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The Warder family

The Warder family lived at Cwm Soar Farm, Jerusalem Lane, for a short period around 1911.

The Head of the family on the 1911 census was Frederick Henry Warder.

His wife was Hilda Mary Warder (nee Harris).

Hilda and Frederick had four children, the first of whom, Simeon Henry Harris Warder was born in 1910 at Cwm Soar Farm. Each of these highlighted individuals have their own Bio pages, which you can click through to.

Hilda May Harris Frederick Henry Warder Simeon Henry Harris Warder

Their other children were:

Robert William Warder (1913-1914) (born at Cwm Soar)

Matilda Eugenie Warder (1916-1994)

Myra Rosalind Warder (born 1928).

Simeon Warder's War record