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Sarah Evans

Sarah was born in Llanvetherine, near Abergavenny in approximately 1815.

She was living at Monkswood by 1834 when she married Daniel Roberts of Lower Wernhir, Glascoed, (on 26th May) at St. Mary’s Church, Usk. They married by licence.

The family were at Lower Wernhir, the Roberts family farm at the time of the 1841 census.

They had several children including Mary Ann (also noted as Maria and Marian) who was born in approx 1834 (and may well have attended the wedding as an unborn child!) due to her birth dates on censuses (7 in 1841 and 16 in 1851).

The other children included William (born approx 1837), Sarah (born approx 1840) and Ruth Matilda (born approx 1847). All these children were born at Glascoed. On the 1861 census, we find a Naomi L. Roberts (born c. 1851) and Hezekiah Roberts (born c. 1854). Both of these children were born at Llanbaddock. There was also an Edwin Roberts aged 10 living at Lower Wernhir on the 1841 census. It is possible that he was a child from an earlier marriage.

There’s a nice story with an aside about Sarah’s hospitality in the Pontypool Free Press on Good Friday 1860. I have paraphrased the report .(Click the link)

I believe she may also have been a competitor in Farming club competitions. In the 1862 Usk Farmer’s club show, a Mrs Roberts was a competitor in the “best sample of butter” competition.

Sarah died on January 7th, 1901 and was buried at Monkswood parish church.


1841 - at Lower Wernhir

1851 - at Hendrew farm, Llanbaddock

1861 - at Hendrew farm, Llanbaddock