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1901 Census

The censuses of Glascoed initially recorded here are of the Glascoed that the census enumerators recorded.

I was informed by Olwen Hughes that the Glascoed she remembered growing up included an additional 15 properties which although in the parish of Llanbaddock, are really part of the Glascoed community. Adding these properties is one of my next priorities and this has now started. In this census you’ll see that Clearwell, Glen View, Llanynant, Ty Mawr, Upper House (Llanbaddock) and Upper Wernhir have been added. Aberayron House, Berthlan, Greenpool farm, Green Tree, Greenmeadow Cottage, High Cross, New House (again Llanbaddock to distinguish from Glascoed parish’s version) and Tynycaia farm remain outstanding. I intend to add these later in the year. NB, No disabilities were noted against the names of any of the inhabitants on this census, so the data has been therefore omitted.

 House~Number of rooms~Name~Rel to Head~Mar status~Age m~Age F~Occupation~Employer?~County of birth~Place of Birth~Disability~Language

1. Bryn

5+ rooms

Henry Williams Head M 57   Farmer & Asst. Overseer Own account Monmouth Glascoed   English

Hannah Williams Wife M   52     Monmouth Panteg   English

William H. Williams Son S 21   Farmer's son Worker Monmouth Llanbadock   English

Annie Williams Daur S   20     Monmouth Llanbadock   English

Alfred E. Williams Son S 17   Farmer's son Worker Monmouth Llanbadock   English

2. Lower Wernhir

4 rooms

Thomas Jones Head M 47   Farmer Employer Hereford Cloddock   English

Ann Jones Wife M   47     Hereford Cloddock   Both

Emily Jones Daur S   19     Hereford Cloddock   English

Philip Jones Son S 14   Farmer's son Worker Monmouth Glascoed   English

Kate Jones Daur     12     Monmouth Glascoed   English

Samuel Long Servant S 28   Carter on Farm Worker Hereford Cloddock   English

3. Lower Twyn

4 rooms

James Williams Head M 70   Living on own means   Monmouth Glascoed Deaf English

Ann Williams Wife M   68     Devonshire N.K.   English

Mary Ann Williams G. Daur S   14     Monmouth Glascoed   English

4. Upper Twyn

4 rooms

Richard Arnold Head M 69   Living on own means   Monmouth Llandenny Blind English

Elizabeth Arnold Wife M   64     Monmouth Glascoed   English

Ellen Arnold Daur S   20     Monmouth Glascoed   English

5. Cherry Orchard

4 rooms

James Edwards Head M 43   Market gardener Own account Monmouth Glascoed   English

Florence Edwards Wife M   39     Monmouth Glascoed   English

Beatrice Edwards Daur S   16     Monmouth Glascoed   English

Annie Edwards Daur     13     Monmouth Glascoed   English

Maria Edwards Daur     12     Monmouth Glascoed   English

Elizabeth Edwards Daur     9     Monmouth Glascoed   English

Florence Edwards Daur     7     Monmouth Glascoed   English

Gertrude Edwards Daur     4     Monmouth Glascoed   English

William Edwards Son   11       Monmouth Glascoed   English

James Edwards Son   10       Monmouth Glascoed   English

6. The Cwm

4 rooms

Henry Morgan Head M 35   Market gardener Own account Monmouth Glascoed   English

Lucy Morgan Wife M   37     Staffordshire N.K.   English

Arthur Morgan Son   10       Monmouth Glascoed   English

Miriam Morgan Daur     8     Monmouth Glascoed   English

George H. Morgan Son   5       Monmouth Glascoed   English

Upper Cwm


7. Ton Farm

5+ rooms

James Gibbon Head M 45   Farmer & Timber Haulier Own account Monmouth Goytre   English

Mary A. Gibbon Wife M   40     Herefordshire Vou Church?   English

Victor T. Gibbon Son S 16       Monmouth Monkswood   English

Annie Seaborne Niece     5     Herefordshire Abbeydore   English

Glascoed Church

8. Ashford Cottage

4 rooms

James Bryan Head Brother S 40   Moulder in iron foundry Worker Monmouth Monkswood   English

9. The Ton

4 rooms

Mary J. Harrhy Head M   44 Living on own means   Monmouth Goytre   English

10. Hill Farm

5+ rooms

Edward Powell Head M 58   Farmer Own account Monmouth Llanthewy   English

Sarah Powell Wife M   52     Monmouth Nantyglo   English

Philip Powell Son S 26   Ticket collector on G.W. Railway Worker Monmouth Cwmbran   English

Sarah J. Powell Daur S   22     Monmouth Cwmbran   English

Edward R. Powell Son S 19   Farmer's son Worker Monmouth Cwmbran   English

Thomas Powell Son S 14   Farmer's son Worker Monmouth Cwmbran   English

William J. Powell Son   11   Farmer's son   Monmouth Cwmbran   English

11. New House

5+ rooms

John Griffiths Head M 68   Farmer Employer Monmouth Llangwm   English

Annie Griffiths Wife M   21    Hereford Cloddock   English

Bessie Griffiths Daur     1     Monmouth Glascoed    

Jane Jones S-in-law S   16 "Domestic" servant   Hereford Cloddock   English

Nathaniel Phelps Servant S 24   Carter on Farm Worker Gloucester Marstow?   English

12. Glascoed Vach

5+ rooms

Thomas Parry Head M 47   Farmer Own account Monmouth Usk   English

Mary J. Parry Wife M   40     Monmouth Llangwm   English

James Parry Son   12       Monmouth Glascoed   English

Ann Parry Daur     11     Monmouth Glascoed   English

William J. Parry Son   9       Monmouth Glascoed   English

Celia Parry Daur     8     Monmouth Glascoed   English

Thomas Parry Son   6       Monmouth Glascoed   English

Martha E. Parry Daur     4     Monmouth Glascoed   English

13. Lower Cwmhir

5+ rooms

Uriah Davies Head M 44   Hay Cutter Worker Monmouth Glascoed   English

Mary Davies Wife M   33     Glam Swansea   English

Jesse Davies Son   10       Mon Glascoed   English

Martha Davies Sister S   42     Mon Glascoed   English

14. Upper Cwmhir

4 rooms

William Stoneham Head M 32   Plate layer on Railway Worker Mon Shirenewton   English

Alice Stoneham Wife M   28     Mon Glascoed   English

Louisa Stoneham Daur     8     Mon Glascoed   English

William Stoneham Son   5       Mon Glascoed   English

15. Holly Bush

5+ rooms

Edward Morgan Head S 70   Farmer Own account Mon Glascoed   Both

Eliza Morgan Sister Wid   69     Mon Glascoed   Both

George Morgan Nephew S 32   Farmer Own account Mon Glascoed   English

16. The Wern

5+ rooms

James Edins Head M 56   Farmer Own account Hereford Cradley   English

Martha Edins Wife M   54     Mon Glascoed   English

James Adlum Step son S 19   Farmers son Worker Mon Abertillery   English

John Meredith G. son   9       Mon Glascoed   English

James Meredith Bro-in-law Widr 65   General labourer Worker Mon Glascoed   Both

17. Yew Tree Cottage

4 rooms

Lemuel Morgan Head M 38   Plate layer on Railway Worker Mon Glascoed   English

Ellen Morgan Wife M   39     Hereford Longtown   English

Gio? Charles Morgan Son S 17   Engine cleaner (Railway) Worker Mon Pontypool   English

Eliza M. Morgan Daur S   15     Mon Pontypool   English

Helena Morgan Daur     10     Mon Cwmyniscoy   English

Alfred Morgan Son   1       Mon Glascoed   -

18. Purgoed

4 rooms

Henry Watkins Head M 83   Farmer Own acct Mon St. Arvans   English

Maria Watkins Wife M   80     Mon Glascoed   Both

19. Rose Cottage

2 rooms

James Williams Head Widower 67   General agricultural labourer Worker Mon Llanbadock   Both

20. Sunny Bank

5+ rooms

Daniel Jones Head M 66   Living on own means   Mon Panteg   English

Amy L. Jones Wife M   36       Pembroke Dock   English

21. Bush Cottage

5+ rooms

William Howells Head M 38   Wood cutter Worker Mon Monkswood   English

Elizabeth Howells Wife M   36     Mon Glascoed   English

Albert Howells Son S 14   Wood cutter Worker Mon Glascoed   English

Elizabeth Howells Daur     11     Mon Glascoed   English

Ellen Howells Daur     9     Mon Glascoed   English

William J. Howells Son   8       Mon Glascoed   English

Thomas J. Howells Son   5       Mon Glascoed   English

George Howells Son   3       Mon Glascoed   English

Benjamin Howells Son   1       Mon Glascoed   -

22. Pear Tree Cottage

2 rooms

Mary Jones Head S   69     Mon Newport   English#

23. Sunny Bank

5+ rooms

Emily Meredith Head Widow   40     Worcester Malvern   English

Eliza Meredith Daur S   11     Mon Glascoed   English

Emily Meredith Daur     9     Mon Glascoed   English

Caroline Meredith Daur     5     Mon Glascoed   English

Andrew J. Meredith Son   1       Mon Glascoed   -

Yew Tree Cottage


24. The Castle

4 rooms

George Jones Head M 67   General Farm Labourer Worker Mon Shirenewton   English

Margaret Jones Wife M   59 Laundress At Home Mon Shirenewton   English

Isaac Jones Son S 20   G.W. Railway labourer Worker Mon Panteg   English

Elizabeth Jones Daur S   15     Mon Panteg   English

Walter G.H. Jones G. son   4       Mon Aberbeeg   English

25. High House

4 rooms

Albert Pardoe Head M 25   G.W. Railway labourer Worker Mon Monkswood   English

Sarah Pardoe Wife M   29     Mon Glascoed   English

William Pardoe Son   3       Mon Glascoed   English

Elizabeth Pardoe Daur     3     Mon Glascoed   English

Clifford Pardoe Son   9 Mo       Mon Glascoed   -

26. Beech Farm

5+ rooms

Philip Williams Head M 61   Farmer Employer Mon  Glascoed   English

Ann Williams Wife M   50     Mon Goytre   English

Richard Williams Son S 13   Farmers son   Mon Glascoed   English

Kate Williams Daur     10     Mon Glascoed   English

Isabella Lewis Stp. Daur S   25     Mon Llanvair   English

Joseph Price Servt S 21   Waggoner on farm Worker Mon Monkswood   English

Thomas Edwards Servt S 15   Cowman on Farm Worker Mon Glascoed   English

27. Poplar Tree

5+ rooms

Theophilus Jacob Head Widr 41   Labourer in Galvanise Works Worker Mon Glascoed   English

Ada Davies Servant S   28 Housekeeper (domestic)   Mon Penygraig   English

28. Poplar Tree

4 rooms

David Rowland Head S 49   Market gardener Own acct Mon Glascoed   English

Elizabeth Rowland Sister S   45     Mon Glascoed   English

29. Panty

5+ rooms

Eli A. Williams Head M 34   Pickler at Galvanise Works Worker Monmouthshire     English

Mary A. Williams Wife M   32     Mon Abertillery   English

Mary E. Williams Daur     11     Mon New Inn   English

Elizabeth Williams Daur     10     Mon New Inn   English

Miriam Williams Daur     9     Mon New Inn   English

Albert V. Williams Son   7       Mon New Inn   English

William H. Williams Son   6       Mon New Inn   English

Ernest J. Williams Son   4       Mon New Inn   English

Percy J. Williams Son   2       Mon Glascoed    

Dorothy M. Williams Daur     8 Months     Mon Glascoed  


30. Pentwyn

3 rooms

William Williams Head M 43   Farmer Own acct Mon Glascoed   English

Hannah Williams Wife M   43     Mon Llangibby   English

Annie Williams Daur S   19 Board School teacher   Mon Glascoed   English

David Williams Son S 15   Farmer's son Worker Mon Glascoed   English

Edith Williams Daur     11     Mon Glascoed   English

Arthur Williams Son   4       Mon Glascoed   English

Hilda M. Williams Daur     10 Months     Mon Glascoed   -

31. Jerusalem

4 rooms

Thomas Edwards Head M 67   Retired Coal & Fuel dealer   Mon Lanviangel   English

Emma Edwards Wife M   64     Derby Sandiacre   English



32. Three Stiles

4 rooms

Peter Pitt Head M 39   Farm Bailiff Worker Hereford Margiot?    English

Fanny Pitt Wife M   32     Mon Llanthony   English

Harold Pitt Son   8       Hereford Kentchurch   English

Ernest Pitt Son   7       Mon Trevethin   English

Ivor Pitt Son   5       Mon Trevethin   English

Edith Pitt Daur     3     Mon Trevethin   English

Vera Pitt Daur     1     Mon Panteg    

Stanley Pitt Son   8 Months       Mon Panteg


33. Tycoch

5+ rooms

James Williams Head M 49   Farmer Own account Mon Llanfrechfa   English

Elizabeth Williams Wife M   48     Mon Llanthewy   English

Annie Williams Daur S   26     Mon Llanthewy   English

William H. Williams Son S 22   Farmer's son Worker Mon Glascoed   English

Ellens Williams Daur S   19     Mon Glascoed   English

Herbert C. Williams Son   11       Mon Glascoed   English

Ronald W. Jenkins Nephew   2       Mon Llanthewy


34. Lower Trostrey

5+ rooms

William Cowles Head M 42   Farmer Employer Mon Tregare   English

Ann Cowles Wife M   43     Mon Llannarth   English

Albert Cowles Son   13       Mon Glascoed   English

Harry Cowles Son   11       Mon Glascoed   English

Herbert Cowles Son   10       Mon Glascoed   English

Harold Cowles Son   9       Mon Glascoed   English

George Cowles Son   8       Mon Glascoed   English

William Cowles Son   5       Mon Glascoed   English

Alfred Constance Servant S 39   Carter on Farm Worker Somerset Eigsy?? Caermarthen deleted English

35. Trostrey

5+ rooms

Isaac Heath Head M 38   Farmer Employer Staff Norton Le Moors   English

Mary Heath Wife M   37     Caermarthen Llanvihangel   Both

Winifred Heath Daur S   12     Hereford Llangarran   English

Mabel Heath Daur     9     Hereford Llangarran   English

Annie Heath Daur     5     Hereford Llangarran   English

Gwladys Heath Daur     2     Mon Glascoed   English

James Price Servant S 40   Cowman on Farm Worker Radnorshire N.K.   English

Annie Malpas Servant S   18 General Servant (Domestic)   Mon Blaenavon   English

36. Cwmsoar

4 rooms

Ann Bale Wife M   42 Farming Own account Wilts Chippenham   English

Amelia B. Bale Daur S   18     Somerset Clattworthy   English

Lewis Bale Son S 16   Farming Own account Somerset Clattworthy   English

Amos Bale Son S 14   Farming Own account Somerset Clattworthy   English

37. Maesmawr

5+ rooms

Edmund Gwatkin Head M 37   Farming Own account Mon Goytre   English

Bessie Gwatkin Wife M   32     Mon Llantarnam   English

Kathleen M. Gwatkin Daur     1     Mon Glascoed   English

38. Pettingale Mill

3 rooms

George Gough Head M 28   Agricultural labourer Worker Hereford Broad Oak   English

Emma Gough Wife M   30     Wilts Preston   English

39. Yew Tree

4 rooms

James Bryan Head M 72   Farmer Own account Herefordshire     English

Eliza Bryan Wife M   60     Mon Glascoed   Both

Alice Wilmot Daur Widow   33     Mon Glascoed   English

Florence Wilmot Grand Daur     8     Mon Glascoed   English

Emily Wilmot Grand Daur     7     Mon Glascoed   English

40. Toincreen

4 rooms

James Sainsbury Head M 67       Wilts Church Eaton   English

Maria Sainsbury Wife M   60     Mon Glascoed   Both

Martha Sainsbury Daur S   28     Mon Glascoed   English

Amos J. Sainsbury Son S 19   Bricklayer/ Mason Worker Mon Glascoed   English

Agnes Sainsbury Daur S   15     Mon Glascoed   English

41. Upper House

5+ rooms

John Lewis Head M 36   Farmer Own account Mon Glascoed   English

Martha Lewis Wife M   38     Mon Clytha Hill   English

Rachel Lewis Daur     6     Mon Glascoed   English

Kate Lewis Daur     2     Mon Glascoed    

Elizabeth Lewis Daur     2 Months     Mon Glascoed


42. Cross Farm

5+ rooms

William Lewis Head M 41   Farmer Employer Mon Glascoed   English

Mary Lewis Wife M   37     Mon Glascoed   English

John Lewis Son   8       Mon Glascoed   English

Annie Lewis Daur     5     Mon Glascoed   English

William Lewis Son   4       Mon Glascoed   English

Arthur Lewis Son   1       Mon Glascoed    

Leonard Williams Servant S 42   General Farm Labourer Worker Mon Glascoed   English

43. The Cross

5+ rooms

David E. Jones Head M 53   Insurance Agent Worker Carmarthen Velindre   Both

Martha Jones Wife M   43     Pemb Milford Haven   English

Martha A. Jones Daur S   17     Pemb Milford Haven   Both

Thomas J. Jones Son S 15   Coal Miner Worker Pemb Milford Haven   Both

David D. Jones Son   13       Cardigan Aberystwyth   Both

Edward J. Jones Son   10       Cardigan Aberystwyth   Both

Arthur L. Jones Son   8       Cardigan Aberystwyth   Both

44. Glascoed School

5+ rooms

William Burton Head M 50   School Master   Lanc Warrington   English

Elizabeth Burton Wife M   43     Salop Brosely   English

Harry Burton Son S 20       York Leeds   English

Gertrude Burton Daur S   11     Salop Brosely   English

Leonard Burton Son   4       Salop Brosely   English

Glascoed B. School


Transcribed by Alistair Pitt.

Glascoed houses on the Llanbaddock census

Clear Well, Llanbaddock, Monmouthshire

5 rooms or more  RG13/4951/?/2

 Eliza Smith Head Wid 44 Glascoed Monmouth English

 George Smith Son S 15 Bucknill Shropshire English

 Mary Smith Daughter S 14 Bucknill Shropshire English

 Thomas Smith Son 9 Bucknill Shropshire English

 May Smith Daughter 4 Llanbaddock Monmouth Imbecile

Glen View, Llanbaddock, Monmouthshire

5 rooms or more, RG13/4951/46/1

  Edwin Morgan Head M 30 Bricklayers Labourer Worker Llanbaddock Monmouth English

 Maud Morgan Wife M 23 Ohio, U.S.A. English

 Jeremiah Smith Boarder Widr 53 Bricklayer Worker Hopesay Shropshire English

 George Smith Boarder S 17 Bricklayer Worker Hopesay Shropshire English

Llanynant, Llanbaddock, Monmouthshire

5 rooms or more RG13/4951/?/2

 John Matthews Head S 70 Farmer Own account Llanvair Kilgeddin Monmouth English

 Mary A Williams neice S 54 Llanvianghel P.M. Monmouth English

 Benjamin Morgan Visitor S 12 Glascoed Monmouth English

Tymawr, Llanbaddock, Monmouthshire

5 rooms or more RG13/4951/46/1

 Emanuel Morgan Head M 50 Farmer Employer Llanbaddock Monmouth English

 Sarah Morgan Wife M 46 Bristol English

 Elizabeth Morgan Visitor M 23 Mamhilad Monmouth English

 Walter Hayward Servant S 23 Carter on Farm Worker Newnham Glos English

 Charlotte Thomas Servant S 13 Domestic Glascoed Monmouth English

Upper House, Llanbaddock, Monmouthshire

5 rooms or more RG13/4951/46/1

  William G. Williams Head M 50 Farmer Own account Llanvrechva Upper Mon English

 Hannah M. Williams Wife M 41 Llanbaddock Monmouth English

 William H. Williams Son S 20 Farmers son Worker Llanbaddock Monmouth English

 Hannah L. Williams Daughter S 18 Llanbaddock Monmouth English

 Emily Williams Daughter S 11 Llanbaddock Monmouth English

 Annie Williams Daughter S 7 Llanbaddock Monmouth English

 Matthew Morgan Boarder S 28 Carter on Farm Worker Glascoed Monmouth English

Upper Wernhir, Llanbaddock, Monmouthshire

5 rooms or more RG13/4951/?/2

  James W Edmunds Head M 26 Farmer Own account Llantarnam Monmouth English

 Mary J. Edmunds Wife M 18 Glascoed Monmouth English

 William Edmunds Son 5 m Glascoed Monmouth

 William Williams Brother in law S 14 Carter on Farm Worker Glascoed Monmouth English