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1. Lower Wernhir

Thomas Jones Head M 34  Farmer Employer Herefordshire,  English

Ann Jones Wife M  35 Farmer's wife  Breconshire,  English

Annie Beatrice Jones Daur   11 Scholar  Herefordshire,  English

Emily Jones Daur   8 Scholar  Herefordshire,  English

Jane Jones Daur   6   Herefordshire,  English

Philip Jones Son  4    Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

Kate Jones Daur   2   Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

James Pitt Servant M 24  Agricultural Labourer Employed Herefordshire, N.K. English


Middle Wernhir UNOCCUPIED        ,  


2. Bryn Farm

Henry Williams Head M 47  Farmer, Assistant Overseer + School Attendance Officer Employer Monmouthshire, Glascoed Both

Hannah Williams Wife M  42 Farmer's wife  Monmouthshire, Panteg Both

William Hy. Williams Son  11  Scholar  Monmouthshire, Llanbaddoc English

Annie Williams Daur   10 Scholar  Monmouthshire, Llanbaddoc English

Martha Williams Daur   10 Scholar  Monmouthshire, Llanbaddoc English

Alfred Ernest Williams Son  7  Scholar  Monmouthshire, Llanbaddoc English

Martha Morgan Servant S  21 General servant Dom Employed Monmouthshire, Llanbaddoc English

George Taylor Servant S 28  Farm labourer Employed Gloucestershire, Bilton English


3. Hill Farm

Edward Powell Head M 48  Farmer Neither Monmouthshire, Llanthewy Redrych English

Sarah Powell Wife M  42 Farmer's wife  Monmouthshire, Nantyglo Both

Philip John Powell Son S 16  Farmer's son  Monmouthshire, Llanvrechfa Upper English

Sarah Jane Powell Daur   12 Farmer's daur  Monmouthshire, Llanvrechfa Upper English

Edward Rees Powell Son  10  Scholar  Monmouthshire, Llanvrechfa Upper English

Thomas Charles Powell Son  4  Scholar  Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

William James Powell Son  1    Monmouthshire, Glascoed

Philip Rees Father in law Widr 70  Agricultural labourer Employed Glamorgan, Merthyr Both


4. Ton

Tom Parry Head M 37  Farmer Neither Monmouthshire, Usk English

Mary Jane Parry Wife M  31   Monmouthshire, Llangwm English

James Parry Son  2    Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

Ann Parry Daur   1   Monmouthshire, Glascoed


5. Glascoed Vach

Cornelius Evans Head Widr 72  Farmer  Monmouthshire, Llanishen English

William Evans Son S 22  Farmer's son  Monmouthshire, Llangwm English

Agnes Evans Daur S  17 Farmer's Daur  Monmouthshire, Mamhilad English

Tom Evans Son  13  Farmer's son  Monmouthshire, Mamhilad English


6. New House

John Griffiths Head M 58  Farmer Employer Monmouthshire, Llangwm English

Esther Griffiths Wife M  55 Farmer's wife  Gloucestershire, Eaving? (is this Avening?) English

John Griffiths Son S 29  Farmer's son  Monmouthshire, Llanvair English


7. Lower Cwmare

Uriah Davies Head M 36  Farmer & labourer at steel works Employed Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

Mary Davies Wife M  28   Glamorgan, Swansea English

Jessie Davies Son  1    Monmouthshire, Glascoed


8. Upper Cwmare

William Williams Head Widr 78  Farmer Neither Monmouthshire, Glascoed Both

Alice Williams Grandaur S  19 Housekeeper for grandfather  Monmouthshire, Glascoed English


9. (No name)

William Stoneham Lodger S 23  Labourer at steel works Employed Monmouthshire, Shirenewton English


10. Jerusalem

Thomas Edwards Head M 57  Coal dealer & Haulier Neither Monmouthshire, Llanvihangel Pontymoile English

Emma Edwards Wife M  54 Laundress Neither Derbyshire, Sandiacre English


11. Jerusalem

Charles Haycock Head M 68  Hostler at iron works (Groom) Employed Oxfordshire, Idbury English

Harriett Haycock Wife M  67   Gloucester, Cold Ashton English

Henry Charles Haycock Son M 30  Dubbler in tin works  Monmouthshire, Pontypool English

Rachel Haycock Daur-in-law M  29   Monmouthshire, Blaenavon Both

Rose James Daur M  29   Monmouthshire, Pontyvellyn English

Thomas James Grandson  5  Scholar  Monmouthshire, New Inn English

John James Grandson  5    Monmouthshire, Glascoed English


12. Three Stiles Farm

Thomas Hibbert Head M 42  Labourer (furnaceman) iron works Employed Gloucestershire, Almonsbury English

Ann Hibbert Wife M  47   Monmouthshire, Llanvihangel Torymynydd English



William Williams Lodger S 31  Agricultural labourer Employed Glamorgan, Cardiff English


14. Tycoch

James Williams Head M 41  Farmer Neither Monmouth, Llanvrechfa Lower English

Elizabeth Williams Wife M  38 Farmer's wife  Monmouthshire, Llanthewy Vach English

Annie Williams Daur S  16 Farmer's daur  Monmouth., Glascoed English

William Hy Williams Son  12  Scholar  Monmouth., Glascoed English

Ellen Williams Daur   9 Scholar  Monmouth., Glascoed English

Herbert C. Williams Son  1    Monmouth., Glascoed


15. Lower Trostrey

William Cowles Head M 34  Farmer Employer Monmouthshire, Raglan English

Annie Cowles Wife M  33   Monmouthshire, Raglan English

William Albert Cowles Son  3    Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

Henry James Cowles Son  1    Monmouthshire, Glascoed

Thomas Herb John Cowles Son O 8 Mo    Monmouthshire, Glascoed

Thomas Williams Servant S 37  Agricultural labourer  Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

Rose Roberts Servant S  19 Domestic servant (General)  Monmouthshire, n.k. English


16. Trostrey Farm

James Jenkins Head M 86  Farmer Employer Monmouthshire, Glascoed Both

Elizabeth H. Jenkins Wife M  76 Farmer's wife  Gloucester, Marsh English

James Jenkins Son S 43  Manager of farm Employer Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

Nathaniel Jenkins Son S 40?  Shepherd Employed Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

George Bartlett Servant S 48  Waggoner on farm Employed Gloucestershire, Painswick English

William Jones Servant S 25  Horse waggoner on farm Employed Gloucestershire, Lydney English

Thomas Williams Servant S 17  Cowman on farm Employed Monmouthshire, Monkswood English

Eliza Williams Servant S  23 Ag Dairymaid Employed Herefordshire, Abbeydore English


17. Cwmsoar

James Eddins Head M 46  Farmer Neither Herefordshire, Cradley English

Martha Eddins Wife M  44 Farmer's wife  Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

Sarah Meredith Step-daur S  19 Farmer's stepDaur  Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

James Adlum Step son  9  Scholar  Monmouthshire, Abertillery English


18. Maesmawr

William Gwatkin Head M 70  Farmer Employer Herefordshire, Walterstone English

Eliza Gwatkin Wife M  70 Farmer's wife  Monmouthshire, Mamhilad Both

Richard Gwatkin Son S 28  Farmer's son  Monmouthshire, Goytre English

Edmund Gwatkin Son S 24  Farmer's son  Monmouthshire, Goytre English

Florence E. Lewis Grand Daur S  14 Farmer's grand Daur  Monmouthshire, Llanvair English

Mary Hamblin Servant S  24 Domestic servant Employed Gloucestershire, Wotton English


19. Twyncreen

James Sainsbury Head M 56  Invalid, supported by wife & children  Gloucestershire, Giddy Hall, nr Chippenham English

Maria Sainsbury Wife M  50 Farmer & market gardener Neither Monmouthshire, Glascoed Both

Martha Sainsbury Daur S  22 Father's housekeeper Domestic  Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

Emmanuel Sainsbury Son S 19  Mason's labourer  Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

Annie Maria Sainsbury Daur   13 Farmer's Daur  Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

Matilda Sainsbury Daur   11 Scholar  Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

Amos Sainsbury Son  9  Scholar  Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

Agnes Sainsbury Daur   6 Scholar  Monmouthshire, Glascoed English


20. Yew Tree Cottage

James Bryan Head M 60  Cottage Farmer Neither Herefordshire, n.k. English

Eliza Bryan Wife M  53 Farmer's wife  Monmouthshire, Glascoed Both

Henry Bryan Son  12  Scholar  Monmouthshire, Glascoed English


21. Glascoed Bd school

William Webb Head S 26  Certificated Schoolmaster Employed Pembrokeshire, Pembroke Dock English

Emma Louisa Webb Sister S  27 Brother's housekeeper & teacher of sewing Employed Pembrokeshire, Pembroke Dock English

Andrew Charles Webb Brother S 17  Pupil teacher school Employed Glamorganshire, Barry English


22. Cherry Orchard

James Edwards Head M 36  Farmer & labourer in steel works Employed Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

Florence Edwards Wife M  29 Farmer's wife  Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

Beatrice Edwards Daur   7 Scholar  Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

Thomas Edwards Son  5  Scholar  Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

Annie Edwards Daur   4   Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

Maria Edwards Daur   2   Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

William Edwards Son  1    Monmouthshire, Glascoed

Maud L. Stone Sister in law S  20 Nurse. Domestic servant Employed Monmouthshire, Aberbeeg English


23. Lower Twyn

James Williams Head M 60  Railway coalman Employed Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

Ann Williams Wife M  59   Devonshire, n.k. English

Emily Williams Daur S  15   Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

Harriet Williams Grand Daur   7 Scholar  Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

Mary Williams Grand Daur   4   Monmouthshire, Glascoed English


24. Upper Twyn

Richard Arnold Head M 59  Railway labourer (sweeper) Employed Monmouthshire, Llandenny English

Emily Arnold Daur S  18 Dressmaker Neither Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

Edwin Arnold Son  13    Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

Nelly Arnold Daur   10   Monmouthshire, Glascoed English


25. Cwm

Henry Brown Head M 47  Railway platelayer Employed Breconshire, Cwmdu English

Clara Brown Wife M  40   Monmouthshire, Llanvihangel Pontymoile English

Arthur Brown Son  14  Locomotive cleaner Employed Monmouthshire, Llanbadoc English

James Brown Son  12  Scholar  Monmouthshire, Llanbadoc English

Mary Ann Brown Daur   10 Scholar  Monmouthshire, Llanbadoc English

Alice Brown Daur   7 Scholar  Monmouthshire, Glascoed English


26. Limekilns

Edward Williams Head S 81  Agricultural labourer Neither Monmouthshire, Glascoed Both

Leonard Williams Brother Widr 70  Agricultural labourer Neither Monmouthshire, Glascoed Both


27. Limekilns

Job Thomas Head M 49  Labourer at steel works Employed Monmouthshire, Mamhilad English

Jemima Thomas Wife M  42   Monmouthshire, Panteg English

Job Thomas Son  12  Scholar  Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

Janet Thomas Daur   7 Scholar  Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

Charlotte Thomas Daur   2   Monmouthshire, Glascoed English


28. Ashford Cottage

Thomas Wilmot Head M 23  Agricultural labourer Employed Monmouthshire, Pontnewydd English

Alice Wilmot Wife M  23   Monmouthshire, Glascoed English


29. Ton

Henry Morgan Head M 25  Farmer Neither Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

Lucy Morgan Wife M  27 Farmer's wife  Staffordshire, Tamworth English

Martha Eliza Morgan Daur   4   Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

Benjamin Morgan Son  2    Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

Arthur Morgan Son O 9 mo    Monmouthshire, Glascoed


30. Hollybush

Edward Morgan Head S 59  Farmer, timber haulier Employer Monmouthshire, Glascoed Both

Eliza Morgan Sister Widow  57 Housekeeper, farmer's sister (Domestic)  Monmouthshire, Glascoed Both

Charles Morgan Nephew S 32  Railway platelayer Employed Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

George Morgan Nephew S 22  Farmer's nephew (added Son)  Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

Leonard Williams Servant S 33  Agricultural labourer  Monmouthshire, Glascoed English


31. Yew Tree Cottage

Mary Lewis Head Widow  81 Parish support  Gloucestershire, Near Stroud English

James Lewis Son S 56  Parish support  Herefordshire,  English

Annie Lewis Niece (visitor) S  17 Housekeeper at home (Domestic)  Glamorgan, Troedyrhiw English


32. (No name)

Joseph Lewis Head M 40  Railway platelayer Employed Monmouthshire, Abersychan English

Margaret Lewis Wife M  37   Glamorgan, Taffs Well, nr Cardiff Both

Willie Lewis Son  14  Labourer at brickyard  Monmouthshire, Trevethin English

Caroline Lewis Daur   9 Scholar  Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

Daniel Lewis Son  6  Scholar  Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

Arthur Lewis Son  3    Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

Edmund Lewis Son  2    Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

Thomas Lewis Son O Under 1 mo    Monmouthshire, Glascoed English


33. Pergoed

William Williams Head M 40  Farmer Neither Monmouthshire, Llanvrechfa Upper English

Hannah Maria Williams Wife M  31 Farmer's wife  Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

William Henry Williams Son  10  Scholar  Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

Hannah Louisa Williams Daur   8 Scholar  Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

Emily Williams Daur   1 Scholar  Monmouthshire, Glascoed


34. Rose Cottage

James Williams Head  57  General labourer Employed Monmouthshire, Glascoed Both

Sarah Williams Wife   61   Carmarthen, Llansowell Both

Ethel Pitt Grand Daur   11 Scholar  Monmouthshire, Trevethin English

Alice Edwards Grand Daur   3 Scholar  Monmouthshire, Pontymoile English


35. Pear Tree Cottage

Mary Ann Jones Head S  59 Market gardener, Dressmaker (rough work) Employed Monmouthshire, Newport English


36. Sunnybank

Philip Meredith Head M 41  Engine driver in steel works Employer Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

Emily Meredith Wife M  29   Worcester, Malvern English

Eliza Meredith Daur   1   Monmouthshire, Glascoed

Eliza Powell Servant   13 Nurse. Domestic servant  Warwickshire, n.k. English


37. Sunnybank

Daniel Jones Head M 57  Farmer Neither Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

Mary Jones Wife M  58 Farmer's wife. Invalid  Monmouthshire, Glascoed English


38. Bush Cottage

Sarah Lewis Wife M  56   Herefordshire, Allensmore English


39. Yew Tree Cottage

Edward Thomas Head M 37  Fireman in works Employed Monmouthshire, Newport English

Mary Ann Thomas Wife M  41   Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

Annie Thomas    2   Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

William Thomas  O 3 mo    Monmouthshire, Pontypool


40. Beech Cottage

William Howells Head M 28  Woodcutter. Woodman Employed Monmouthshire, Usk English

Elizabeth Howells Wife M  26   Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

Albert Howells Son  4    Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

Elizabeth Howells Daur   2   Monmouthshire, Llantarnam English

Ellen Howells Daur O  3 mo   Monmouthshire, Glascoed


41. High House

James Meredith Head Widr 54  Cleaner of stationary engine in iron works Employed Monmouthshire, Glascoed Both

Janet Meredith Daur   13 Father's housekeeper Domestic  Monmouthshire, Abertillery English

Mary ann Meredith Daur   10 Scholar  Monmouthshire, Abertillery English

Harriett Meredith Daur   6 Scholar  Monmouthshire, Abertillery English


42. Beech Farm

Philip Williams Head M 51  Farmer Employer Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

Ann Williams Wife M  40 Farmer's wife  Monmouthshire, Goitrey English

Richard H. Williams Son  5    Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

Annie Kate Williams Daur   9 mo   Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

William I. Lewis Step-son S 18  Farmer's step-son  Monmouthshire, Goitrey English

Isabella Lewis Step-Daur S  15 Farmer's step-Daur  Monmouthshire, Llanvair English

Beatrice Lewis Step-Daur   9 Scholar  Monmouthshire, Mamhilad English

George Lewis Servant S 18  Farm servant Employed Herefordshire, n.k. English


43. Poplar Tree (Lower Poplar Tree Cottage)

Theophilus Jacob Head M 32  Farmer. Labourer in Steel works Employed Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

Harriett Jacob Wife M  36   Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

Eliza Williams Mother-in-law Widow  63 Supported by Daur  , Wisley? Parish nr Bristol English

Hannah Bartlett Grandmother in law Widow  87 Supported by grand Daur  , Wisley? Parish nr Bristol English


44. Poplar Tree (Upper Poplar Tree Cottage)

David Rowlands Head S 39  Gardener. Agricultural labourer Employed Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

Elizabeth Rowlands Sister S  36   Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

Florence Rowlands Niece   6 Scholar  Monmouthshire, Glascoed English


45. Panta

Henry Preston Head M 48  Railway platelayer Employed Worcestershire, Staunton English

Hannah Preston Wife M  38 Housework (Domestic)  Monmouthshire, Penrose English

William Henry Preston Son S 17  Agricultural labourer Employed Monmouthshire, Pontypool English

Agnes Preston Daur S  15 Scholar  Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

Alfred Preston Son  13  Scholar  Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

Beatrice Preston Daur   11 Scholar  Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

Adolphus Eli Preston Son  9    Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

Ada Louisa Preston Daur   7   Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

Ernest Preston Son  4    Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

Edmund Preston Son  2    Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

Herbert Preston Son O 11 mo    Monmouthshire, Glascoed


46. Pentwyn

William Williams Head M 33  Farmer Neither Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

Hannah Williams Wife M  33 Farmer's wife  Monmouthshire, Llangibby English

Annie Williams Daur   9 Scholar  Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

Mary Jane Williams Daur   7 Scholar  Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

David Williams Son  5  Scholar  Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

William John Williams Son  4    Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

Edith Williams Daur   2   Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

Alfred Williams Son O 3 mo    Monmouthshire, Glascoed English


47. Upper House

Kitty Lewis Head Widow  61 Supported by sons  Monmouthshire, Pontypool English

William Lewis Son S 28  Farmer (for Squire Leigh started then crossed out) Neither Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

John Lewis Son S 23  Ditto Neither Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

Mary Ann Lewis Daur S  25 Housekeeper, farmer's sister (Domestic) Neither Monmouthshire, Glascoed English


48. Cross Farm

Mary Williams Head S  27 Farmer Neither Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

William Williams Brother S 20  Farmer's brother, Haulier Neither Monmouthshire, Glascoed English

John Williams Brother S 18  Ditto Neither Monmouthshire, Glascoed English


49. The Cross

Jane Jenkins Head Widow  59 Gardener, Baker, School Caretaker Neither Monmouthshire, Redwick English

Edith Mary Jenkins Daur S  24 Dressmaker Neither Monmouthshire, Llanbaddoc English


Pettingale Mill UNINHABITED. 


No and House~Name~Rel to Head~Mar status~Age m~Age F~Occupation~Employer, Employed or Neither?~County of birth, Place of Birth~Language

NB, No disabilities were noted against the names of any of the inhabitants on this census, so the data has been therefore omitted.