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St. Michael’s Parish Church Monumental Inscriptions by Mrs J. Dunn (1990)

Inscriptions records by Mrs J. Dunn (to 15/07/1990). Many thanks.

Interior - wall plaque.


Erected by the Parishioners of Glascoed and Friends, in Memory of those fallen in the War. 1914-1918

Private T. Parry        Dvr. W. Pardoe


Gnr. Mostyn Jenkins, B.A.


2. POT

CLIVE STEVENS, died August 9th 1?5?

3. In memory of Our Dear Parents ISAAC JONES, died 4th August 1949 aged 68 years, and, AGNES JONES, died 2nd May 1952, aged 66 years. Re-united.

4. In memory of WILLIAM MEREDITH, born 9th January 1833?, died 6th October 1882?. By Thomas of Pontypool.

5. In loving memory of THOMAS CHARLES POWELL, devoted husband of SARAH ETHEL, died 14th February 1972 aged 85, also his devoted wife, SARAH ETHEL, died 14th January 1988 aged 95. Reunited.

6. In loving memory of THOMAS MORGAN, devoted husband of EMILY, died 5th January 1973 aged 69, Until we meet again. And, his devoted wife, EMILY died 24th February 1981 aged 90. Re-united.

7. In loving Memory of a dear husband and father, RONALD WILLIAMS, died 14th January 1978 aged 68 years. Greatly loved, sadly missed.

8. POT. In loving Memory of GLYN HARDEE, died 13/6/1980 aged 54 years. At Rest.

Other side. In Loving Memory of JAMES HUNT died 1/11/1988.

9. In Loving Memory of MERLYN JENKINS, died July 2nd 1982 aged 57 years, eldest son of MRS E. JENKINS and the late MR T. JENKINS.

10. TABLET In precious memories of ROBERT CYRIL JOHNSON, died August 29th 1894 aged 62 years.


12. In Loving Memory of CHARLES GORDON LLOYD, of Ansfield Glascoed, born 13th July 1906 died 23rd January 1986, beloved husband of PATRICIA ANN.

13. In Loving Memory of our dear parents, EVA EMILY PRICE died June 23rd 1965 aged 68 years, also OLIVER BRIDGE PRICE died March 29th 1968 aged 71 years. Grant Them Eternal Peace. ALAN PRICE, died October 4th 1987 aged 56 years. We loved you too dearly to ever forget.

14. In Memory of a dearly loved husband and father, WILLIAM JAMES POWELL died November 26th 1962. Until We Meet Again. and EMILIE, his wife, re-united, January 29th 1987.

15. In Loving Memory of DENNIS, son of OLIVER & EVA PRICE, Beech Cottage, Glascoed, died November 26th 1955 aged 33 years. At Rest.

16. In Loving Memory of a devoted husband and father, WILLIAM EDWARD STEVENS who died February 5th 1955. God’s greatest gift remembrance - and a beloved son, FREDERICK JAMES STEVENS died July 10th 1960, GERTRUDE STEVENS, died July 10th 1980.

17. Treasured memories of THOMAS JENKINS died June 6th 1950 aged 47 years, also his beloved wife ELIZABETH ANN died February 9th 1985 aged 80 years.

18. In Loving Memory of ARTHUR CHARLES BOYCE who passed away January 25th 1966 aged 59 years, also his dear wife ETHEL BOYCE, died 21st November 1988 aged 79 years. Re-united. Also IVY OLWEN, daughter, died September 27th 1940 aged 2 years. At Rest.

19. Side 1. In Loving Memory of FLORA ANNE, beloved wife of WILLIAM MORGAN of Oakfield Cottage in this Parish died March 15th 1931 aged 50 years. At Rest.

Side 2. Also of WILLIAM MORGAN who died January 31st 1952 aged 78 years. Re-united.

20. Resting. Sacred to the Memory of THOMAS HERBERT WHITE, Yew Tree House, Glascoed, formerly of Cwmbran, the dearly loved husband of GLADYS WHITE, who fell asleep 1st July 1930 aged 62 years. Until the day breaks and the shadows flee away.

21. In Loving Memory of MARY ANN, the beloved wife of WILLIAM JACOB PRICE, The Percoed, Glascoed, who departed this life, January 14th 1929 aged 74 years. Thy Will be Done. Also of the above WILLIAM JACOB PRICE, who fell asleep, March 1st 1932 aged 81 years. Waiting the dawn.

Tablet. In Loving Memory of GERTRUDE M. PRICE, 1886-1977 (This tablet is within the kerbstone of No. 21)

Tablet. In Loving Memory of WILLIAM G.A. FARR 1906-1990 “At Rest”

22. In Loving Memory of ISABELLA AGNES LARGE, of Sunnybank, who died August 7th 1952 aged 77 years, also of FREDERICK LARGE who died, February 18th 1955 aged 82 years. Re-united.

23. In Loving Memory of WILLIAM JOHN PARRY, who died December 3rd 1935 aged 44 years, also of TOM, beloved son, died March 3rd 1923 aged 2 and a half years.

24. In Loving Memory of DANIEL JONES of Sunnybank, Glascoed, who died August 21st 1912 aged 79 years.

25. In Loving Memory of my Dear Mother and Father, CLARE PRISCILLA ROWLAND, died March 10th 1936 aged 65 years, and JAMES FREDERICK FOTHERGILL ROWLAND, died November 2nd 1941 aged 72 years.

26. In Loving Memory of MARY, widow of the late JOHN MORGAN, Founder of this Church, who died at Mamhilad, October 29th 1896, aged 91 years. Verse. In memory of JOHN MORGAN, The Hill Farm, in this Parish, and late of Mamhilad ?, died .........? 1861. (John Morgan.... is on the floor-stone) -

Webmaster Note: John Morgan actually died on February 25th 1864 and was buried on 2nd March at Glascoed

27. In Loving Memory of my Dear Mother, MARY SUSANNA ROWLAND, daughter of JOHN & MARY MORGAN, late of the Hill Farm, and widow of DAVID FOTHERGILL ROWLAND, born 29th January 1842, died in London 31st December 1916. Erected by her son.

28. 3 grave ? large family grave with kerb. No writing legible.

29. In Loving Memory of FLORENCE, beloved wife of JAMES EDWARDS, died January 28th 1932 aged 69 years. At Rest. Also of JAMES EDWARDS who died July 23rd 1941 aged 82 years. By Rennels of Griffithstown.

30. In Loving Memory of OWEN JOB WRINTMORE died May 29th 1950 aged 74 years. At Rest. Also, MARTHA ANN, his wife, died September 18th 1960 aged 72 years. Re-united.

31. In Loving Memory of ALFRED EDWARDS late of Lanynant Farm, passed away, April 4th 1952 aged 51 years. At Rest. Also, a dear wife, mother and nan, LUCY MAY EDWARDS, passed away, March 14th 1988 aged 89 years. Verse. Monumental Mason, Rennels of Griffithstown.

32. Large concrete kerb. ? family grave. No writing legible.

33. Military Headstone. Royal Army Ordnance Corps. Lieutenant Colonel R.F. ROWLAND, Royal Army Ordnance Corps. 12th December 1944 aged 43 years. Always in the thoughts of NORAH and your little daughter MORWENNA. R.I.P.

34. In Loving Memory of LUCY, beloved wife of HENRY MORGAN, who passed away on OCTOBER 7th 1933, aged 70 years. Verse. Also of HENRY MORGAN, who died April 9th 1941 aged 74 years. At Rest. By Rennels of Griffithstown.

35. In Loving Memory of MIRIAM LUCY POWELL, died December 1918 aged 25 years, beloved wife of EDWARD REES POWELL, died November 24th 1953 aged 72. Also son of the above, EDWARD REES POWELL, born May 31st 1918 died November 19th 1983 aged 65 years. By Moore of Malpas Road, Newport.