head M 34 Teacher of Elementary School Employed Pimlico Middlesex English

 Clara French Wife M 38 Birmingham All Saints Warwick English

 Lily French Daur 13 Scholar Birmingham Small Heath Warwick English

 Ethel French Daur 11 Scholar Eckington Derby English

 Gertrude French Daur 9 Scholar Small Heath Warwick English

 Frederick French Son 6 Scholar Small Heath Warwick English

 Kate French Daur 3 Glascoed Monmouth English

 Emily Price Serv S 14 General Servant (Domestic) Panteg Monmouth English

Ellen Goodenough c 1852 with husband Thomas Bach and family at Pontypool


 23 North Road, Pontypool, Trevethin, Monmouthshire 4 rooms

 Thomas Bach Head Married 38 Butcher Employed Rayton? (prob Ruxton)Hereford English

 Ellen Bach Wife Married 38 Glascoed Monmouthshire English

 Edward Bach Son S 15 Engine cleaner Employed Panteg Monmouthshire English

 Robert Bach Son S 13 Butchers boy Employed Panteg Monmouthshire English

 Rose Bach Daughter S 10 Scholar Employed (prob error)Panteg Monmouthshire English

 Florence Bach Daughter S 9 Scholar Panteg Monmouthshire English

 Charles Bach Son S 5 Scholar Panteg Monmouthshire English

 Kate Bach Daughter S 11 mo Panteg Monmouthshire English

 Edward Bach Brother S 30 Butcher Employed Rayton? (prob Ruxton)Monmouthshire English

William Goodwin c 1865 in Cardiff


 5 Market Rd, Canton, Cardiff, Glamorgan 5 rooms or more

  Henry Long Head M 49 Wheel wright Employed Taunton Somerset English

 May or Mary Long Wife M 60 Devizes Wiltshire English

 Fanny Smith Daur S 32 domestic servant (cook) Bathampton Somerset English

Separate Household, same address 2 rooms

  William Goodwin Head S 25 Blacksmith Employed Glascoed Monmouth English


John Griffiths c 1833 and family at Cwmavon, Trevethin


 River Row, Cwmavon, Trevethin, Monmouthshire 5 rooms or more

  John Griffiths Head M 57 Labourer at Colliery (Coal M) Employed Glascoed Mon English

 Eliza Griffiths Wife M 46 Cwmavon Mon English

 Edwin Griffiths Son S 16 Clerk at Colliery Office Employed Cwmavon Mon English

 Florence Griffiths Dau S 14 Cwmavon Mon English

 Mabel Griffiths Dau S 11 Scholar Cwmavon Mon English

 Reginald Griffiths Son S 5 Cwmavon Mon English

 William Parslow Boarder S 37 Carpenter Employed High Wycomb Bucks English

 David Jones Boarder S 12 Usk Mon English

Ann c 1849 married name Hambury and lodger Henry Wms c 1866 both born Glascoed


 6 Staffordshire Row, Panteg, Monmouthshire 5 rooms or more

  John Hambury Head M 34 Haulier (Cart) Employed Garway Hereford English

 Ann Hambury Wife M 31 Glascoed Monmouth English

 Richard Hambury Son 10 Mo Panteg Monmouth English

 Henry Williams Lodger S 24 Labourer at Iron Works Employed Glascoed Monmouth

George Humphries c 1861 son of Wm and Eliz (nee Hambury) of Castle Corrin with wife Elizabeth and son, Wm c 1890


 Tanyard, Mamhilad, Monmouthshire 4 rooms

 George Humphries Head M 29 Seler? At Brickworks (Brickm) Employed Glascoed Mon English

 Elizabeth Humphries Wife M 24 Panteg Mon English

 William Humphries Son 1 Glascoed Mon English

John James c 1865 with father John and Aunt Ann at Gwehellog


 Gwehellog, Monmouthshire 4 rooms

  John James Head Widr 63 General Labourer Employed Llandenny Mon English

 John James Son S 25 General Labourer Employed Glascoed Mon English

 Ann James Sister S 67 Domestic Servant Neither employer or employed Raglan Mon English

John and Eliz Ann Jayne nee Wms and family plus Martha Wms of Llanfrechva, likely Elizabeth Ann's sister


 Llanhilleth, Monmouthshire 4 rooms

  John Jayne Head M 40 Laborer General Employed Glascoed Mon English

 Elizabeth A. Jayne Wife M 33 Llanvrechva Upper Mon English

 John H. Jayne Son 13 Scholar Glascoed Mon English

 Alice A. Jayne daur 8 Scholar Llanhilleth Mon English

 Martha Williams Servt S 39 General Servant Llanvrechva Upper Mon English

Joseph Jayne c 1855 son of John and Mary of New House


 56 Capel Crescent, St Woollos, Newport, Monmouthshire 5 rooms or more

  James Gorman Head M 31 Storekeeper Employed Margate? York English

 Anne Gorman Wife M 30 Bangor Cork, Ireland English

 Elizabeth Gorman Daur S 9 Scholar Newport Mon English

 James Gorman Son S 8 Scholar Newport Mon English

 Separate Household, same address 2 rooms

  Joseph Jayne Head M 35 Railway Engine Driver Employed Glascoed Mon English

 Minnie Jayne Wife M 22 Newtown Abbot Devon English

Charles Edwin Jenkins c 1873, son of John Jenkins and Emily Goodenough at Swansea


 35 Catherine Street, Swansea, Glamorgan 5 rooms or more

  Annie Chislet Head Widow 36 Living on her own means Swansea South Wales English

 Cornelius John Chislet son 13 Telegraph messenger Employed US America, British subject English

 Lillian Gwendoline Chislet daur 7 Scholar Swansea South Wales English

 Francis Levi Evans Boarder single 24 Wheelw Employed Pontypool Monmouth English

 Charles Jones Boarder single 19 Coach maker Employed Llanfrechfa Lower Month English

 Charles Edwin Jenkins Boarder single 17 Coach painter Employed Glascoed Month English

Elizabeth Jenkins c 1870 dau of John and Eliza nee Goodenough with 2 other Jenkins as servants in Devon


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  Alice E. Byrde x DaughterS 7 Honiton Devon

 Havilland C. Byrde Son S 5 Honiton Devon

 Herbert W. Byrde Son S 2 Honiton Devon

 Elizabeth Jenkins Servant S 20 Nurse - Domestic Servant Glascoed Mon

 Rachael Jenkins Servant S 16 Nurse - Domestic Servant Goytrey Mon

 Annie Jenkins Serv S 22 Housemaid - Domestic Servant Goytrey Mon

 Laurie Cattell Serv S 22 Cook - Domestic Servant Clayhidon Devon

Francis Edward Jenkins c 1860 son of James and Eliza of Upper Trostrey, with wife Elizabeth nee Edmunds and sister in law at Griffithstown


 2 Upper High St, Griffithstown, Llanvrechva Upper, Monmouthshire 5 rooms or more

 Frances E. Jenkins Head M 30 Grocer Neither employer or employed Glascoed Mon English

 Elizabeth M. Jenkins Wife M 24 Llangibby Mon English

 Sarah L. Emands Sister S 19 Llangibby Mon English


Martha Jenkins c 1848, dau of Wm Jenkins and Maria Garner, now wife of Amos Jones with family at Goytre


 Abergavenny Road, Goytrey, Monmouthshire 4 rooms

  Amos Jones Head M 41 Agricultural Laborer Employed Llandenny Monmouth English

 Martha Jones Wife M 42 Glascoed Monmouth English

 Henry Jones Son 3 Goytrey Monmouth English

 Ellsie Jones Daur 2 Goytrey Monmouth English

Rachel Jenkins c 1867 of Ty Coch, now a servant at Goytrey


 Goytrey House, Goytrey, Monmouthshire 5 rooms or more

  Robert J. Alexander Head M 38 H.M. Inspector of Schools Ireland English

 Alice R. Alexander Wife M 37 Ireland English

 Elizabeth J. Alexander Daur 6 London Midlesex English

 Elizabeth M. Tweedy Visitor 7 Ireland English

 Alice Frazer Visitor 11 London Midlesex English

 John D. James Visitor S 28 Rector of Goytrey (Clergy) Newcastle Emlyn Carmarthan Both

 Martha Jenkins Servant S 23 Parlour Maid Domestic Goytrey Monmouth English

 Elizabeth Bowen Servant S 19 Housemaid Domestic Goytrey Monmouth English

 Rachel Jenkins Servant S 23 Nurse Domestic Glascoed Monmouth English

 Elizabeth Jenkins Servant S 24 Cook Domestic Pontypool Monmouth English

 John Thomas Servant S 19 Groom Domestic Monkswood Monmouth English

Ann Jones c 1837 now a widow at Abersychan


 12 Broad Street, Abersychan, Monmouthshire 5 rooms or more

  Ann Jones Head Widow 53 Shopkeeper Neither employer or employed Glascoed Mon English

 Ernest Jones Son Single 12 Coal miner Employed Pontypool Mon English

 Charles Chapman Grandson Single 4 Scholar London English

 William Bruffet? Lodger 20 Labourer Employed Abergavenny English

William Jones c 1835 and son William at Pontnewynydd


 6 Merchants Hill, Pontnewynydd, Trevethin, Monmouthshire 4 rooms

  William Jones Head Wid 56 Brick Maker Employed Glascoed Mon English

 William Jones Son S 16 Coal miner Employed Pontnewynydd Mon English