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Register of Electors. Glascoed. 1922.






Parish of GLASCOED


(Postal Address:- Glascoed, Pontypool).



The Register contains the names in Alphabetical order of all persons entitled to vote as parliamentary and as local government electors.

The Index letters in columns 2 (a) headed “Parliamentary,” or 2 (b) headed “Local Govt.” of the Register (see first page), show the nature of the qualification of an elector as follows:-

R.= Residence qualification.

B.P.= Business premises qualification.

O.= Occupation qualification.

H.O. Qualification through husband’s occupation.

N.M.= Naval or Military voter.

The entry of the appropriate Index letter or letters against a name in the column 2 (a) headed “Parliamentary” indicates that the elector is a parliamentary elector, and the entry of the appropriate letter or letters against a name in the column 2 (b) headed “Local Govt.” indicates that the elector is a local government elector (for headings see first page of Register). Where no Index letter is entered in one or other of those columns against a name, the elector is not entitled to the franchise to which the column relates.

NOTE- † Persons against whose names the mark † is placed are not entitled to vote in respect of that entry at elections of County Councillors.

 ‡ Persons against whose names the mark ‡ is placed are not entitled to vote in respect of that entry at elections of Rural District Councillors or Guardians.

₰ Persons against whose names the mark ₰ is placed are not entitled to vote in respect of that entry, in the case of a Borough, Metropolitan Borough or Urban District, at elections for Borough or District Councillors as the case may be and, in the case of a Parish, at elections for Parish Councillors or at Parish Meetings.

* Persons against whose names the mark * is placed are absent voters.

a Persons against whose names the letter a is placed are absent voters.

JURORS.- Persons who are qualified to serve as such are indicated by the letters printed after their names, thus:-

J= Juror. SJ= Special Juror.

Dated this 15th day of October, 1922.


Registration Officer.


No. (a) Parliamentary (b) Local Govt. Names in full. Surnames first. Residence or Property occupied and abode of non-resident occupier.

1 R - Adlum, James The Wern

2 O O Arnold, Ellen Upper Twyn

3 R O Baker, Harold Panta Cottage

4 HO HO Baker, Elizabeth Panta Cottage

5 R O Bevan, John Three Stiles

6 HO HO Bevan, Maud Three Stiles

7 R O Boulton, Joshua Owen - JTrostra Farm

8 HO HO Boulton, Hilda Maria - JTrostra Farm

9 R O Bradley, John - JBeech Farm

10 HO HO Bradley, Ester - JBeech Farm

11 R - Bradley, Arthur James Beech Farm

12 R - Burge, Reginal Mylers Paddock

13 O O Burge, Ellen - JPaddock

14 R - Burge, Reginald Gordon Paddock

15 R - Carllow, Bertram John Lower Wern-hir

16 O O Clarkson, Margaret Yewtree

17 R - Clarkson, Thomas Yew Tree

18 R O Cowles, William - JTrostra Farm

19 R - Cowles, William Trostra Farm

20 R O Connabeer, Francis George - JMaesmawr Farm

21 HO HO Connabeer, Minnie Florence - JMaesmawr Farm

22 R O Curnow, Alfred - JWalnut Tree Farm

23 HO HO Curnow, Mary - JWalnut Tree Farm

24 R O Davies, Joshua Park Newydd

25 HO HO Davies, Rachel Park Newydd

26 R O Davies, Uriah Cwmhir

27 R - Davies, Jesse Cwmhir

28 R O Eddins, James The Wern

29 HO HO Eddins, Martha The Wern

30 R O Edwards, James - JCherry Orchard

31 HO HO Edwards, Florence - JCherry Orchard

32 R - Edwards, James Cherry Orchard

33 R O Floyd, Arthur By Glenview

34 R O Gibbon, Victor Taylor Ton Farm

35 HO HO Gibbon, Maria Ton Farm

36 R O Griffiths, John Petingale Farm

37 - O Griffiths, William (abode, Berthllan, Llanbadoc) Land

38 - O Gwatkin, Evan Arthur (abode, Upper Wernhir, Llanbadoc) Land

39 R - Harrhy, Ernest Ton Farm

40 R O Howells, William Francis Cross

41 HO HO Howells, Elizabeth Cross

42 R - Howells, Benjamin Cross

43 R - Howells, George Cross

44 R O James, David John Little Mill Cottage

45 HO HO James, Margaret Little Mill Cottage

46 R - Jenkins, Ronald William Tycoch Farm

47 R O Johnson, Allen Henry Holly Bush Farm

48 HO HO Johnson, Gwennie Holly Bush Farm

49 R - Johnson, Clifford Peter Holly Bush Farm

50 R - Jones, Daniel Upper House Farm

51 R - Johnson, Frederick Lower Wern-hir

52 R O Jones, Isaac High House

53 HO HO Jones, Agnes High House

54 R O Knipe, James - JNew House Farm

55 HO HO Knipe, Annie Elonea - JNew House Farm

56 R O Large, Frederick Sunny Bank

57 HO HO Large, Isabella Sunny Bank

58 R O Lewis, William - JCross Farm

59 R O Lewis, John Cross Farm

60 R - Lewis, Arthur Cross Farm

61 R O Lewis, John - JUpper House Farm

62 HO HO Lewis, Martha - JUpper House Farm

63 R - Meredith, John The Wern

64 R O Morgan, Henry - JBrooklands

65 HO HO Morgan, Lucy - JBrooklands

66 R O Morgan, William Petingale Mill

67 HO HO Morgan, Florence Petingale Mill

68 - O Morgan, Emmanuel (abode Tymawr Farm, Llanbadoc) Land

69 R O Pardoe, Alfred Ashford Cottage

70 HO HO Pardoe, Sarah Ashford Cottage

71 R - Pardoe, Clifford Ashford Cottage

72 - O Parry, James (abode, Greenpool Farm, Llanbadoc) Lands

73 R - Parry, William Charles Cross Farm

74 R O Payton, Albert George Glebe Cottage

75 R O Phillips, William Yewtree

76 R O Powell, Edward Hill Farm

77 HO HO Powell, Sarah Hill Farm

78 R - Powell, Edward Rees Hill Farm

79 R - Powell, Thomas Charles Hill Farm

80 R - Powell, William James Hill Farm

81 R O Price, William Jacob Purgoed

82 HO HO Price, Mary Ann Purgoed

83 - O Prothero, David (abode Court Farm, Llanvihangel) Land

84 R O Porch, Edward Rees Poplar Tree

85 HO HO Porch, Florence Poplar Tree

86 R O Rouse, Harry Council School

87 HO HO Rouse, Emma Council School

88 R O Rowlands, David Poplar Tree

89 O O Sainsbury, Martha Oaktree Cottage

90 R - Sainsbury, Amos Oaktree Cottage

91 R - Scott, Tom Marshall Yewtree

92 R O Scott, George Bungalow, Graig-y-coed

93 HO HO Scott, Sarah Agnes Bungalow, Graig-y-coed

94 R - Scott, Francis John Bungalow, Graig-y-coed

95 R O Scott, Stanley Herbert The Nook

96 HO HO Scott, Alice Matilda The Nook

97 R O Simmons, William Henry Upper Cwm-Hir

98 HO HO Simmons, Nellie Upper Cwm-Hir

99 R O Simons, Edward - JGlascoed Vach

100 HO HO Simons, Sarah - JGlascoed Vach

101 R O Simmonds, Albert Glascoed Vach Farm

102 R O Summers, Frank Sunny Bank

103 HO HO Summers, Annie Sunny Bank

104 R O Taylor, George Twyncreen

105 R O Thomas, Harrhy Jerusalem Cottage

106 - O Udell, Evelyn (abode, Sluvad Farm, Panteg) Land

107 R O Williams, Alfred Rose Cottage

108 HO HO Williams, Elizabeth Ann Rose Cottage

109 R O Williams, William Henry Bryn Farm

110 HO HO Williams, Emily - JBryn Farm

111 R O Williams, Henry Twyn

112 HO HO Williams, Edith Twyn

113 R - Williams, Clarence Henry Twyn

114 R O Williams, Richard Henry Lower Wern Hir Farm

115 HO HO Williams, Florence Gertrude Lower Wern Hir Farm

116 O O Williams, Hannah Pentwyn

117 R O Williams, William Pentwyn

118 R O Williams, William George Upper House Farm (Webmaster Note: This was Upper House, Llanbaddock).

119 HO HO Williams, Hannah Maria Upper House Farm (Webmaster Note: This was Upper House, Llanbaddock).

120 R O Williams, William Henry - JTycoch Farm

121 HO HO Williams, Annie - JTycoch Farm

122 R O Williams, James Tycoch Farm

123 HO HO Williams, Elizabeth Tycoch Farm

124 R O Wrintmore, J. Owen Cwmsoar Farm

125 HO HO Wrintmore, Martha Ann Cwmsoar Farm