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Glascoed Census “Strays” 1911 I-P

These are records of people who were born in Glascoed and appear elsewhere on the 1911 census. They appear in alphabetical order (surnames). The surnames used are the maiden names while living in Glascoed, in the case of now married ladies. Other families with Glascoed links may also be included here in the future.

KEY: #~House~Description~# Rooms~Name~Surname~Rel to Head~Age m~Age F~Mar status~Marriage yrs~Children born alive~Children still living~Deceased children~Occupation~Industry~Employer?~Work at home?~Place of Birth~County of birth~Nationality~Language

Keazy Jacob, daughter of Wm and Mary Jacob of the Poplars

19 Mill Road, Pontypool, Mon 3 rooms

Kaziar Phillips Head 60 Widow 20~0 Glascoed Mon English Not on database. Prob Keasy Jacob but not sure.

William Watkins Nephew 33 Single Gas stoker Gas Co Worker Cwmffrwdoer (Abersychan) Mon English

Ivor Kays Boarder 39 Married 14 General labourer Worker Newport Mon English

Theophilus Jacob, son of Wm & Mary Jacob of the Poplars

16 Old Bailey, Pontymoile, P'pool, Mon 2 rooms

Theophilus Jacob Head 52 Married Picking out in Pickling Dept at Galvanizing works Worker Glascoed Mon English

Rachel Jacob Wife 47 Married 10~2~2 Pontnewynydd Mon English

Mary Eloin Jacob Daughter 9 Glascoed Mon English

Gertrude Jacob Daughter 6 Glascoed Mon English

Evengeline Griffiths Visitor 17 Single General servant Pontypool Mon English

John Jayne of New House, Glascoed with daughter Alice Ann Jayne her husband, Charles Wm Preece and their children

Ivy House, Llanhilleth, Mon Five rooms

Charles W. Preece Head 31 Married Coal miner Hewer Worker Cardiff Glamorgan English

Alice A. Preece Wife 29 Married 12~6~4~2 Aberbeeg Monmouthshire English

Charles W. Preece Son 9 School Aberbeeg Monmouthshire English

Lily E. Preece Daughter 7 School Aberbeeg Monmouthshire English

Herbert Preece Son 3 Aberbeeg Monmouthshire English

Cliford Preece Son 2 Aberbeeg Monmouthshire English

John Jayne Father relative 60 Widower 16~2~2 - Milk vendor At home Glascoed Monmouthshire English

William Jayne, 1854, son of John and Mary Jayne of New House, Glascoed

Newbridge Road, Llantrisant, Glamorgan 4 rooms

Joseph Bevan Head 39 Married Coalminer Hewer Llantrisant Glam Both

Mary Bevan wife 29 Married 6~4~4~0 Llantrisant Glam Both

Evan David Bevan Son 6 School Llantrisant Glam Both

William Ockwell Bevan Son 4 Llantrisant Glam Both

Llewellyn Bevan Son 3 Llantrisant Glam Both

Sarah Bevan Mother 69 Widow Cardiff Glam Both

Howell Lewis Bevan Son Under 1 month Llantrisant Glam Both

William Jayne Boarder 56 Single Roadman County Council Glascoed Mon Both

Charles Edwin Jenkins of Glascoed c 1874

25 Station Terrace, Caerphilly, Glam. Six rooms

Charles Edwin Jenkins Head 37 Married Coach Painter Railway works Worker Glascoed Monmouth English

Annie Mary Jenkins Wife 36 Married 8~3~3 - Swansea Glamorgan English

Hubert Charles Jenkins Son 6 School Caerphilly Glamorgan English

Vera Eileen Jenkins Daughter 2 Caerphilly Glamorgan

Wilfred John Jenkins Son 1 Caerphilly Glamorgan

Eliza Tabitha Jenkins, c 1857 of Upper Trostrey, Glascoed

46 Coronation Road (Newport Registration District, Mon) 7 rooms

William Jones Head 75 Married Baptist Minister, retired Bryn, Gwyddelwern Parish Merioneth Welsh Both

Margaret Jones Wife 74 Married 45~4~2~2 Abersychan Mon Welsh English

Eliza T. Jenkins Visitor 54 Spinster Glascoed Mon Welsh English

Elizabeth Jenkins of Ty coch c 1870 of Glascoed. Dau of John and Emily Jenkins. Marr name Dean

Seaton House, 5 Clarewain Terrace, Pontypool Road, New Inn, Pontypool, Mon 6 rooms

Harry Dean Head 44 Married Newsagent Own account At Home Honiton Devon English

Elizabeth Dean Wife 40 Married 10~3~2~1 Glascoed Monmouth English

Evelyn May Dean Daughter 4 School New Inn Monmouth English

Ralph Jenkins Dean Son 11 months New Inn Monmouth

Percy Wilmott Jenkins c 1893 of Glascoed with mother Elizabeth Ann Jenkins, now Jarrett

Trostra Villa, 30 Greenhill Rd, Griffithstown, Mon 6 rooms

Charles Jarrett Head 41 Married Clerk in Engineering Works Iron & Steel founders + general engineering Worker Pontrhydywn Monmouth English

Elizabeth Ann Jarrett Wife 43 Married 11~2~2~- Swansea Glamorgan English

Percy Wilmott Jenkins Stepson 18 Single Student (Science) Glascoed Monmouth English

Trevor Jarrett Son 9 Griffithstown Monmouth English

Charles Roy Jarrett Son 6 Griffithstown Monmouth English

Rachel Jenkins, dau of John and Emily Jenkins of Ty coch married now to John Wilks with family

Little Mill, nr Pontypool, Mon 7 rooms

John Wilks Head 42 Married Mechanical Engineer General Engineering Employer Goytre Monmouth English

Rachel Wilks Wife 43 Married 11~2~2 - Glascoed Monmouth English

Harold Wilks Son 9 Mamhilad Monmouth English

Frances Wilks Daughter 5 Mamhilad Monmouth English

James Jones, 1838 of Pergoed Lane. Son of Edward and Eliz Jones. With daughter and grandchildren.

1 Old Hall Street, Dukinfield, Lancashire.

Elizabeth Stopford Head  44 Widow 7 0 0 0 Draper  Own account  Birmingham Warwick

James Jones Father 72       Pensioner    Usk Monmouthshire

Annie Bogie Niece  25      Weaver Cotton Worker  Hooly hill Lancashire

Walter Lister Nephew 5       School Child    Old Street, Ashton Under Lyne  

Thomas Jones and family, formerly of Lower Wernhir

Walnut Tree Farm, Goytrey, Pontypool 6 rooms

Thomas Jones Head 56 Married Farmer Employer Cloddock H'dshire English

Anne Jones Wife 56 Married 32~5~5~- Assisting in the Business Crickhowell Breconshire Both

Emily Jones Daughter 28 Single Farmers daughter Dairy work Worker Cloddock Herefshire English

Philip Jones Son 24 Single Farmers son working on farm Worker Glascoed Mon'shire English

Katie Jones Daughter 22 Single Farmers daughter Assistant Worker Glascoed Mon'shire English

Henry Jones Father 88 Single Talgarth Breconshire Both

Pearl Knight with family, c 1905 at Glascoed - family must have briefly lived there

Fir Tree Cottage, Little Mill, Pontypool, Mon 5 rooms

Alfred Knight Head 34 Married Farmer son working on farm Worker Dowlais Glamorgan English

Margaret Ann Knight Wife 42 Married 14~10~5~5 Quakers Yard Glamorgan Both

Harold Knight Son 11 Single School Quakers Yard Glamorgan English

Pearl Knight Daughter 6 Glascoed Mon English

Cyril Knight Son 4 Little Mill Mon English

Vivian Knight Son 1 Little Mill Mon English

Arthur Clifford Lewis of Glascoed. Born c 1895

Mount Pleasant, Mamhilad, Pontypool, Mon 3 upstairs, 2 down

Elizabeth Williams Head 56 Widow 1 1 None Farmer Own account Llanvihangel Crucorney Monshire English

Margaret Williams Daughter 16 Single Assist in home farm work Worker Half Way House, Little Mill Monshire English

Abraham Hair Servant 53 Bachelor Bailiff "Farm" Worker Cwmyoy Monshire English

Arthur Clifford Lewis Servant 16 Bachelor Cowman Farm Worker Glascoed Monshire English

Caroline Elizabeth Lewis and Edmund Lewis. Caroline's marr name is Seabourne. They are the children of Joseph and Margaret Lewis of 1881 and 1891 censuses

Nr Bridge, Pentrepiod, Pontnewynydd, Mon 6 rooms

Mazey William Seabourne Head 27 Married Clay miner Below ground Worker Abersychan Mon

Caroline E. Seabourne Wife 29 Married 1~1~1 Glascoed Mon

Doris M. Seabourne Daughter 1 Abersychan Mon

Edmund Lewis Brother-in-law 23 Single Clay miner Below ground Worker Glascoed Mon

Daniel Lewis, son of Joseph and Margaret Lewis of 1881 and 1891 censuses

Near Carpenters, Goytre, Abergavenny, Mon Five rooms

Daniel Lewis Head 26 Married Coal Miner (Hewer) Worker Glascoed Mon English

Martha Alice Lewis Wife 26 Married 5~3~3~- Seedley, nr Manchester Lancashire English

Edmund Lewis Son 4 Salford Lancashire English

Margaret Lillian Lewis Daughter 2 Seedley, nr Manchester Lancashire English

Violet Lewis Daughter Under 1 mth Goytrey, nr Pontypool Monshire

Emma Blake Mother-in-Law 56 Widow Pendleton, nr Manchester Lancashire English

Mary Ann Lewis dau of Job and Catherine Lewis of Lower Cwm. Marr name Charles, born c 1863 at Glascoed

11a Albert Street, Aberdare, Glamorgan Five rooms

James Charles Head 56 Married Carpenter Worker Usk Monmouth English

Mary Ann Charles Wife 48 Married 18~4~3~1 Buts? Glascoed Monmouth English

Arthur John Charles Son 17 Single Clerk in Estate Office Aberdare Glamorgan English

Clifford Lewis Charles Son 11 School Aberdare Glamorgan English

William Henry Charles Son 7 Aberdare Glamorgan English

William Isaac Lewis with his wife Edith nee Twissell. Wm is the stepson of Philip Williams of Beech Farm

Elm Tree Cottage, Goytrey, Mon 6 rooms

William Lewis Head 38 Married Iron worker. Pickler at Galvanized Iron Sheet works Worker Goytre Monmouthshire English

Edith Lewis wife 39 Married 17~8~7~1 Mamhilad Mon English

Clifford Lewis Son 15 Single Farm worker Worker Glascoed Mon English

Edith Lewis Daughter 14 Goytre Mon English

Florence Lewis Daughter 13 School Goytre Mon English

Ivor Lewis Son 8 School Goytre Mon English

Elizabeth Lewis Daughter 7 School Goytre Mon English

Richard Lewis Son 5 Goytre Mon English

Philip Lewis Son 4 Goytre Mon English

Caroline Meredith 1869 and family, Married name is Powell

39 Somerset Street, Abertillery, Mon 4 rooms

Charles Powell Head 54 Married Grocer Warehouse Man Grocer Worker Longtown Herefordshire English

Caroline Powell Wife 42 Married 23~13~8~5 Glascoed Monmouthshire English

Henry Powell Son 16 Single Collier (Hewer) Worker Abertillery Mon English

Ellen May Powell Daughter 12 School Abertillery Mon English

Clara Pretoria Powell Daughter 11 School Abertillery Mon English

Elsie Emma Powell Daughter 9 School Abertillery Mon English

John George Powell Son 5 School Abertillery Mon English

Eveline Powell Daughter 4 School Abertillery Mon English

Caroline Meredith 1895, daughter of Phillip Meredith and Caroline Meredith (nee Cutler) with Grandparents George and Eliza Cutler

31 Villa Street, Hereford Five rooms

George Cutler Head 83 Married Pensioner Railway labourer Dundry Somersetshire

Eliza Cutler Wife 72 Married 56~7~3~4 Cradley Herefordshire

Caroline Meredith Grand child 15 Single Glascoed Monmouthshire

Elizabeth Meredith 1890, daughter of Phillip Meredith and Caroline Meredith (nee Cutler) in domestic service in Hereforshire

The Grove, Eastnor, near Ledbury, Herefordshire.

Constance Lamb, Hutchinson, 55, 1856, Female, Head, Widow, , Risley, Derbyshire, ,

Elizabeth, Orton, 50, 1861, Female, Servant, Single, , Smisby, Derbyshire, Cook (Domestic),

Elizabeth, Meredith, 21, 1890, Female, Servant, Single, , The Glascoed, Monmouthshire, Houseparlour Maid (Domestic),

John Somers, Cocks, 3, 1908, Male, Visitor, , , Elm Park rd, Chelsea, , ,

Emily Meredith nee Cutler, widow of Phillip Meredith of Sunny Bank Cottage and their son Andrew Meredith

 Monkswood, Usk, Mon 3 rooms

Jeremiah Smith Head 63 Married Bricklayer On Estate Worker Hopesay Shropshire English

Emily Smith Wife 50 Married Under 1 Malvern Worcestershire English

Andrew Meredith Step son 11 School Glascoed Monmouthshire English

Emily Meredith 1891, daughter of Phillip Meredith and Caroline Meredith (nee Cutler) in domestic service in Berkshire

Leighton Lodge, Speen, Newbury, Berkshire.

Gertrude, Gaskoin, 50, 1861, Female, Head, Single,  , Oystermouth, Glamorganshire, Private Means

Margaret E Cornish, Bowden, 45, 1866, Female, Sister, Married,  , Oystermouth, Glamorganshire,  

Margaret E Cornish, Bowden, 10, 1901, Female, Niece,  ,  , Bengal, India, Student

Hubert G Cornish, Bowden, 3, 1908, Male, Nephew,  ,  , Crownhill, Devon,  

Ada, Baker, 27, 1884, Female, Servant, Single,  , Stockcross, Berkshire, Cook Domestic

Emily, Meredith, 19, 1892, Female, Servant, Single,  , Llantaraham, Monmouthshire, House Parlourmaid Domestic

Marion, Bond, 20, 1891, Female, Servant, Single,  , Gravesend, Kent, Childrens Nurse Domestic

Mary Louisa Miles c 1867 born Glascoed. Dau of Richard and Louisa Miles of Ton farm. Marr name Pearson

 County Asylum (Bridgend, Glamorgan)

Arthur Baslow Pearson Attendant 42 Married Attendant County Asylum Stanton Durham English

Mary Louisa Pearson Wife of Attendant 44 Married 14~1~1~- Glascoed Mon English

Catherine L. Pearson Daughter 8 School Coity Glam English

Ann Morgan. Marr name is Hutchings c 1856 of Glascoed

 25 Two Locks Road, Cwmbran, Mon 5 rooms

John Hutchings Head 59 Married Galvanizer at Wire works Worker Merriott Somerset English

Ann Hutchings Wife 55 Married 35~7~5~2 Manager of Off License Glascoed Mon English

Clarisa Hutchings Daughter 20 Single Dressmaker Own Acct Cwmbran Monmouth English

Clifford Hutchings Son 15 Single Guider out at Wire works Worker Cwmbran Monmouth English

Charles Morgan, son of Elias and Eliza Morgan of Hollybush

 Stopgate, Monkswood, Usk, Mon 4 rooms

Charles Morgan Head 53 Married Foreman Platelayer G W Ry Coy Worker Glascoed Mon English

Sarah Morgan Wife 47 Married 18~5~5~- Goytrey Mon English

Arthur Morgan Son 14 Glascoed Mon English

Alfred Morgan Son 12 School Glascoed Mon English

Rachel Morgan Daughter 11 School Monkswood Mon English

William Morgan Son 9 School Monkswood Mon English

Edith Minnie Morgan c 1904 of Glascoed with her Uncle and Aunt

 42 Oxford Street, Griffithstown, nr Newport, Mon 5 rooms

Arthur Newall Head 39 Married Packer. Black sheet department Panteg Steel works Worker Appleton Cheshire English

Eleanor Emily Newall Wife 39 Married~7~None~None~None Winstanstoe Shropshire English

Edith Minnie Morgan Niece 7 Glascoed Monmouthshire English

Sydney Henry Pinches Boarder 22 Single Railway engine Fireman (stoker) Great Western Rly Worker Cardiff Glamorgan English

George Herbert Pinches Boarder 19 Single Railway Platelayer Great Western Rly Worker Rumney Monmouthshire English

Lemuel Morgan, son of Elias and Eliza Morgan of Holly Bush and family

 Mill Brook Place, Little Mill, Mamhilad, nr Pontypool, Mon 5 rooms

Lemuel Morgan Head 48 Married Railway Platelayer Railway Comp'y Worker Glascoed Mon English

Ellen Morgan Wife 49 Married 26~6~4~2 Longtown Hereford English

George Charles Morgan Son 26 Single Labourer at Sheet Steel works Galvanizing Worker Pontypool Mon English

Alfred Morgan Son 11 At school Glascoed Mon English

Nelly Morgan Daughter 20 Single Mother's help Pontypool Mon English

Martha Morgan c 1887 dau of Henry and Lucy Morgan of Ton farm

 Brookside?, Usk, Mon 13 rooms

Humphrey Humphreys Head 75 Married Private Means Buckingham Buckinghamshire English

S.C? Humphreys Wife 75 Married 39~None~-~- St. Giles, Oxforfd Oxfordshire English

Edith Browning Niece 38 Single Peter le Bailey, Oxford Oxford English

Mary Doyle Servant 40 Single Cook (domestic) Worker Rhadyr Mon English

Martha Morgan Servant 24 Single House & Parlour Maid (domestic) Worker Glascoed Mon English

Eliza Benham Nurse 48 Widow 2 2 Sick Nurse Paddington London English

Louis Boyes Nurse 26 Single Male nurse East Leigh Southampton English

Mary Morgan marr name, poss Mary Ann Williams, granddaughter of Wm and Ann Williams of Lower Twyn, Glascoed

 81 New Road, Ynysybwl, Glamorgan 5 rooms

Morgan W. Morgan Head 26 Married Coal miner Hewer Worker Rhondda Glam Both

Mary Morgan Wife 24 Married 5~3~2 Glascoed Monmouthshire English

Thomas J. Morgan Son 3 Ynysybwl Glam Both

Morgan Wm Morgan Son 1 Ynysybwl Glam

Mary Susannah Morgan, marr name Rowland, daughter of John and Mary Morgan of Hill Farm

 Elm Cottage, Mamhilad, Pontypool, Mon 6 rooms

Mary Susannah Rowland Head 69 Widow Private means Glascoed Monmouthshire English

Thomas Morgan, 1830 and wife Eliza

The Village, Caerleon, Mon 3 rooms

Thomas Morgan Head 80 Married Pensioner Old age Glascoed Monmouthshire English

Eliza Morgan Wife 73 Married 39~4~3~1 Langstone Mon English

Lucy Ann Morgan Daughter 34 Single Christchurch Mon English

William Morgan, 1850, son of Richard and Mary Morgan of Tonbolth, Glascoed

 Cardigan Place, Hatherleigh Rd, Abergavenny 6 rooms

William Morgan Head 60 Married Railway Engine Driver Raily Co. Worker Glascoed Monmouthshire English

Leah Morgan Wife 60 Married 38~12~8~4 Llanelly Breconshire English

Ethel Annie Morgan Daughter 27 Single Shop Assistant Drapers Abergavenny Mon English

Eva Fannie Morgan Daughter 25 Single Shop Assistant Drapers Abergavenny Mon English

Gwendoline Grace Morgan Daughter 17 Single Shop Assistant Drapers Abergavenny Mon English

Richard Horace Pope Grandson 2 Presteigne Rad English

Anne Parry daughter of Tom and Mary Jane Parry of Ton farm, Glascoed

 Twyn Gwyn, Trevethin, Pontypool, Mon Eight rooms

Alfred Henry Williams Head 51 Single Farmer Employer Usk Monmouthshire English

Harriet M. Jones Sister 46 Widow 2 None Housekeeper Worker Usk Monmouthshire English

Anne Parry Servant 21 Single General servant, Domestic Worker Glascoed Monmouthshire English

Edward S. Chappell Servant 17 Single Waggoner on farm Worker Caerwent Monmouthshire English

Maud Annie Parry and husband William Henry Parry

 Cherry Cottage, Lower New Inn, nr Pontypool, Mon 3 rooms

William Henry Parry Head 34 Married Stoker (Boiler) Tin Mills Employed worker Llanwood Salop English English

Maud Annie Parry Wife 36 Married 1~1~1~0 Glascoed Mon English English

Archibald Henry Parry Son 15 Single Labourer Tin Mills Worker Minsterley Salop English English

William Parry, c 1889 of Glascoed

 No 9 Prospect Road, New Inn, nr Pontypool, Mon 6 rooms

Amos Gurney Head 48 Married Roadman Panteg U. D. Council Worker Hereford Herefordshire English

Mary Jane Gurney Wife 41 Married 20~4~4~0 Raglan Monmouthshire English

Christmas Gurney Son 18 Single Engine Cleaner G.W.R. Railway Co. Worker Panteg Monmouthshire English

Evelyn Gurney Daughter 13 School Panteg Monmouthshire English

Kate Gurney Daughter 11 School Panteg Monmouthshire English

James Reynolds Boarder 36 Single Market gardener Hereford Herefordshire English

William Parry, Boarder 21 Single Engine Cleaner G.W.R. Railway Co. Worker Glascoed Monmouthshire English

Alice Pitt, marr name Edwards, daughter of John Pitt and Sarah Davies of Panta House and Rose Cottage

 1 School Street, Brithdir, Glamorgan 4 rooms

Alice Edwards Head 49 Widow Green grocer Own account Glascoed Mon English

Edwin Edwards Son 17 Single Collier hewer Worker Brithdir Glamorgan English

Jessie Edwards Daughter 14 Single Brithdir Glamorgan English

Frances Pitt, widow of Peter Pitt and family, formerly of Three Stiles

 Fairfield Terrace, Nelson, Glam Six rooms

Frances Pitt Widow 42 Widow 19~9~9~None Pontrilas Hereford English

Harold Pitt Son 18 Single coal miner ocean coal co. Worker Pontrilas Hereford English

Ernest Pitt Son 17 Single coal miner ocean coal co. Worker Trevethin Monmouth English

Ivor Pitt Son 15 Single coal miner ocean coal co. Worker Trevethin Monmouth English

Edith Pitt Daughter 13 School Trevethin Monmouth English

Vera Pitt Daughter 11 School Glascoed Monmouth English

Stanly Pitt Son 10 School Glascoed Monmouth English

Glawdys Pitt Daughter 7 School Glascoed Monmouth English

Reginald Pitt Son 6 School Glascoed Monmouth English

Winefred Pitt Daughter 5 School Glascoed Monmouth English

Henry James Pitt, son of John Pitt and Sarah Davies of Panta House and Rose Cottage, with Mary Ann, daughter of Elizabeth Williams and adopted daughter of Richard Arnold and family

 5 Mill Road, Pontnewynydd, Mon 4 rooms

James Pitt Head 54 Married Tinplate Shearer Tinplate Works Worker Glascoed Mon English

Mary Ann Pitt Wife 54 Married 32~8~6~2 Glascoed Mon English

William Pitt Son 27 Single Plumber Worker Pontypool Mon English

Arnold Pitt Son 20 Single Barber Own a/c Pontnewynydd Mon English

Ernest Pitt Son 13 School Pontnewynydd Mon English

Ede Pitt Daughter 22 Single Shop Assistant Worker At home Pontypool Mon English

Clyde Brown Grand-daughter 5 School Pontypool Mon English

Thomas Jesse Pitt and family. Son of John Pitt and Sarah Davies of Panta House and Rose Cottage

 71 Ceres Road, Plumstead, Kent 3 rooms

Thomas Jesse Pitt Head 46 Married Storeman, Army Ordnance Dept Worker Glascoed Monmouthshire

Unity Jane Pitt Wife 41 Married 16~6~5~1 Whitstable Kent

Gwladys Elizabeth Pitt Daughter 14 School Marylebone London

Edith Alice Pitt Daughter 12 School Lewisham London

William Thomas Pitt Son 10 School Charlton Kent

Ellen Pitt Daughter 8 Woolwich Kent

James Devine Pitt Son 4 Woolwich Kent

William John Pitt and family, son of John Pitt and Sarah Davies of Panta House and Rose Cottage

 45 Canal Bank, Sebastopol, Mon House rooms 7

William J Pitt Head 51 Married Steel Smelter Steel Works Worker Glascoed Monmouthshire

Emily A Pitt Wife 40 Married 20~11~11  Sebastopol Mon

Florence M Pitt Daughter 19 Single Sebastopol Mon

Ada S Pitt Daughter 17 Single Shop Assistant Draper shop Worker Sebastopol Mon

Gladys E. Pitt Daughter 15 Single Dressmaker Own account At home Sebastopol Mon William R Pitt Son 14 Shop Assistant Shoe Shop Worker Sebastopol Mon

Gertrude E Pitt Daughter 12 Stores Boy At sheet works Worker Sebastopol Mon

Cyril H Pitt Son 9 School Sebastopol Mon

Doris L Pitt Daughter 8 School Sebastopol Mon

Nellie B Pitt Daughter 5 School Sebastopol Mon

Elsie E Pitt Daughter 2 School Sebastopol Mon

Vera E Pitt Daughter 4 months Home Sebastopol Mon

Sarah Jane Powell of Hill Farm, dau of Edward and Sarah Powell. Marr name Jones, living in Dorset

 5 Kings Road, Radipole, Weymouth, Dorset 5 rooms

Joseph Charles Jones Head 31 Married Railway Engine Driver Worker Pontrhydrun Monmouthshire English

Sarah Jane Jones Wife 32 Married 5 - - - Cwmbran Monmouthshire English

Adolphus Eli Preston, son of Henry and Hannah Preston of Panta House, Glascoed

Cwmbwrwch, Panteg, nr Pontypool, Mon Six rooms

Adolphus Preston Head 30 Married Farmer Employer Glascoed Mon Brit English

Edith Preston Wife 31 Married One Monmouth Monmouthshire Brit English

Laura Preston Visitor 29 Single Dressmaker Own account Monmouth Monmouthshire Brit English

Albert Coombes Visitor 25 Single Stone Mason Hereford Herefordshire Brit English

James Price Servant 45 Single Waggoner on farm Farm worker Monmouth Monmouthshire Brit English

Alfred Preston son of Henry and Hannah Preston of Panta House

 Ryecroft, Brynamman Road, Lower Brynamman, Glam 6 rooms

John William Booth Head 40 Married Railway Wagon repairer Worker Rotherham Yorks English

Annie Booth Wife 38 Married 13~3~3  Rotherham Yorks English

Arthur George Booth Son 13 Single  Brynamman Glam Both

Alice Maud Booth Daughter 11  Brynamman Glam Both

Florida Booth Daughter 9  Brynamman Glam Both

Alfred Preston Boarder 33 Widower Colliery Guard (Traffic) Colliery Proprietors Worker Glascoed Mon English

Albert Preston Boarder 28 Married 1 year Colliery Clerk Colliery Proprietors Worker Tranch Mon English

William Henry Preston, son of Henry and Hannah Preston of Panta House with his new family

 34 Cae Vellin Street, Llanhilleth, Mon 5 rooms

William Henry Preston Head 35 Married Coal Miner (Hewer) Worker Pontypool Mon English

Maud Preston wife 35 Married 6~3~3 - Pontypool Mon English

Janet Violet Mary Preston Daughter 4 Pontypool Mon English

Olive Preston Daughter 3 Pontypool Mon English

Arthur William Preston Son 1 Llanhilleth Mon

Albert Howlett Boarder 29 years Single Grocer Haulier Worker Swindon Wilts English