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Arnold families

The Arnolds were one of the more prosperous farming families by Glascoed standards, although that isn’t saying much! Compared to our lives today, their life would have been very hard.

To view their origins, have a look on the Database (index buttons above) - Richard Arnold Senior’s database entry is here. The Arnolds came to Glascoed from Llanishen around 1842, to Maes Mawr farm. They had also lived at Llandenny for a period. Interestingly a “15 year old” John Arnold was at Maes Mawr on the 1841 census, working as a labourer. I had assumed that this was Richard and Maria Arnold’s eldest son, John and that the Arnolds followed on later on the information provided by their boy. The only problem with this theory is that the Arnold family had John listed with them at Llanishen House in 1841 - so it’s either a case of coincidence that and a wrong assumption, or it could be that the Arnolds listed their whole family as being together, even if John was working away from home at the time. No way of proving either way, I suppose.

Richard and Maria stayed at Maes Mawr until their deaths in the early 1870s.

So far, I’ve written pages about my Great-Great Grandfather, Richard Arnold (1832-1916) and his daughter with Elizabeth Williams, Mary Ann Arnold (1857-1936).

Elizabeth Williams

Married 1857

They had 12 children in total.

See Mary Ann Arnold’s family tree for full details of all Richard and Elizabeth’s children.

Mary Ann Arnold

Born 1857

Richard Arnold