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Morgan families

Several Morgan families lived in the Glascoed area. I assume not all were related - at least I haven’t found all the links as yet. This is not an exhaustive list - only the ones that I have added bio pages for. Please look at census pages, burial, latest news pages etc for further Morgans.

1) The Morgans of Hill Farm

John Morgan married Mary Arthur in 1831 and they had at least 7 children. They were one of the most prosperous of Glascoed families. They were an Anglican family - John is credited with being the driving force behind the establishment of St. Michael’s Church, Glascoed - he gave the land that the church was built upon.

John Morgan Mary Arthur


7th December 1831

at Trostrey


seven children

and some spouses

John Arthur Morgan William Morgan Arthur Morgan William Morgan Mary Susanna Morgan Jane Frances Morgan Emma Rachel Price

Married on 27th June 1865 at Llanfihangel Torymynydd

Anne Elizabeth Morgan Alexander Wynter Blyth


6th December 1864

at Glascoed

2) The Prescoed Morgans

Francis Morgan (1819-1876) was a real character. He lived at Prescoed Cottages. I’ve added two Bios for this family so far; for Francis and his daughter Joan (1873-1937).

Joan Morgan Francis Morgan

3) Richard Morgan of Bicknor, later of Ton Cottage/ Tonbolth.

Richard Morgan came from the Forest of Dean and married Mary. They moved to Glascoed at some point in the 1830s, we believe and lived at Ton Cottage (also known as Tonbolth). He was an agricultural labourer and later a wood collier. Please see his bio for further detail, including that of his family.

Richard Morgan

4) The Wernhir Morgans

These Morgans, came to Glascoed to farm at one or more of the Wernhir farms. most likely in the 1830s. At the time of the 1841 census, Charles Morgan (aged “40”) and his wife Elizabeth (also aged “40” - ages were rounded up or down on this census) were farming at “Little Wernhir”. Their son, Henry “aged 10” was also there.

By 1851, the same characters were at “Little Wernhir” - Charles, “aged 55”, Elizabeth, “aged 43” and Henry “aged 21”. Charles was noted as being born in Caldicot, Monmouthshire, Elizabeth, born at “Claudock (Clodock), Herefordshire and Henry at Llandenny, Monmouthshire.

By 1861, Charles had died, leaving his widow, Elizabeth to continue farming at a Wernhir, although this is now called “Middle Wernhere”. I’m not sure whether it was the same farm, or a neighbouring farm. She farmed with the assistance of Henry and possibly a 16 year old grandson, Charles Henry Morgan (though he was listed as a scholar) and a farm servant by the name of William Lewis. Other help would have been enlisted for the farm on occasion, as was the custom. It appears that Henry got himself into a bit of trouble from time to time, as you will see by looking at his page! In his defence, he had recently been bereaved.


Census: 184118511861.

Henry Morgan

5) The Morgans of Beech Tree Cottage, later Pettingale Mill and Oakfield Bungalow.

William and Flora Morgan were living at Beech Tree Cottage, Glascoed in 1911 and stayed in the village until their deaths, later moving to Pettingale Mill and Oakfield Bungalow, a new dwelling they built on the Common until it was flooded in the 1960s.

Their bios have been kindly provided by their descendant, Pat Morris (nee Evans). Many thanks.

William Morgan Flora Manley


28th May 1900

at Llanfrechfa

6) Ann Morgan of Prioress Mill. Later of Beech Farm. Wife of Roger Williams. 1802-1884.

Census records indicate that Ann was born in Glascoed, although I have found on the late Glyn Williams’ family tree that Ann was from Prioress Mill, Llanbaddock. Glyn was an authority on Glascoed local history and well-versed in oral history, so I am taking his claim seriously, though would like to find records to confirm it. I imagine that Glyn probably had this information either orally or having found the necessary records.

She married Roger Williams in 1830 at Usk and become a bit of a matriarch! She had at least 8 children and they also mostly had big families. See her Bio page for more detail.

Ann Morgan


4th October 1830

at Usk

Roger Williams