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Mary Arthur. 1806-1896.

Mary Arthur was the daughter of Thomas Arthur and Susanna Sharp. She was born at Caldicot around 1806. This may well have been Ifton Hill Farm, since some of the later children were noted as being from there. Caldicot was Susanna’s home town. By the time Jane, Mary’s youngest (?) Sister was born in 1818, the family had moved back to Thomas’ home area at Trostrey, where he was farming at Red Gate farm.

John Morgan and Mary Arthur were married on 7th December 1831 at Trostrey church, Monmouthshire. Mike John reported this marriage as being correct and he is usually very thorough. Other indicators, that this is the right marriage are that their first son was given Arthur as his middle name and a later son was named Arthur also.

Their children were:

John Arthur Morgan (christened on 28th February 1833 at Monkswood),

William Morgan (born 9th April 1837, christened 9th July 1837),

Thomas Morgan (christened 3rd March 1839),

Arthur Morgan (christened 22nd November 1840)

Mary Susanna Morgan (Born 29th January 1842 and christened 20th October 1842)

Anne Elizabeth Morgan (born c. 1844 - christened 3rd October 1847)

Jane Frances Morgan (christened 3rd October 1847).

As was the case with much of reporting in the 19th century, we hear more of Mary’s husband’s life than of Mary. However she is mentioned in a newspaper article describing how the Morgans provided “an ample lunch and tea” following the official opening of St. Michael’s in Jan 1862, at Hill Farm.

Mary survived her husband by over thirty years and lived to the ripe old age of 91. She died at Elm Villa, Mamhilad (presumably living with family) on October 29th 1896. She was buried at St Michael’s churchyard in Glascoed, alongside her husband.


1841 Census. At this census, we find Mary’s sister Arthur living at the farm.

1851 Census.

1861 Census.

1871 Census.

Burial Register.

Monumental Inscription.