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St. Mary’s Church, Usk and St. Michael’s Church, Glascoed: Burial registers

St. Michael’s church, Glascoed, was established as a daughter church to St. Mary’s, Usk in the mid 1860s. While today it is part of the Parish of Mamhilad with Monkswood with Glascoed, it was initially part of Usk parish. Since the registers were kept in common between Usk and Glascoed initially, I have kept the two churches together for this summary of the burial registers.

My Great-Great Grandmother, Sarah Pitt (nee Davies) was at the centre of a scandal that the local newspapers termed “Suspicion of infanticide” in their reporting. In 1868, she gave birth to a child who died after a few hours. In order to save money on graveyard fees, late at night the father of the child, James Williams, buried the body secretly. The inquest brought this apparently not uncommon rural practice to light - so it may be that there are more bodies buried in churchyards than these registers would indicate!

Many thanks to Mike John for allowing me to abstract and share this information from the burial registers at Usk and Glascoed.


The Priory Church of St. Mary, Usk.


St. Michael’s Church, Glascoed

Date Name Surname Age Relationship Relative Name Residence Churchyard Notes

5/12/1772 John  Sanders  Base s/o Elizth Sanders Glascoed Usk

18/5/1803 Jas Prichard    Glascoed Usk

10/12/1834 Margt Lewis 88    Usk

30/3/1853 Edward Callow Crump 6 wks   Glascoed Usk

29/4/1860 Emily Crump 36   Glascoed Usk

15/6/1860 Thos Arthur 79   Glascoed Usk

22/2/1863 Thos Hickey 78   Glascoed Glascoed (First interment in Glascoed hamlet churchyard)

28/12/1863 Wm  Lilley 84   Glascoed Glascoed (2nd interment in Glascoed chapel yard)

2/3/1864 John  Morgan 68   The Hill, Glascoed Glascoed (3rd interment in Glascoed chapel yard)

22/4/1868 Wm  Arnold 60   Greenmeadow, Llanbaddock Glascoed (By coroner's Order)

19/5/1876 Wm  Powell 88   Glascoed Glascoed

16/11/1876 Chas Jenkins ----   Llanbaddock Glascoed  

31/10/1882 Wm  Meredith 50   Glascoed Glascoed  

18/12/1882 Martha Evans 46   Glascoed Glascoed

29/4/1883 Thos Edwards 66   The Cwm, Glascoed Usk?

23/7/1885 Thos Lewis 43   Glascoed Usk?

17/2/1890 Wm Ernest Barnett 3 mths  Glascoed Usk?

10/4/1890 Edward Jones 84   Glascoed Glascoed

12/3/1891 Ann Phillips 37   Cumffrwydd, Abersychan Glascoed (By coroner's Order)

3/11/1896 Mary Morgan 90   Elm Villa, Mamhilad Glascoed

18/01/1900 Ethel Edwards 6 wks   Cherry Orchard, Glascoed Glascoed