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Monmouthshire Merlin 1863

3 January 1863

GLASCOED. On Christmas day an ordination service was held at Glascoed Baptist chapel, in connection with the public recognition of the Rev. W. Morgan as pastor of the church and congregation assembling at that place of worship. Suitable portions of Scripture having been read, and the devotional exercises gone through, the Rev. G. Cosen, of Usk, proposed the usual questions, and the Rev. M. Davies, of Llangibby (Mr. Morgan's former tutor), offered the recognition prayer. The Rev. G. Cosen delivered an affectionate charge to the minister from 2nd Corinthians, 4th and 5th, and the Rev. M. Davies delivered the charge to the church and congregation. The young pastor concluded by prayer. The attendance on the occasion was numerous, and the engagements of the day excited much interest.

16 May 1863

John Pitt v. George Gaskill. Plaintiff claimed £5 5s. 6d. less £ 3 that he had received on account.-He said that defendant employed him to do some plastering and masonry work by the day, and said if he couldn't do it himself he was to get some assistance. He therefore engaged two plasterers and a boy to assist him. These men were employed ten and three-quarter days between them, and they charged him 3s. 6d. a day, and the boy charged Is. a day. He worked 13 ½ days himself at repairing tiles and doing other work, and he also had a labourer, who had charged him 2s. a day for 71 days.—Defendant's answer to the claim was that plaintiff came to and left off work when he liked, and that the work was by the job, which he had valued, and was willing to pay the amount of such valuation.- Edward Evans, carpenter, said I know the value of such work as that referred to, on which I was employed after plaintiff left it. Had not seen the work necessary to be done before it was done. Was enabled to value it by what I saw of it. I valued the 114 yards of stone pointing at 2|d a yard, which came to £1 3s. 9d; allowed two days wages at 3s. 8d. a day, which came to 7s. 4d. for repairing tiles on the barn allowed him a day's wages, 3s. 8d. for fixing a grate; allowed him 2s. a perch for 81 perches of walling, which comes to 17s. 5d.; allowed himself for two days for a labourer allowed 3s. 8d, for one day's work in repairing other tiles, the total amount of which comes to £2 19s. 5d.—As plaintiff remarked that it was not fair that defendant should have a valuer, and he had not one, his Honour observed that he would adjourn the case for plaintiff to have his work valued.—Adjourned accordingly.