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14 June 1884



DRUNK AND DISORDERLY.—John Morgan, a labourer, of Glascoed was charged with being drunk and disorderly at Glascoed on the 25th May. Defendant admitted the offence.—P.C. Hopton said that about 7-40 p.m. on the day in question he was at Glascoed, and saw the defendant there, he had had several complaints about him disturbing the meetings at the chapel, and he had been at the chapel that evening.—The bench imposed a fine of 10s including costs.

SELLING BEER TO A DRUNKEN MAN,—Sarah Roberts, landlady of the Cross Keys Inn, Glascoed, was charged with selling beer to a drunken man on the 25th May.-Defendant denied the offence, and said she was not aware the man was drunk.—P.O. Hopton said on the 25th May he was at Glascoed, saw John Morgan enter the house of defendant he was drunk when he went in and staggered against the door post; he followed him into the house and saw a glass of beer before him; he called Mrs Roberts's attention to it, and she said he had only now come in, Mrs Roberts then left the room; he saw the man about ten minutes before, he was quite drunk and using very bad language.— Mrs Roberts made a statement to the Bench saying that after the policeman came and told her the man was drunk she told the servant, not to draw him any more beer, and told the man to drink up what he had and go, If she had seen the man she should not have drawn him any beer, but it was the servant that gave it to him.- P.S. Rowen said the house bore a good character but they had numerous complaints of men coming from Panteg and other places to the Glascoed and making disturbances.—The Bench imposed a fine of 10s including costs, and said it would have been much heavier only the house had borne a good character, and that she had better have a servant that could be trusted to draw beer.