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Monmouthshire Merlin, 1848

Saturday July 8, 1848

Monmouthshire Midsummer Sessions (Continued from last week’s Merlin.) USK


The Chairman, S. R. Bosanquet, Esq., accompanied by H. M. Hawkins, Esq., entered the court at half-past nine, presently followed by the Rev. W. Evans, W. A. Williams, jun., Esq., and G. R. G. Relph, Esq.


Isaac Powell, William Cook, and William Meredith, were charged with stealing six shovels, two cans, and seven gallons of beer, the property of William Gill and another.- Mr Rickards examined Hill, who said he was a contractor on the Newport and Pontypool line, and had a storehouse on the side of the railway. On the 10th of June, or early on the 11th this storehouse was broken into through an opening effected through the back, and the property laid was found to have been stolen. Charles Moreton stated that he was a watchman on the line and on the Sunday morning, the 11th of June, the prisoner Powell, and four strangers, came to him, and asked if he would let them stop by the lime kiln till day break. This was about one o'clock. A little before two o'clock, the prisoner Cook came up, and waked Powell, with whom he went away. They asked witness to go and have a drop of beer with them. He went and drank from two cans. Cross-examined by one of the prisoners: The beer was there when we all came up. — William Rees stated that he lived at the Court Farm, Llanvihangel. On the morning of the 11th June, he saw the three prisoners in a wheat field. They had a can with them, which William Cook gave a kick, and on witness ordering them out of wheat, they went away, and left the can there—P.C. Vincent proved finding the two cans in the field of last witness, and apprehending the prisoners. Powell acknowledged carrying away one of the cans, and another prisoner took the other can, and the shovels. He said Cook gave two shovels each all round, and Cook hid his in the wheat fieId. Witness found the two shovels there, and shortly afterwards found Meredith's two. Witness found the other two prisoners in Penlan barn, near Glascoed. Both denied to him having been near the storehouse.—Prosecutor was recalled, and identified the cans and shovels. The learned counsel for the prosecution said there was not evidence sufficient to convict Cock and Meredith, and he would, therefore, ask the jury to acquit them, which was done, and Powell, after receiving a good character, found guilty, but recommended to mercy by the jury. One month's hard labour in the House of Correction.