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Lewis Lewis of Three Stiles (1780-1855)

The 1841 census records show us that the Lewis family was at Three Stiles/ Try Chywmad, Glascoed. The parents were Lewis and Jane Lewis who were born somewhere in Monmouthshire around 1780. Jane’s maiden name was Miles. They appear to have been in Glascoed from 1818 at the latest (their daughter Sarah’s grave inscription suggests that they lived in Glascoed at the time of her death). There is a record of Lewis Lewis living at Glascoed in the 1823 Land Tax assessments. This was still in his occupation in 1824, 1829 and 1831.

They married on 4th June 1799 at Trevethin Parish Church, although appear to have been non-conformist.

Lewis was a farmer and they had a number of children.

Leah Lewis (born or baptised on 27th May 1800) as recorded at Penmaen chapel.

Sarah Lewis (born or baptised on 31st May 1802) as recorded at Penmaen chapel.

From the records of Ebenezer Independent chapel, Cwmffrwdoer, below:

IGI family search has these recorded as the actual birth dates. If interested in this family it will be advisable to check the original records.

Mary Lewis 12th August 1804.

Edmund Lewis Lewis 4th September 1806.

Rachel Lewis 23th April 1809.

Martha Lewis 16th April 1812.

Ann L. Lewis 5th April 1815.

Elizabeth Lewis 14th March 1818.

I heard from Jackie Phillips, a descendant of Lewis and Jane. She wrote:

“I am descended from Lewis Lewis of 3 stiles farm. He is buried in the graveyard of Ebenezer chapel, Cwmfrwdoer. I couldn't find the grave but the inscription is in Gwent archives and reads

“Here lies the body of Sarah daughter of Lewis Lewis of the hamlet of Glascoed.She died December 8th 1818 aged 6 years & 8mths. Here also lie the body of Jane wife of Lewis Lewis of the hamlet of Glascoed who died November 28th 1843 aged 61? years. Also of the above Lewis Lewis ......12th 1855? aged.......”

My ancestor Edmund was his son, perhaps named after the founder of the church Edmund Jones, otherwise known as the Prophet of the Tranch. A fascinating character.

I was surprised they would go that far to attend church but it was a very significant place with ties to Howell Harris, George Whitfield and the Countess of Huntingdon.”

It’s possible that this could be a different Sarah - sometimes if a child died young, the parents used the name again for a later child. I wonder whether the transcription could be wrong and that the 1 of 16 has faded over the years.

The only Lewis Lewis appearing on the death indexes for 1855 was in the Jan-Mar quarter, (Vol 11a; Page 123), so I imagine that his death would have been early in 1855.