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 C.L. c 1809 at the Public lunatic asylum, Abergavenny RG9/3993/?/4

 Public Lunatic Asylum for the United Counties of Monmouth, Hereford, Brecon and Radnor and City of Hereford, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire

 C. L. Inmate Single 51 Labourer Glascoed Monmouthe

Webmaster note: This could possibly be Charles Lewis of Lower Cwm, Glascoed based on approximate age and Charles being missing in other places from the 1861 census..

John Lewis c 1793 and wife Elizabeth retired farmer at Pontymoile RG9/4010/?/4

 Mount Pleasant, Llanfihangel Pontymoile, Monmouthshire

 John Lewis Head Mar 67 Retired Farmer Glascoed Mon

  Elizabeth Lewis Wife Mar 70 Mamhilad Mon

Joseph and Patience Lewis formerly of Panta House with children

RG9/4011/44/31 & 32 Pontnewydd, Llanvrechva Lower, Monmouthshire

 Joseph Lewis Head Mar 59 Ag Lab Cwmcarvan Monmouthshire

  Patience Lewis Wife Mar 49 Penhalt Monmouthshire

  Catherine Lewis Daug Un 18 Llanvrechva Lower Monmouthshire

  Jane Lewis Daug 12 Glascoed Monmouthshire

  Mary A Lewis Daug 9 Glascoed Monmouthshire

  Ellen Lewis Daug 6 Glascoed Monmouthshire

Thomas Lewis c 1799 at Llantrissent RG9/4007/?/10

 Llantrissent, Monmouthshire

 Thomas Lewis Head Mar 61 Ag Lab Glascoed Monmouthshire

John Matthews c 1856 Thos Matthews c 1859 their parents and siblings RG9/4011/4/8 and 5/9

 Tynycaia, Llangibby, Monmouthshire

 John Matthews Head Mar 43 Ag" Lab" Llangibby Monmouthre

  Mary Wife Mar 34 Panteague Monmouthre

  Mary A. Daur Un 15 New Inn Monmouthre

  Clara Matthews Daur 10 Daur to Lab" New Inn Monmouthre

  James Son 9 Son to Lab" New Inn Monmouthre

  William Son 7 Son to Lab" New Inn Monmouthre

  John Son 4 Son to Lab" Glascoed Monmouthre

  Thomas Son 1 Son to Lab" Glascoed Monmouthre

Ann Morgan c 1843 servant at Pontypudding Farm, Monkswood RG9/4012/56/4

 Ponty Pudding, Monkswood, Monmouthshire

 Isaac Jenkins Head Mar 41 Farmer (115 acres 2 ….?) Llansoy Monmouthshire

  Ann Jenkins Wife Mar 35 Llangibby Monmouthshire

  Stephen Shepardson Serv Un 19 General Servant Monkswood Monmouthshire

  Thomas Morgan Serv Un 15 General Servant Monkswood Monmouthshire

  Ann Morgan Serv Un 17 House Servant Glascoed Monmouthshire

  Elizabeth Evans Neice 5 Scholar Unclear (possibly Trostrey) Monmouthshire

Charlott c 1826 marr name Morgan and family RG9/4012/55/2

 Pontypool Road, Monkswood, Monmouthshire

 James Morgan Head Mar 34 Wood Lab Monmouthshire

  Charlott Morgan Wife Mar 34 Glascoed Monmouthshire

  Roger Morgan Son 13 Glascoed Monmouthshire

  Eliza Morgan Daur 11 Glascoed Monmouthshire

  Mary Morgan Daur 8 Glascoed Monmouthshire

  Ellinor Morgan Daur 6 Glascoed Monmouthshire

  Anne Morgan Daur 4 Glascoed Monmouthshire

  John Morgan Son 6m Glascoed Monmouthshire

Edward Morgan c 1802 at Llangibby RG9/4011/7/18?

 Llangibby, Monmouthshire

 William Watkins Head Mar 41 Wood cutter Shirenewton Monmouthsh

  Mary Wife Mar 36 Wife to Wood cutter Llanvihangel Monmouthsh

  William Son 11 Scholar Llanvihangel Monmouthsh

  Elizabeth Daur 9 Scholar Llanvihangel Monmouthsh

  James Son 7 Scholar Llanvihangel Monmouthsh

  John Son 5 Scholar Llangibby Monmouthsh

  Lewis Son 2 Llangibby Monmouthsh

  Charles Son 8 m Llangibby Monmouthsh

  Edward Morgan Boarder Un 58 Wood cutter Glascoed Monmouthsh

Eliza Morgan c 1846 at Tregare, later wife of Richard Reece of Lower Wernhir and Bryn Farm RG9/3986/7/7

 Forrest C…?, Tregare, Monmouthshire

 Mary ann Morgan Head Widow 40 Farmer of 50 acr Monmouthshire

  William Morgan Son Un 19 Farmers Son Monmouthshire

  Benjamin Morgan Son Un 12 Farmers Son Monmouthshire

  Eliza Morgan Daur Un 14 Farmers Daur Monmouthshire

Elizabeth c 1800 marr name Morgan now a widow at "Pontymoile", listed as in PontypoolRG9/4007/?/2

 Pontymoile, Pontypool, Trevethin Parish, Monmouthshire

 Elizabeth Morgan Head Widow 60 Lodge Keeper Glascoed Monmouthshire

Francis Morgan & family of Prescoed, Llanbaddock RG9/4012/62/1

 1 Prescoed, Llanbaddock, Monmouthshire

 Francis Morgan Head Mar 42 Mason & Collector of rates Llanbaddock Monmouthshire

  Sophiah Morgan Wife Mar 40 Llanbaddock Monmouthshire

  Margaret Morgan Daur Un 15 Scholar Glascoed Monmouthshire

  Elizabeth Morgan Daur Un 12 Scholar Llanbaddock Monmouthshire

 Thomas Morgan Son 8 Scholar Llanbaddock Monmouthshire

  James Morgan Son 5 Llanbaddock Monmouthshire

  William Morgan Son 3 Llanbaddock Monmouthshire

Henry Morgan c 1802 at Trevethin presumably with his family RG9/4008/23/11

 Queen Adelaide Public, Pontnewynydd, Monmouthshire

 Henry Morgan Mar Mar 58 Hay dealer & retailer of beer? Glascoed Monmouthshire

  Elizabeth Mar Mar 60 Brislington Somersetshire

  Emma Elizabeth Mar Mar 30 Brislington Somersetshire

  Thomas Merritt Un Un 32 Haulier Bishop Cannon Wiltshire

  David Jones Un Un 23 Haulier Llanvapley Monmouthshire

  Henry Holden? Grandson Un 4 Scholar Abersychan Monmouthshire

Henry Morgan c 1832 with family at Llanellen RG9/3994/80/5

 Llanellen, Monmouthshire

 Henry Morgan Head Mar 28 Farmer of 100 acres Employ 2 Labours 1 Boy Glascoed Monmouth

  Mar Elizth Morgan Wife M 26 Llanover Monmouth

  J Evans Morgan Son Un 7 mo Llanellen Monmouth

  Roger Morgan Brother Un 26 ?? ?? Manufacturer employ 5 men & 1 Carter Mamhilad Monmouth

  Sophia Powell Serv Un 20 General servant Dairy Maid Dulas? Hereford

James Morgan c 1813 with wife Mary son Edwin and dau Eliza RG9/4012/?/4

 Llanbaddock, Monmouthshire

 James Morgan Head Mar 47 Quarrier of stone Glascoed Monmouthshire

  Mary Morgan Wife Mar 38 house wife Llanbaddock Monmouthshire

  Edwin Morgan Son Un 16 Laborer Glascoed Monmouthshire

  Ann Morgan Daur 13 Llanbaddock Monmouthshire

  Eliza Morgan Daur 4 Glascoed Monmouthshire

Thomas Morgan c 1825 and family, including mother Ann. Also Charles Watling c 1834 all at Trevethin RG9/4007/?/26

 Tranch Wood, Trevethin, Monmouthshire

 Thomas Morgan Head Marr 35 Labourer Glascoed Mon

  Jane Morgan Wife Marr 30 Trevethin

  James Morgan Lodger Un 28 Labourer Glascoed

  Chas Watling Lodger 26 Labourer Glascoed

  Ann Morgan Mother Widow 60 Glascoed

Mary Moseley c 1836, niece of David Moseley of Lower Trostrey, and David's brother, Henry

Street, St. John the Evangelist, Brecon, Brecknock. RG9/4212/6/5

Henry, Moseley, Head, M, 57, , Hairdresser & General Dealer, Llanfigan, Brecknock

Mary A., Moseley, Wife, M, , 56, Toy Seller, Bristol, Gloucestersh

Elizabeth, Moseley, Daur, Un, , 34, Dress Maker & Milliner, Merthyr, Glamorgansh

Mary, Moseley, Daur, Un, , 24, School Mistress, St. John Brecon, Brecknock

Earnest H., Moseley, Son, Un, 15, , Scholar, St. John Brecon, Brecknock

Thomas & Ann Powell and children incl Emalia and Silas born Glascoed RG9/4012/62/1

 2 Prescoed, Llanbaddock, Monmouthshire

 Thomas Powell Head Mar 35 Farmer of 77 acres of land Monkswood Monmouthshire

  Ann Powell Wife Mar 35 Dressmaker Llandenny Monmouthshire

  Emalia Powell Daur 7 - Glascoed Monmouthshire

  Silas Powell Son 2 - Glascoed Monmouthshire

  Mariah Powell Daur 10 mo - Llanbaddock Monmouthshire

Emma Rachel Price with her parents Rev. John and Rachel Price. Emma was soon to marry William Morgan of Hill Farm., , RG9/3975/49/1

The Rectory, Llanvihangel Torymynydd, Monmouthshire,

John, Price, Head, Mar, 57, , Rector of Llan Tonmynydd and Incumbent of Kilgwrwg, Crickhowell, Brecon,

Rachel, Price, Wife, Mar, , 57, , Llantrissent, Monmouthshire

Bertha E, Price, Daughter, Un, , 26, , Kemeys Commander, Monmouthshire

Emma R, Price, Daughter, Un, , 20, , Llansoy, Monmouthshire

Mary Jane, Price, Daughter, Un, , 16, Scholar, Llansoy, Monmouthshire

Thomas G, Price, Son, , 14, , Scholar, Llansoy, Monmouthshire

Eliza A, Price, Daughter, , , 12, Scholar, Llansoy, Monmouthshire

Martha, Morris, Servant, Un, , 22, Maid of All Work, Peterstow, Herefordshire

Robert, Richards, Servant, Un, 20, , Carter Gardener, Trelleck, Monmouthshire

Charlotte c 1789 marr name Protheroe RG9/4007/45/25

 Cae Nicholas, Pontypool, Monmouthshire; Protheroe 1

 Charlotte Protheroe Head Wid 71 Aged Glascoed Mon

  Charles Protheroe Son 40 Shoemaker Treveth Mon

  Morgan Protheroe Son 38 Haullier Treveth Mon

  Mary Powel Daur Mar 32 Treveth Mon

  William Williams Grandson 7 Scholar Treveth Mon

  Idris Powel Grandson 1 Llanwonow Glamor

 Cae Nicholas, Pontypool, Monmouthshire; Protheroe 2

 Elizabeth Pullin unclear Wid 60 Road Road Some

  James Naish Lodger U 19 Puddler Seend Wilts

  Clara J. Lewis 8 (wrong column)Scholar Batheaston Some

  John Collis 39 Bristol Bedminster Somerse

H.R. c 1830 at the Public lunatic asylum, Abergavenny RG9/3993/?/ 7

 Public Lunatic Asylum for the United Counties of Monmouth, Hereford, Brecon and Radnor and City of Hereford, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire

 H. R. Inmate Single 30 Tailor Glascoed Monmouth

James Rees c 1823 with family at Blaenavon RG9/3996/6/11

 The Sherdon? Sqr, Blaenavon, Llanover Upper, Monmouthshire

 James Rees Head Mar 37 Iron Founder Glascoed Mon

  Mary Rees Wife Mar 39 Iron Founder's wife Alisense? Hereford

  Sarah A. Rees Daur 8 Scholar Blaenavon Mon

  George Rees Son 6 Scholar Blaenavon Mon

  Alice Rees Daur 4 Scholar Blaenavon Mon

  Edward? Rees Son 1 Infant Blaenavon Mon

  James? Lewis Lodger Un 28 Mine Filler? Ross? Hereford

William Richards c 1825 at Blaenavon RG9/3996/24/5

 Broad Street, Blaenavon, Monmouthshire

 Wm Richards Head Mar 35 Inn Keeper Glascoed Monmouth

  Anne Allgood Servant Un 17 Servant Llanover Monmouth

  David Eley Visiter Mar 37 Butcher Leek? Staffordshire

  Elizabeth Allgood Visiter Un 14 Visiter N.K. Llanover Monmouth

Daniel Roberts formerly of Lower Wernhir at Hendre farm with family RG9/4012/?/20

 Hendre Farm, Llanbaddock, Monmouthshire

 Daniel Roberts Head Mar 61 Farmer of 300 acres of land employing 3 men and 5 boys Llanbaddock Monmouthshire

  Sarah Roberts Wife Mar 46 Farmers wife Llanfetherin Monmouthshire

  Sarah Roberts Daur Un 20 - Glascoed Monmouthshire

  Daniel Roberts Son Un 16 - Glascoed Monmouthshire

  Ruth Matilda Roberts Daur - 13 Scholar Glascoed Monmouthshire

  Neomi L Roberts Daur - 9 Scholar Llanbaddock Monmouthshire

  Hezekiah Roberts Son - 6 Scholar Llanbaddock Monmouthshire

  George Herbert Serv Un 28 Carter Witchurch Herifordshire

  George Powell Serv Un 26 Carter Goodridge Gloucestershire

  Samuel Stone Serv Un 16 Under Carter N.K. Suffolk

  Emelia Roberts Serv Un 20 dairy maid Llanvachas Monmouthshire

  Elizabeth Lewis Ser Un 17 dom t servant Llanthewy Monmouthshire

John Roberts c 1835 with mother Elizabeth and siblings at Glyntaff RG9/4028

 Glyntaff, Eglwysilan, Glamorgan

 Elizabeth Roberts Head Mar 58 Usk Monmouthshire

  William Roberts Son Un 29 Ag Lab Panteg Monmouthshire

  Thomas Roberts Son Un 27 Ag Lab Llanvihangel Pontymoile Monmouthshire

  John Roberts Son Un 25 Ag Lab Glascoed Monmouthshire

  Louiza Roberts Daur Un 14 Trevethin Monmouthshire

Mary A c 1821 married to Wm Roberts with family at Blaenavon RG9/3996/2/4

 Prince St, Blaenavon, Llanover Upper, Monmouthshire

 William Roberts Head Mar 33 Gen Labourer Cowbridge Glamorgan

  Mary A. Roberts Wife Mar 39 Gen Labourer's wife Glascoed Mon

  Mary A. Roberts Daur 1 Infant Blaenavon Mon

  William Roberts Son 1 mo Infant Blaenavon Mon

  Charlott Harris Servt Un 17 Domestic Servant Blaenavon Mon

Rachel Rosser c 1843 with parents John and Ann at Pettingale Farm, Panteg RG9/4010/?/4

 Pettingall, Panteague, Monmouthshire

 John Rosser Head Married 53 Farmer of 186 acres Llangibby Monmouth

  Ann Rosser Wife Marr 52 Farmers wife Panteague Monmouth

  John Rosser Son Unmarr 22 Farmers son Panteague Monmouth

  Rachel Rosser Daughter Unm 17 Farmers Daughter Glascoed Monmouth

  Mary Ann Rosser Daughter Unm 14 Scholar Panteague Monmouth

  Richard Batts - Unm 23 Waggoner Unclear Oxford

  Julia Barrett - Unm 32 Domestic Servant Cork Ireland

  Isaac Mathews - Unmar 14 Cow Boy Llanbaddock Monmouth

  William Marshall Unmar 13 Errand Boy Panteague Monmouth

1861 Census “Strays” K-R

These are Glascoed people in other parishes mainly after they had left Glascoed, or in some cases before they had settled in the hamlet.

I’m sure that there must be other “Strays” that I have not managed to trace, often due to indexing or transcription errors by others on the pay census sites. I have left research notes on the page for myself to double-check whether there could be more individuals from these families on preceding or subsequent frames.

Later versions of this will also include a more thorough linking of individuals to their places of residence at Glascoed and/or families that they are linked to. I hope this will be of help. If you would like me to revisit the original scripts to check a detail, please contact me.