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William John Pitt

William John Pitt was born on in the September Quarter, 1859 and was the third child of John Pitt and Sarah DaviesJohn and Sarah lived at Panta House, Glascoed, although I believe later moved to Rose Cottage.

William’s father John Pitt, a master stone mason, died of smallpox in his mid-forties on 9th August 1865 at Rose Cottage,, Glascoed. James’ mother, Sarah, re-married three years later. Her new husband, James Williams, was a labourer from Glascoed. The Williams family lived at Rose Cottage - interestingly, the Pitt children all kept their birth surname.

I don’t know much about William’s childhood, outside of what had happened to the family as a whole. You can imagine that losing your father before your sixth birthday must have had a huge effect, not least the loss of a decent artisan’s income. His mother, Sarah, was left to provide for all 5 children, although it appears that the youngest son, Thomas was brought up by his Aunt in the Rhymney Valley, Glamorgan.

William was with the family through the 18611871 and 1881 censuses. I know (from the minute books) that he was approved for baptism and to be received into fellowship at Mount Zion Baptist chapel on Sunday 1st May 1881, which indicates the likelihood that he had come to faith by the age of 21.

William was living at 6 Canal Bank Street in Sebastopol at the time of the 1891 census, and was working as a Steel smelter (possibly where his brother and step-father worked?).William was married later that year (on 8th November 1891) at Panteg Parish Church, to Emily Ada Williams.

They had 13 children to my knowledge, so it would be no surprise that at least one of the children was brought up by her extended family. Agnes Pitt-Williams was brought up with relatives in Pontypridd - they moved c.1913 to Rose Cottage in Glascoed. She went on to work as a teacher at Glascoed Board School. William and Emily’s children are listed below.

8. Doris Laura Pitt (b. 1903)

9. Nelly Beatrice Pitt (b.1905)

10. Elsie Edna Pitt (b. 1908)

11. Vera E. Pitt (b. 1910)

12. Hilda F. Pitt  (b.1914)

13. Aubrey H. Pitt (1916-1920)

1. Florence May Pitt (b. 1892)

2. Ada Sarah Pitt (b. 1893)

3. Gladys Elizabeth Pitt (b. 1895)

4. William Richard Pitt (Abt 1896)

5. Gertrude Emily Pitt  (b.1899)

6. Agnes Maud Pitt-Williams (1900-1995)

7. Cyril Frederick Pitt (1901)

William purchased his mother’s dwelling (Rose Cottage) from the Duke of Beaufort in 1899. His mother died just a year later. I assume he rented it out to his father-in-law, James Williams following her death.

In 1908, William sold Rose Cottage to his Uncle by marriage, to John Lewis of Upper House.

Census Records:

1861 – Panta House, Glascoed

1871 – Rose Cottage, Glascoed

1881 – Rose Cottage, Glascoed

1891 – 6 Canal Bank, Sebastopol, Pontypool.

1901 – Sebastopol

1911 – 45 Canal Bank, Sebastopol.