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1881 Census “Strays” K-S

These are Glascoed people in other parishes mainly after they had left Glascoed, or in some cases before they had settled in the hamlet.

I’m sure that there must be other “Strays” that I have not managed to trace, often due to indexing or transcription errors by others on the pay census sites. I have left research notes on the page for myself to double-check whether there could be more individuals from these families on preceding or subsequent frames.

Later versions of this will also include a more thorough linking of individuals to their places of residence at Glascoed and/or families that they are linked to.

Hoping this will be of help. If you would like me to revisit the original scripts to check a detail, please contact me.

House Name Surname Rel to Head Mar status Age m Age F Occupation Place of Birth County of birth Blind, deaf etc Reference

Edwin Lewis c 1832 at Pontypool


 High Street, Pontypool, Monmouthshire

 Edwin Lewis Head Widr 48 Labourer on farm Glascoed Mon

  George Lewis Son Un 16 Labourer in coal mine Pontypool Mon

  Edwin Lewis Son Un 14 Labourer in coal mine Pontypool Mon

Mary Lewis c 1808 at the Workhouse


 Pontypool District Union Workhouse, Llanfrechfa Upper, Monmouthshire

 Mary Lewis Inmate Unmarried 72 Glascoed Monmouthshire Lunatic

Mary A c 1850 Lloyd wife of Wm with family


 6 Oakfield Terrace, Llantarnam, Monmouthshire

 Wm Lloydd Head Mar 38 Lab. Iron manuf. Llantarnam

  Mary A Lloydd Wife Mar 30 Glascoed Mon

  Wm Hy Lloydd Son 6 Schollar Hynllis Mon

  Lewis Lloydd Son 5 Schollar Hynllis Mon

  Rees Lloydd Son 4 Schollar Hynllis Mon

  Gustus Lloydd Son 7 mon Schollar Llantarnam Mon

James Meredith, c 1836 son of Jemmy and Caroline Meredith of Sunnybank Cottage with family


 King Street, Aberystruth, Monmouthshire

 James Meredith Head Md 46 Coal miner Glascoed Mon

  Emma Meredith Wife Md 37 Trevethan Mon

  Albert Meredith S 15 Panteg Mon

  Caroline Meredith D 10 Glascoed Mon

  George Meredith S 8 Glascoed Mon

  Evalene Meredith D 6 Abertillery Mon

  Jennet Meredith D 3 Abertillery Mon

  Mary Ann Meredith D 1 Abertillery Mon

  Ernest Phillips Boarder 5 Abertillery Mon

  Thomas Phillips Boarder Und 27 Mechanical Engineer (Iron works) Herefordshire

Thomas Meredith c 1851, a boarder at Aberystruth, Mon (IGI record)


 Gelli Crug, Aberystruth, Monmouthshire

 Steven Kinsey Head M 75 Laborer Llanidloes

  Ann Kinsey Wife M 65 Defynog Brecknock

  William Kinsey Son U 29 Haulier Blaina Monmouth

  David Thomas Boarder U 54 Coal Miner Garnvach Monmouth

  Luke Luay Boarder U 20 Ostler (Handiman) Wiltshire

  Thomas Meredith Boarder U 29 Ostler (Handiman) Glascoed Monmouth

Alfred Hedley Morgan son of Wm Morgan of Hill Farm and wife Emma Rachel Price, living with maternal grandfather


 Rectory House, Llanvihangel Torymynydd, Monmouthshire

 John Price Head of family Widower 77 Rector of Llanvihangel & Kilgwrrwg (Clergyman) Crickhowell Breconshire

  Bertha Elizabeth Price Daughter Unmarried 45 Clergymans Daughter Kemeys Comder Monmouth

  Mary Jane Price Daughter Unmarried 35 Clergymans Daughter Llansoy Monmouth

  Thomas Gwynne Price Son Unmarried 33 Clergyman's Son (no occ) Llansoy Monmouth

  Eliza Anne Price Daughter Unm 30 Clergymans Daughter Llansoy Monmouth

  Caroline Howe Niece Unm 43 Schoolmistress Crickhowell Breconshire

  Alfred Hedley Morgan Grand Child 11 Scholar Hamlet of Glascoed Monmouth

  Arthur Stanley Morgan Gd Child 6 Scholar St Brides Netherwent Monmouth

  Christopher Hanbury Serv Unm 21 Gen Serv (E Q S) Llan Tormynydd Monmouth

Annie Elizabeth Morgan of Hill Farm, now married to Alexander Wynter Blyth


 56 Gt Russell St, London, Middlesex, England

 Alexander W. Blyth Head Mar 34  (M.R.C.F.((FW deleted)) Medical Officer Of Health & Public Analyst Woolwich Kent

  Annie E. Blyth Wife Mar 35 Glascoed Monmouthshire

  Julia A. Blyth Daur Unmar 15 Tenbury Worcestershire

  Rosa Blyth Daur 14 Tenbury Worcestershire

  Stewart Blyth Son 11 Finsbury Middlesex

  Meredith Blyth Son 9 Worcester Worcestershire

  Adolphe Paggi Visitor Unm 25 Doctor of Medicine Florence Italy

  George Letellier Visitor Unm 22 France

  Mary A. Grunhow Serv Unm 27 Domestic cook Cloddock Herefordshire

  Emily Powell Serv Unm 18 Domestic Housemaid St. Pancras Middlesex

Arthur Morgan, son of John and Mary Morgan nee Arthur of Hill Farm family


 Kings Head Hotel, Old Market Street, Usk, Monmouthshire

 Arthur Morgan Head Mar 38 Hotel Keeper Glascoed Monmouth're

  Caroline L. Morgan Wife Mar 24 Crickhowell Breconshire

  Reginald A.R. Morgan Son Unm 3 Swansea Glamorganshire

  Violet B. Morgan Daur Unm 10m Usk Monmouth're

  Charles Watkins Servant Unm 14 Ostler Domestic servant (Groom) Straton Wilt

  Sarah A. Williams Servant Unm 16 General Domestic Servant Llanvaches Monmouth're

Eliza marr name Morgan c 1848 with Husband John and kids at Llanfrechfa Lower


 Llanvrechva Lower, Monmouthshire

 John Morgan Head Mar 40 Agr. Lab Llantarnam Monmouth

  Eliza Morgan Wife Mar 33 Glascoed Monmouth

  Rachel Morgan Daur 7 Llanvrechva Lo Monmouth

  Alfred Morgan Son 5 Llanvrechva Lo Monmouth

  Celia Morgan Daur 3 Llanvrechva Lo Monmouth

  Annie M. Morgan Daur 1 Llanvrechva Lo Monmouth

Henry Morgan c 1837 with wife Mary and family at Panteg


 23 Maunds Row, Upper Race, Panteg, Monmouthshire

 Henry Morgan Head Mar 43 Haulier Glascoed Monmouth

  Mary Morgan Wife Mar 40 Abergavenny Monmouth

  Henry Morgan Son 15 Labourer Pontypool Monmouth

  Charles Morgan Son 10 Scholar Panteg Monmouth

  William Morgan Son 7 Scholar Panteg Monmouth

John Arthur Morgan, son of John and Mary Morgan nee Arthur of Hill Farm with his family


 Bottom Farm, Mamhilad, Monmouthshire

 John A. Morgan Head Mar 47 Farmer 40 acres Glasgoed Monshire

  Martha Morgan Wife Mar 46 Farmer's wife St. Wenards Herefordshire

  John Morgan Son 14 Farmer's son Mamhilad Monshire

  Martha Morgan Daugh 12 Farmer's Daugh Mamhilad Monshire

  Margaret Morgan Daugh 11 Farmer's Daugh Mamhilad Monshire

  Clara E. Morgan Daugh 10 Farmer's Daugh Mamhilad Monshire

  Charles C. Morgan Son 9 Farmer's son Mamhilad Monshire

  Lavinia Morgan Daugh 8 Farmer's Daugh Mamhilad Monshire

  Rachel E. Morgan Daugh 5 Farmer's Daugh Mamhilad Monshire

  Tom B. Morgan Son 4 Mamhilad Monshire

  Gertrude Morgan Daugh 8 m Mamhilad Monshire

Mary Susannah Morgan marr name Rowlands of Hill Farm with widowed mother Mary Nee Arthur at Mamhilad


 Bridge House, Mamhilad, Monmouthshire

 Mary Morgan Head W 70 No occupation Caldicot Monshire

  Mary S. Rowlands Daug Mar 37 No occupation Glascoed Monshire

  Frederick F. Rowlands Grandson 11 Mamhilad Monshire

Thomas Morgan, c 1832 and family at Christchurch near Caerleon


 Wood Cottage, Christchurch, Monmouthshire

 Thomas Morgan Head Mar 48 Farm labourer Glascoed Monmouth

  Eliza Morgan Wife Mar 42 Langstone Monmouth

  Catherine H. Morgan Daur - 8 Scholar Christchurch Monmouth

  Eliza Morgan Daur - 6 Scholar Christchurch Monmouth

  Lucy A. Morgan Daur - 4 Scholar Christchurch Monmouth

Wm c 1816 and Martha c 1821 Morgan at Panteg


 Twyncelin No. 2, Panteg, Monmouthshire

 William Morgan Head M 64 Hoop maker Glascoed Mon

  Martha Morgan Wife Mar 59 Glascoed Mon

  Wm. Thomas Boarder Unm 51 Farm Labourer Crudle Wilts

  Jeremiah Driscol Boarder Unm 47 Farm Labourer Grennock Scotland

William Morgan c 1828 with wife Martha at Goytre


 Wern Farm, Goytre, Monmouthshire

 William Morgan Head Mar 52 Timber haulier & farmer (30 acres) employ 2 S Glascoed Monmouthsh

  Martha Morgan Wife Mar 52 Mamhilad Monmouthsh

  Elias Morgan Son Unm 18 Farm Servant Indoor Goytrey Monmouthsh

  Decimus Morgan Son 14 Scholar Goytrey Monmouthsh

  David Morgan Son 11 Scholar Goytrey Monmouthsh

William Morgan c 1836 son of John and Mary Morgan nee Arthur of Hill Farm, in Essex


 2 St John's Terrace, Grays, Thurrock, Essex

 William Morgan Head Mar 44 Cement Factory Labor Usk Monmouth

  Susan Morgan Wife Mar 41 Llansoy Monmouth

  William H. Morgan Son Un 14 Scholar Usk Monmouth

  Emma Morgan Daur Un 10 Scholar Usk Monmouth

  May Morgan Daur Un 7 Scholar St. Bride Monmouth

  Annie Morgan Daur Un 5 Scholar St. Bride Monmouth

  Winifred Morgan Daur Un 4 Scholar St. Bride Monmouth

  Augustus Morgan Son Un 2 Usk Monmouth

  Bertha J. Morgan Daur Un 1 Goytra Monmouth

 Plus family of four lodging at house.


William Morgan c 1851 and wife Leah with kids at Abergavenny


 16 Stanhope St, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire

 William Morgan Head Mar 29 Railway Engin Driver Glascoed Monmouth

  Leah Morgan Wife Mar 28 Llanelly Brecon

  William H Morgan Son 3 Abergavenny Monmouth

  Edith M. E. Morgan Dau 6 Scholar Abergavenny Monmouth

  Lillia M. Morgan Dau 2 Abergavenny Monmouth

  Ellen Kunavon Servant 13 Domestic Servant Abergavenny Monmouth

Henry James Pitt orig of Panta House and Rose Cottage and Mary Ann Arnold dau of Eliz Wms of Beech Farm and Richard Arnold Junior of Maesmawr


 The Tump, Panteg, Monmouthshire

 James Pitt Head Mar 24 Tin plate doubler Glascoed Mon

  Mary Ann Pitt Wife Mar 24 Glascoed Mon

  Annie Pitt daugh 1 Panteg Mon

Thomas Jesse Pitt, son of John and Sarah Pitt put here as adopted son of his Aunt and Uncle Thomas and Ann Davies at Gwaunyrallt, Gelligaer


 Gwaunyrallt, Gelligaer, Hengoed, Glamorgan

 Thomas Davies Head Mar 65 Blacksmith Machen Monmouth

  Ann Davies Wife Mar 61 Llansowel Carmarthen

  Thomas J. Davies Son Unmarried 16 Pupil teacher Glascoed Monmouth

Edward Powell and family later of Hill Farm

 RG11 5255/80/52

 Green Meadow Farm House, Upper Llanvrechva, Monmouth

 Edward Powell Head Mar 38 Labourer Agricultural Lanthewy Monmouth

  Sarah Powell Wife Mar 32 Nantyglo Monmouth

  Philip J. Powell Son 6 Lanvrechva Monmouth

  Sarah J. Powell Daur 2 Lanvrechva Monmouth

  Andrew Murray Lodger Unm 31 Farm Bailiff Scotland

James Powell c 1845 with family at Cwmffrwdoer


 Cwmffrwdoer, Trevethin, Monmouthshire

 James Powell Head Mar 35 Sinker at Coal mine Glascoed Mon

  Ann Powell Wife Mar 40 Neath Glam

  John Powell Son Unm 13 Newbridge Mon

  Ann Powell Daur Unm 11 Scholar Newbridge Mon

Henry Pritchard c 1858 and wife Sarah Ann at Sebastopol


 Sebastopol, Panteg, Monmouthshire

First household

 Thomas Jones Head Mar 68 Excavator (Navvy) Wilts

 Elizabeth Jones Wife Mar 57 Boston Lincoln

Second household

 Henry Pritchard Head Mar 22 Breaksman, GWR Glascoed Mon

  Sarah Ann Pritchard Wife Mar 19 Llantrissent Glamor

John Pritchard, later of Aberayron House, Glascoed

 RG11 5265/7/7

 19 William Street, St. Woollos, Newport, Monmouthshire

 Moses Watkins Head Mar 23 Stoker Trevethin Ppool

  Mary Watkins Wife Mar 24 Rockfield Monmouth

  Georgina Watkins daur Unm 8 mo Newport Mon

  John Pritchard Lodger Unm 25 Rly Guard Llanbattock Monmouthshire

Annie Reece c 1868 dau of Richard & Eliza of Lower Wernhir and Bryn Farm with Aunt & Uncle


 Red Lion Inn, Bryngwyn, Monmouthshire

 Thomas Williams Head Mar 39 Farmer of 20 acres & Innkeeper Gwelog Mon

  Mary Williams Wife Mar 33 Farmers wife Gwelog Mon

  William Williams Son 13 Farmers son Raglan Mon

  Mary Jane Williams Daur 3 Raglan Mon

  Mary Gwynn Lodger (Boarder) Widow 70 Retired Landlady (Innkeeper) Bryngwyn Mon

  Annie Reece Niece 12 Scholar Glasgoed Mon

Thomas Reece, briefly of the Bryn Farm and family incl William Leonard Rees

 RG11/ 5257/115/16

 Walnut Tree Farm, Goytre, Monmouth

 Thomas Reece Head Mar 29 Farmer (48 acres employing 1 man) Llanellen Monmouthsh

  Margaret Reece Wife Mar 30 Monkswood Monmouthsh

  Thomas H. Reece Son 4 Llanbadock Monmouthsh

  William L. Reece Son 1 Llanbadock Monmouthsh

  Eliza Jenkins Serv Unm 17 Domestic Servant Llansoy Monmouthsh

Benjamin Rees and family of Lower Wernhir


 33 Sandy Lane, Walton on Hill, Lancashire

 Benjamin Rees Head Mar 44 Labourer Wales

  Catherine Rees Wife Mar 35 Wales

  Mary A. Rees Daug 12 Scholar Wales

  Leonard L. Rees Son 9 Scholar Wales

  William Rees Son 10 Scholar Wales

  Thomas B. Rees Son 6 Scholar Wales

  Catherine M. Rees Daug 3 Wales

  John A. Rees Son 2 Gloucestershire

Mary nee Rees c 1840 now Williams. Sister of Benjamin and Richard Reece of Lower Wernhir


 637 Rice Lane, Walton on the Hill, Lancashire

 William J. Williams Head Mar 44 Greengrocer & Dairy Man Llanishen Monmouthshire

  Mary Williams Wife Mar 40 Llanellen Monmouthshire

  Temperance Williams Daur Unm 17 Dressmaker Newchurch East Monmouthshire

  Mary A. Williams Daur 15 Shop Assistant Greengrocer Newchurch East Monmouthshire

  John B. Williams Son 14 Scholar Newchurch East Monmouthshire

  William Williams Son 11 Scholar Llantrissant Monmouthshire

  Leonard Williams Son 9 Scholar Llantrissant Monmouthshire

  Annie Williams Visitor Unm 23 Dressmaker Llantrissant Monmouthshire

  James Riley Lodger Unm 39 Farm Servt Indoor Batley Yks

  John Brumhall Lodger Unm 27 Farm Servt Indoor Hyssington Montg

Philip Rees father of Sarah marr name Powell later of Hill Farm

 RG11 5239/142/39

 Lions Row, Nantyglo, Aberystruth, Monmouth

 Susannah Jones Head Wid 70 Housekeeper Nantyglo Mon

  Phillip Rees Boarder Widower 59 Railman Merthyr Glam

Richard Rees and family formerly of Bryn farm

 RG11 5260/38/5

 Rock Road No 1, Magor, Monmouthshire

 Richard Rees Head of F Married 48 Farm Bailiff Monkswood Mon

  Eliza Rees Wife Married 31 Gwellhog Mon

  Alice M. Rees Daughter 13 Scholar Monkswood Mon

  Mary Rees Daughter 9 Scholar Glascoed Mon

  Willm S. Rees Son 7 Scholar Glascoed Mon

  Elizth Rees Daughter 5 Scholar Lanvihangel Mon RG11 5260/38/5

  Emely Rees Daughter 3 Scholar Magor Mon

  Temperance Rees Daughter 8 months Magor Mon

John and Ann Richards were at Pergoed in 1861 with 2 Glascoed kids Edmund and Frederick


 6 Edwards Row, Ysgwyddgwyn (Deri), Glamorgan

 John Richards Head Mar 53 Coal miner Langui Monmouth

  Ann Richards Wife Mar 52 Hereford

  Frederick Richards Son Unm 21 Loco stoker Glascoed Monmouth

  Edmund Richards Son Unm 18 Coal pit stoker Glascoed Monmouth

  James Richards Son Unm 15 Coal miner Lanvabon Glamorgan

  Mary Richards Daur 13 Scholar Lanvabon Glamorgan

 (Twins) Sarah Ann Richards Daur 10 Scholar Gellygare Glamorgan

 (Twins) Abraham Richards Son 10 Scholar Gellygare Glamorgan

William Richards c 1823 and married sister Mary Ann c 1821 now Roberts


 Lanover Road, Blaenavon, Monmouthshire

 Mary Ann Roberts Widdow widow 59 Glascoed Mon

  William Roberts Son Unm 19 Fitter Blaenavon

  William Richards Brother Widower 57 Horse Inspector Glascoed Mon

  John Lewis Boarder Unm 61 Labourer Bedwellty Mon

George & Maria Roberts. Children Alma and possibly Rose were born in Glascoed


 Trostrey, Monmouthshire

 George Roberts Head Mar 36 Labourer Gwehelog Mon

  Maria Roberts Wife Mar 33 Trostrey Mon

  Eliza Ann Roberts Daug Un 11 Panteg Mon

  Rose Louisa Roberts Daug Un 8 Panteg Mon

  Alma Roberts Daug Un 6 Glascoed Mon

  William George Roberts Son Un 4 Monkswood Mon

  Thomas Arthur Roberts Son Un 2 Panteg Mon

Hannah Roberts c 1864 with parents George and Jane and step sister


 Croesnypant, Mamhilad, Monmouthshire

 George Roberts Head Mar 45 Labourer Llantrissent Monshire

  Jane Roberts Wife Mar 50 Labourers wife Monkswood Monshire

  Hannah Parker Stepdaugh Unm 19 Monkswood Monshire

  Hannah Roberts Daugh 16 Glascoed Monshire

Leonard Roberts c 1837 with family at Pontypool


 14 Trosnant Street, Pontypool, Monmouthshire

 Leonard Roberts Head Mar 43 Coal miner Glascoed

  Mary Ann Roberts Wife Mar 43 Trevethin

  Hester Ann Roberts Daur Unm 19 Working at Tin works Trevethin

  John Roberts Son Unm 17 Coal miner Trevethin

  Elizabeth Roberts Daur Unm 16 Working at Tin works Trevethin

  Susanna Roberts Daur 13 Trevethin

  Louisa Roberts Daur 9 Scholar Trevethin

  Laura Roberts Daur 5 Scholar Trevethin

  Mary Ann Roberts Daur 3 Trevethin

  Emily M Roberts Daur 1 Trevethin

William H Roberts c 1855 at Newbridge, Mon


 Newbridge Village, Mynyddislwyn, Monmouthshire

 John Miles Head Mar 29 Signalman G.W.R Caerleon Mon

  Ann Miles Wife Mar 34 Wife Newport Pembrokeshire

  George H. Miles Son Unm 3 Scholar Caerleon Mon

  William H. Roberts Boarder Unm 25 Signalman G.W.R Glascoed Mon

Thomas Rodway c 1857 and wife Susannah at Panteg


 Upper Cwm, Panteg, Monmouthshire

 Thomas Rodway Head Mar 23 (Rail) Engine driver Glascoed Monmouth

  Susannah Rodway Wife Mar 21 Panteg Monmouth

Rachel Rosser c 1863 grand dau of John & Ann Rosser of Pettingale Farm, Panteg


 Pettingale Farm, Panteg, Monmouthshire

 John Rosser H M 73 Farmer 180 acres Llangibby

  Ann Rosser Wife M 71 Panteg

  Rachel Rosser Grandaughter U M 17 Glascoed

  James Morgan Servant U M 30 Farm Labourer Indoor Shirenewton

  William Jones Servant U M 14 Farm Labourer Indoor Abergavenny

Elizabeth Rowlands daughter of Wm & Sarah Rowland of High House


 Trosnant Villa, Hanbury Road, Pontypool, Monmouthshire

 Francis Morgan Head Mar 69 Leather merchant (Currier) Trevethin Monmouth

  Sophia Morgan Wife Mar 67 Uphill Court Somersetshire

  Sidney Morgan Son Unm 30 Leather merchant (Currier) Trevethin Monmouth

  Arthur Morgan Son Unm 28 Solicitor in Practice Trevethin Monmouth

  Joseph Morgan Brother Unm 61 Superannuated Currier Trevethin Monmouth Slight mental deficiency

  Jane Harris Niece Unm 46 Assisting in household duties Long Compton Oxfordshire

  Elizabeth Rowlands Serv Unm 26 Domestic Servant Glascoed Mon

Eliza c 1854 now Rowland with husband Frederick and son Frederick Augustus at Panteg


Rose Cottage, Panteg, Monmouthshire

 Frederick Rowland Head Mar 28 Doubler at tin works Panteg Mon

  Eliza Rowland Wife Mar 26 Glascoed Mon

  Fred. Augustus Rowland Son 2 Panteg Mon

Waterloo Inn, Pontrhydyrun Road, Panteg, Monmouthshire

 Jane Rowlands Head wid 58 Beerhouse keeper Panteg Mon

  Charles Rowlands Son unmar 23 Counting Tin plates Llanfrechfa Lower Mon

  Emma Jones Servt unmar 14 gen-servt domestic Abergavenny Mon

Temperance Rowlands marr name Howells with hub James at Llanvair Kilgeddin


 Ty Ucha Farm, Llanvair Kilgeddin, Monmouthshire

 James Howells Head Mar 36 Farmer of 8 acres Llangwm Monmouth

  Temperance Howells Wife Mar 34 Farmer's wife Glascoed Monmouth

  Wyndham Howells Son 11 Scholar Gwehelog Monmouth

  Alma Howells Daur 9 Scholar Trostrey Monmouth

  Sidney Howells Son 7 Scholar Trostrey Monmouth

  James H. Howells Son 5 Scholar Trostrey Monmouth

  Ada Howells Daur 3 Scholar Trostrey Monmouth

  Laura Howells Daur 1 Llanvair Kilgeddin Monmouth

William c 1841 son of Wm Rowlands & Sarah Williams with Elizabeth c 1842 marr name Rowlands and family


 Croesnypant, Mamhilad, Monmouthshire

 William Rowlands Head Mar 40 or 48 Labourer Glascoed Monshire

  Elizabeth Rowlands Wife Mar 38 Labourers wife Glascoed Monshire

  David Rowlands Son 14 Mamhilad Monshire

  William Rowlands Son 12 Mamhilad Monmouthshire

  John Rowlands Son 9 Mamhilad Monmouthshire

  Mary Rowlands Daugh 5 Mamhilad Monmouthshire

Edward Simons later of Glascoed Vach Farm, Glascoed


 2 Masters Cottages, Pontnewynydd, Trevethin, Monmouthshire

 John Stone Head Mar 45 Labourer Devonshire

  Eliza Stone Wife Mar 43 Dressmaker Trevethin Monmouthshire

  Isabella Simonds Step daur Unm 20 Dressmaker Bristol

  Edward Simonds Step son Unm 19 Coal miner Trevethin Monmouth

  Amelia Stone Daur Unm 15 Scholar Trevethin Monmouth

  Robert Stone Son Unm 14 Coal miner Trevethin Monmouth

  Albert Stone Son Unm 12 Coal miner Trevethin Monmouth

  Wm. Hy Stone Son Unm 8 Scholar Trevethin Monmouth

  Charlotte Stone Daur Unm 7 Scholar Trevethin Monmouth

  Rose Stone Daur Unm 4 Trevethin Monmouth

  John Stone Daur (Son) Unm 14 Coal miner Swindon

Eliza c 1856 marr name Smith with hub George and son James at Leintwardine Shropshire


 Church Street, Leintwardine, Ludlow, Salop

 George S. Smith Head Mar 30 Stone mason Hopesay Salop

  Eliza Smith Wife Mar 24 Dressmaker Glascoed Monmouthsh

  James Smith Son 1 Monkswood Monmouthsh

Mary c 1839 marr Thos Spencer and family at Trelleck


 Penarth Mill, Tump, Trelleck, Monmouthshire

 Thomas Spencer Head Mar 42 Agricultural labourer Trelleck Monmouthshire

  Mary Spencer Wife Mar 41 Agricultural labourer's wife Glascoed Monmouthshire

  Maria Spencer Daur Unm 14 Trelleck Monmouthshire

  Arthur Spencer Son 12 Scholar Trelleck Monmouthshire

  George Spencer Son 10 Scholar Trelleck Monmouthshire

  Hannah Spencer Daur 8 Scholar Trelleck Monmouthshire

  Emma Spencer Daur 5 Trelleck Monmouthshire

  William Spencer Son 3 Trelleck Monmouthshire

  Mary Spencer Daur 7 mo Trelleck Monmouthshire

  Margaret Spencer Mother W 77 Trostrey Monmouthshire

Stephens family. William Stephens married Anne Wms, dau of Henry and Hannah of the Bryn. Thomas Stephens marr Hannah Louisa, dau of Wm Geo Wms and Hannah Maria Watkins of Pergoed


 Poole Farm, Grosmont, Monmouthshire

 William Stephens Head Mar 39 Farmer 13 acres Llandabern Radnor

  Fanny Stephens Wife Mar 40 Farmer's wife Llandilo Mon

  James Stephens Son 7 Scholar Llandilo Mon

  William Stephens Son 6 Grosmont Mon

  Maria A. Stephens Daur 4 Grosmont Mon

  Thomas Stephens Son 2 Grosmont Mon

  William Davis serv Unm 60 Farm servant (indoor) Kentchurch Mon

  Clara Powell serv 16 Domestic Servant Llandilo Mon

Charles Stratton of Poplars and his wife Sarah Ellen Pitt now married with kids at Trevethin


 Nicholas Place, Pontypool, Monmouthshire

 Charles Stratton Head Mar 25 Tin Plate worker Glascoed Mon

  Ellen Stratton Wife Mar 27 Glascoed Mon

  Sarah A Stratton Daur 2 Panteg Mon

  Wm Hy Stratton Son 8 mos Trevethin Mon

John Stratton c 1852 of the Poplars now married to Jane at Griffithstown  


 3 Hanbury Terrace, Griffithstown, Llanfechfa Upper, Monmouthshire

 John Stratton Head M 28 Fitter Glascoed

  Jane Stratton W M 25 Taunton Somerset

Richard and son, Henry Stratton of the Poplars and family at Trevethin. (IGI record)


 Moreton Street, Trevethin, Monmouthshire

 Henry Stretton Head M 23 Tin Man Glascoed Monmouth

  Margaret Stretton Wife M 25 Sowhill Monmouth

  Richard Stretton Father Widr U 63 Coal miner Bristol Downing

  Samuel John Stretton Son U 3 Sowhill Monmouth

  Richard Stretton Son U 1 Sowhill Monmouth