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The Pitt family

These Pitts are my direct ancestors.

John Pitt came from the West Country (either Wiltshire or Gloucestershire) to South Wales, to work as a stone mason (my theory is that he followed the railways and worked on constructing these).

He married Sarah Davies and they had five children. I’ve constructed Bios for each of these. John died in 1865 of small pox and Sarah re-married 3 years later (to James Williams). Agnes Pitt Williams was the daughter of William John Pitt and Emily (nee Williams) and taught at Glascoed Board School.

Sarah Davies James Williams John Pitt

Married  25th June 1853 @ St. Woolos

Married  6th Oct 1868 @ Gelligaer

John & Sarah’s children

Their spouses

Selected grandchildren

Sarah Ellen Pitt Henry James Pitt William John Pitt Alice Ann Pitt Thomas Jesse Pitt Mary Ann Arnold Agnes M. Pitt-Williams

Charles Stratton

Emily Ada Williams

Robert Edwards

Unity Jane Devine

12 children

6 children

8 children

6 children

13 children including

Married  24th Dec 1877 @ Llantarnam

Married  3rd Nov 1879 @ Newport

Married  8th Nov 1891 @ Panteg

Married  Jun Q 1884 @ Newport

Married  10th June 1894 @ Thanet