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Mount Zion Minute Books 1901 onwards

Memorandum 1901

The Rev W. Morgan commenced his ministry with us at the commencement of this year, being united with the church at Bethel Llangibby under the same Pastorate, Mr Morgan to supply both Churches alternately on Sunday and the churches to have supplies alternately in his absence the salary at Glascoed to be £30 per annum.

The rules of this Church to be found in Matthew 18 ch 15 v, 1st Corinthians 16 ch, 1 v, Hebrews 10 ch, 25v.

(These read as – added by webmaster:

Matthew 18:15 – “Moreover if thy brother shall trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone: if he shall hear thee, thou hast gained thy brother.”

1 Corinthians 16:1 – “Now concerning the collection for the saints, as I have given order to the churches of Galatia, even so do ye.”

Hebrews 10:25 – “Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.”)

Feb 6th 1901 Church meeting, Present

Henry Williams, Sec, W H Williams. Annie Williams. Martha Williams, Louisa Williams, W. Williams, E Sainsbury & Rev W Morgan.

Proposed by W Williams & Seconded by H Williams and unanimously agreed that Brother JW (or H?) Edmunds be restored to membership in this place.

H Williams


March 6th Church Meeting

At this meeting it was unanimously agreed that our Brother George Gough be restored to Communion and fellowship and to take his place with us on Sunday next.


Henry Williams


April 29. Church meeting.

At a duly convened Church meeting held this night for the purpose of considering the desirability of withdrawing our membership from the Welsh Association and to apply to the English Association for admission to that it was proposed by Henry Williams and seconded by William Williams and agreed to join the English Association.

Henry Williams


1902 January 14th Annual Church meeting

1st. At this meeting the Secretary read the financial Statements of the Church for the past year which was very satisfactory there being a Balance in hand of £16.6.1 at the close of the year,

2nd. Emmanuel Sainsbury was appointed Secretary of the Church in the place of Henry Williams who was also Treasurer and Secretary holding the dual offices. Henry Williams to continue Treasurer.

Henry Williams


1904 Sep 29. Church meeting called for the purpose of considering some names on the church register after calling into consideration the behaviour of some of the members viz Annie Stephens, Martha Smith Frank Stratton, Edwin Morgan & William Stephens. It was proposed by Henry Williams Seconded by William Williams that the five should be excluded put to the meeting and carried.

Emmanuel Sainsbury. Sec.

March 30 1905. Church meeting.

At a duly convened Church Meeting held on the above date for the purpose of examining candidates for Baptism, in the principal of our Baptist Faith. (2) It was resolved to Baptise the eleven candidates that was before the church on the coming Lords day. It was also proposed by Brother H Williams and Seconded by E Sainsbury that we ask Mr Morgan to supply the cause for six months every altern(dise?) Sunday before he finally close his ministry with the Church. It was also proposed by Mr Edwards and Seconded by Mr W Williams that we make Mr Morgan a Testimonial. On being put to the meeting it was carried un. It was also decided to appoint the following to attend. Mr W. Edmunds Mr R Perrot Mr J Stephens & E Sainsbury to collect for the same. The Sec also read his Balance sheet which showed a decrease in the funds for the Preceding year of £6.12.11. It was also suggested to renovate the chapel and also erect a Match Board dado.

E. Sainsbury.


The above work was carried out by Mr W Wilks for the sum of twenty Five pounds six shills.

1906. May 29. Church meeting held on same date. It was proposed by Bro H Williams, seconded by Bro W. Williams that the following names should be erased from the register. W. Stephens Sr, M.A. Price Mrs Annie Stephens, Edwin Richards. It was also proposed by W Edwards, seconded by W.H. Williams that the Sec should write to Principal Edwards at Cardiff Collage to see if he could send us a few supplies with a view of fixing on a minister. It was also proposed to seconded that the Sec should confer with LLangibby Sec to assotain if it was their wish to continue jointly associated with Glascoed. It was also proposed by WH Williams and seconded by Mr W Edmunds that the Sec should stop the two supplies namely Mr(s?) Bevan. & Mr H Samuel and being put to the meeting it was lost.

Sep 9th 1906. At a meeting held after service on date in margin for considering wether it would be expedient for the church at Glascoed to abrogate(?) with the Church worship at Saron Goytre for the support of a minister jointly. It was proposed by Bro Theop Jacob and seconded by Bro. Reg Perrot that the Church at Glascoed should remain as they are and endeavour to support a minister alone and on being put to the meeting it was carried by large majority.

1906 Oct 10. Church meeting held on Oct 10th 1906

(1) It was proposed by Bro W. Williams + seconded by Bro J Edmunds that our Sister Mrs R. Miles be baptized on the next Lords day and unam agreed to by all members present.

(2) It was proposed by Bro H. Williams, Seconded by Bro W Edmunds that our Bro & Sister Mr & Mrs W + A Stephens Junrs be restored to Fellowship with us on the next Lords day and unam agreed to by all members present.

(3) It was proposed by Bro J Edmunds + seconded by Bro W Howells that we invite the Rev J J Griffiths to undertake the Pastorate of our church and for being put to the meeting it was unam agreed to salary proposed to offer £1-2-6 per week

Terms accepted by Rev J J Griffiths

1906 Oct 24. Church Meeting held date in margin it was agreed that we give Mr J.J. Griffiths three Sundays per annum as a holiday also that they shall be given three months notice on either side to terminate pastorate also that he shall reside in the immediate district our sister was also baptized namely Mrs Miles by pastor J.J. Griffiths

Recognition Services in connection with the settlement of the Rev J J Griffiths was held on (missing date) at 2/30. The Pulpit was occupied by the Rev (unclear name)of Crane St, Pontypool & the Rev W Robison, Cwmbran which delivered two very powerful sermons which was listened to with rapt attention by a large no of people. The Rev W. Morgan also spoke at the close also several other names? then. The minister & Friends then reprised? to the adjourning vestry where Tea was being provided by several of the young sisters which all present seemed to thoroughly enjoy. Afterwards followed a public meeting at 8? o’clock presided over by Bro. W. Edwards Werner. Several ministers took part in this meeting including one of our former pastors namely the Rev JG Watts of Pontnewynydd. These meetings was believed to have had a inspiring & edefying Effect on the church & congregation.

Church Meeting held Jan 16th 1908

When the financial a/c was gone into for year 1907 which showed a Bal in hand of £22-5-0 which was considered very satisfactory. It was also proposed by Bro J Edmunds and seconded by Bro H Williams that we increase the Rev J J Griffiths salary by 2/6 per week making £1-5 per week. It was also proposed by Bro W. Edwards seconded by Bro W. Williams that a charge of one pound per internment be made for outsiders burying in graveyard attached to chapel it was also decided to get terms for the insurance of chapel Buildings also pastor caretaker and (unclear).

Sig E Sainsbury, Sec

(Webmaster Note: Please note from this point, the writing becomes harder to read, so there are some mistakes I am fairly sure!)

Church meeting held Jan 13th 1909: when the a/cts of past year was read by Sec then some showed a Bal in hand of £21-7-5 which was considered highly satisfactory. The church register was revised although there has been few additions to some during the Year, all present felt glad that no names had been erased.

Feb 26th 1911. Mr & Mrs Thos. Williams and Miss Helen Williams were baptized by the pastor in the evening of this day and duly received into church fellowship. There were many witnesses. This makes a total of nineteen baptized during the present pastorate.

J J Griffiths (Pastor)

Quarterly Church meeting held Wed April 19th 1911. Present: Henry Williams, Wm. Williams, Wm. Edwards, Wm. Howells, Alfred Williams. Thos Edwards, Ben Morgan?, Elizth Howells, and the Pastor. The collectors reported that between Ten an Eleven Pounds had already been promised towards placing windows in the side of the chapel facing towards the road; and the following resolutions were submitted to the meeting and (unclear).

Int. Bro Wm Edwards proposed and Bro Thos Edwards seconded that three square windows be placed in the wall above the match (brarchings?) and reaching up to the height of the tops of the windows opposite to open from the (revig?) and that (mulled?)glass be used. Also that the wall be (coloured?) outside and within as required.

2nd. Bro Thos Edwards proposed that Bro Emanuel Sainsbury, Mr Bowen, Little Mill, and Mr Wm. Wilks, Goytre be invited to tender, this was seconded by Bro Wm. Williams.

3rd. Bro Henry Williams proposed and Brother Wm. Howells seconded that the Pastor should thank in the name of the Church Messrs Lloyd & Yorath’s Brewery Co. Newport for repairing the damages done to Graveyard of the falling of a tree standing on their property; and that he should at the same time inform them of our intention in respecting the windows.

J.J. Griffiths, Pastor.

Church Meeting held April 26th.

Minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed. Bro Jas Edmunds moved that Resolution of the preceding Church meeting in which it was decided to have square topped windows, be rescinded, and that we have Gothic windows to match the windows opposite – that the windows be 7ft by 3ft 3ins – of (immense?) glass, to open at top from opening of each with hinges on tearoom. This resolution was seconded by Bro E. Sainsbury, and carried. Bro E. Sainsbury proposed that the little window on same side as proposed new windows be repaired by putting in one large pane of (universal?) glass, as above. This was seconded by Bro W. Howells, and carried. It was also resolved on the motion of Bro W. Williams, seconded by Ben Morgan that Bro Sainsbury be asked to please provide us with complete specifications for the use of the builders invited to give estimates. The pastor promised to write the Brewery Company again, seeking written permission for putting in the windows, which will overlook their property.

J.J. Griffiths, (Pastor).

Notes. At the Lord’s Table in the evening of May 21st Brother Edwin Morgan received the right hand of fellowship and was restored according to resolution passed on the preceding Lord’s Day.

At the same service we “committed to the Lord” Bro Ben Morgan, who departed for Canada on the morrow? This brother was baptized on March 27th 1910 and received into fellowship the same evening.

Church Meeting held May 24th 1911. This meeting was called specially to consider a Draft of agreement proposed by the Brewery Company and sent by them in response to application for written permission to put in windows as per minutes of last Church meeting. Strong exception was taken to changes in the draft, and the modifications suggested by the Directors appointed to sign on behalf of the Company failed to command acceptance. Bro Henry Williams moved that the proposal of the new windows by now abandoned, and that the money subscribed for the purpose be used for the purpose of(unclear) the Chapel anew inside and of doing certain necessary repairs. This was seconded by Bro Victor Gibbon. Bro Wm. Edwards proposed as an amendment that permission to put in windows of (obscure??) glass with ventilation above (head?) eight as required by the Company, but without any further conditions, be asked once more. This was seconded by Bro Jas. Edmunds. The amendment was carried.

A Resolution “That this meeting (two unclear words) the Home Secretary to further amend the Shops Bill now before Parliament so to make the Sunday closing applicable to Public Houses in Monmouthshire as sanctioned by the House of Commons in the last Licensing Bill 1908.” was moved by Bro. H. Williams and seconded by Bro W. Howells and carried unanimously. This resolution was suggested by the Secretary of the Federations of Evangelical Free Churches of Wales.

Some discussion followed as the most suitable date for the Annual Tea Meeting but no resolution on the matter was submitted to the meeting.

J.J. Griffiths (Pastor)

Church Meeting Mon June 26th 1911. The Brewery Compy being unable to give provision to put in windows without agreement after the manner objected to at last meeting. Bro W.H. Williams proposed that three ventilations be put in West wall of chapel with ventilation in roof and that windows on opposite side be made to open at top. This was seconded by Bro. H. Williams. Bro. Alf. Williams suggested and Bro. Jas. Edmunds proposed an amendment that four skylights to open be placed in roof, two on either side. This was seconded by Bro. Alf. Williams. The amendment was carried. Bro. W.H. Williams moved that outside of West wall be coloured with Hall’s Distemper according to previous specifications also whole of School? Outside with same colour, that small window in old resting be repaired with four panes of plain glass in new wood frame; that large(bonds?) renewed at South end of chapel; that retaining wall on East side be taken down and rebuilt, and that losses of buttresses be pointed and also (paint?) as required. Bro. W. Howells seconded. Carried without amendment. Agreed that Bro E. Sainsbury be asked to draw out required specification. Bro H. Williams proposed that the Annual Tea & Public Meeting be held on Thurs Aug 17th. This was seconded by Bro. W. Williams, and carried.

J.J. Griffiths (Pastor)

Church Meeting held July 14th for the special work of considering tenders. The brothers present were W. Williams, E. Sainsbury, W.H. Williams, A. Williams, and the Pastor. A letter was (unclear)from Mr Wilks of Goytre expressing regret at inability to give an estimate this time. Mr D. Bowen of Little Mill offered to do the work for £18 and Mr E. Sainsbury of Pontypool Road for £18.10. It was resolved on the motion of Bro W.H. Williams, seconded by Bro A. Williams that Bro. Sainsbury shall have the contract. It was also agreed that the pastor should order with Mr Evans of Nantygollen five or six tons of gravel for the Chapel path.

Since the above meeting our brothers and sister Theophilus and Rachel Jacob have been dismissed by letter to the sisters church at Upper Trosnant Pontypool. A resolution authorising the pastor to do this was passed in Society on Sunday evening July 29th.

J.J. Griffiths (Pastor)

Church Meeting held Aug 22nd 1911

Proposed by Bro W. Edwards and seconded by Bro W.H. Williams that contractors be required to supply and fix skylight openings as per specification; also that the Pastor shall enquire as to difference in cost of cast iron and sheet iron skylight frames. Carried. Doubt having been expressed whether a second coat of distemper had been put on outside wall, the pastor was asked to see contractor about this also. And on the motion of Bro. W. Edwards sec by Bro Edmunds it was resolved that £10 out of the sum agreed be paid Mr Sainsbury.

Transcribed by Alistair Pitt from records photographed on 8th May 2009 at Gwent County Archives.