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St. Matthew’s Church, Monkswood: Burial registers

Quite a number of Glascoed people were buried in other local churches. More seemed to be buried at Monkswood than others I had found, so I have given this church its own page.

My Great-Great Grandmother, Sarah Pitt (nee Davies) was at the centre of a scandal that the local newspapers termed “Suspicion of infanticide” in their reporting. In 1868, she gave birth to a child who died after a few hours. In order to save money on graveyard fees, late at night the father of the child, James Williams, buried the body secretly. The inquest brought this apparently not uncommon rural practice to light - so it may be that there are more bodies buried in churchyards than these registers would indicate!

Many thanks to Mike John for allowing me to abstract and share this information from the burial registers at Monkswood.

St. Matthew’s Church, Monkswood

Date Name Surname Age Relation Relative's Name Place Church Notes

9/7/1785 Ann Jenkins  d/o John & Elizth Jenkins Glascoed Monkswood

2/8/1791 Charlot Williams  d/o Proger Williams Glascoed Monkswood

11/1/1795 Chas Andrew    Glascoed Monkswood

4/10/1795 Rachel Jenkins 13   Glascoed Monkswood

19/11/1795 Frances William 71   Glaescoed Monkswood

24/11/1796 Mary Ellis 71   Glaescoed Monkswood

25/6/1798 Wm Lewis    Glaescoed Monkswood

10/2/1800 Mary Williams    Glaescoed Monkswood

6/8/1807 Wm Williams    Glaescoed Monkswood Cottager

11/4/1808 Jane Williams  supposed d/o John Williams, batch, by Jane Lewis, single woman Glaescoed Monkswood

18/2/1810 Frances Lewis    Glascoed Monkswood Widow

13/12/1810 Anne Jeremiah  reputed d/o Wm Jeremiah, batch, by Jane Lewis, single woman Glascoed Monkswood

3/3/1812 John Jenkins    Glascoed Monkswood Labourer

27/12/1812 Charlotte Edwards  d/o Edward Edwards Glaescoed Monkswood

19/2/1813 Wm Andrews 78   Glaescoed Monkswood

11/7/1813 Evan Lewis 79   Glaescoed Monkswood

1/8/1813 Elizth Williams 38   Glaescoed Monkswood

8/11/1813 Thos Andrews 75   Glaescoed Monkswood

7/8/1819 Chas Morgan 59   Glascoed Monkswood

20/10/1819 Henry Waters 19   Glascoed Monkswood

5/12/1820 Mary Parry 76   Glaescoed Monkswood

4/3/1821 Maria Lewis 8   Glaescoed Monkswood

9/3/1821 Rachel Lewis 16   Glascoed Monkswood

8/2/1822 John Prosser 76   Glaescoed Monkswood

17/6/1825 Mary Andrews 77   Glascoed Monkswood

27/3/1826 Elizth Jones 7 wks   Glascoed Monkswood

16/9/1828 Evan Evans 7 mths   Glascoed Monkswood

23/9/1828 BLANK Evans 45   Glascoed Monkswood

11/3/1834 John Lewis 74   Glaescoed Monkswood

16/1/1838 Philip Lewis 85   Glascoed Monkswood

12/4/1843 Philip Griffiths 4   Glascoed Monkswood

30/10/1851 Chas Henry Morgan 54   Glascoed Monkswood

27/5/1859 Rachael Lewis 88   Glascoed Monkswood

6/2/1860 Phoebe Smith 3 mths   Glascoed Monkswood

19/2/1860 Danl Lewis 52   Glascoed Monkswood

20/11/1861 Richd Morgan 51   Glascoed Monkswood

31/12/1861 Jas Morgan 24   Glascoed Monkswood

31/12/1861 Sarah Morgan 14   Glascoed Monkswood

28/11/1862 Augustus Francis 85   Glascoed Monkswood

19/2/1865 Hannah Roberts 32   Glascoed Monkswood

20/12/1867 Wm Lewis 74   Glascoed Monkswood

6/9/1871 Elizth Ann Reece 7 mths   The Bryn, Glascoed Monkswood

16/8/1876 Elizth Jane Rees 4 mths  Wernhir, Glascoed Monkswood

21/10/1884 Chas Powell 64   Glascoed Monkswood

26/10/1885 Mary Morgan 68   Glascoed Monkswood

25/11/1885 Hannah Lewis 66   Glascoed Monkswood

13/2/1886 Esther Pretty 46   Glascoed Monkswood (Webmaster note: I wonder whether the surname is actually, Priddy).

7/5/1886 Sydney Morgan 10   Glascoed Monkswood

15/6/1887 Emily Priddy 30   Glascoed Monkswood

6/8/1888 Richd Miles 67   Glascoed Monkswood

27/9/1889 Jane Geater 42   Glascoed Monkswood

22/11/1890 Philip Lewis 71   Glascoed Monkswood

11/6/1891 John Priddy 57   Glascoed Monkswood

1/8/1893 Eliza Gwatkin 73   Maesmawr, Glascoed Monkswood

31/5/1896 Cath Harris 62   Upper House, Glascoed Monkswood

7/1/1897 Louisa Miles 72   Glascoed Monkswood

15/3/1897 Wm Gwatkin 76   Maesmawr, Glascoed Monkswood