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1861 Census Strays A-J

These are Glascoed people in other parishes mainly after they had left Glascoed, or in some cases before they had settled in the hamlet.

I’m sure that there must be other “Strays” that I have not managed to trace, often due to indexing or transcription errors by others on the pay census sites. I have left research notes on the page for myself to double-check whether there could be more individuals from these families on preceding or subsequent frames.

Later versions of this will also include a more thorough linking of individuals to their places of residence at Glascoed and/or families that they are linked to.

I hope this will be of help. If you would like me to revisit the original scripts to check a detail, please contact me.

David Andrew c 1809 and family at Panteague RG9/4010/62&63/?

 Newport Road, Panteague, Monmouthshire

 David Andrews Head Married 51 Labourer at Tin works Glascoed Monmmouthshire

  Alice Andrews Wife Married 53 Labourers wife Panteague Monmmouthshire

  Jonathan Andrews Son Unmarr 19 Labourer at Tin works Panteague Monmmouthshire

  Daniel Andrews Son Unmarr 17 Labourer at Tin works Panteague Monmmouthshire

  Rachel Andrews Daughter Unmarr 13 Scholar Panteague Monmmouthshire

David Andrew c 1838 next door to David and Alice Andrews at Panteg with family. Probably son.RG9/4010/63/?

 Holly House, Newport Road, Panteague, Monmouthshire

 David Andrews Head Married 22 Pickler in Tin works Panteague Monmmouthshire

  Rachael Andrews Wife Married 23 Tin Pickler's wife Monkswood Monmmouthshire

  Joseph Andrews Son Unmarr 11 months Panteague Monmmouthshire

Richard Arnold Eliz nee Wms and family at Bryngwyn RG9/4012/57/5

 Bryngwyn House, Bryngwyn, Monmouthshire

 Richard Arnold Head Married 28 Farm Bailiff Llandenny Monmouthshire

  Elizabeth Arnold Wife Married 24 Farm Bailiff's wife Glascoed Monmouthshire

  Maria Arnold Daughter 7 mo Farm Bailiff's daughter Bryngwyn Monmouthshire

Charlotte Bayton later married James Eddins, here married to William Thomas and her son Edward. Charlotte, James and Edward later came to live at Panta House by 1871

Cae Nicholas Green 2, Trevethin, Monmouthshire. RG9/4007/46/27

William, Thomas, Head, M, 36, , Engine Fitter, Beaufort, Breconshire

Charlotte, Thomas, Wife, M, , 34, , Trevethin, Mon

Edward, Thomas, Son, , 6, , Scholar, Newport, Mon

John, Williams, Lodger, unm, 45, , Carpenter, Panteg, Mon

Eliza c 1827 married to John Bevan with family at Star House, Goytre RG9/4012/?/8

 Star House, Lower Goytre, Monmouthshire

 John Bevan Head Mar 33 Farmer of 9 acres Llanover Mon

  Eliza Bevan Wife Mar 33 Farmers wife Glasgoed Mon

  Mary Bevan Dau - 8 Mamhillad Mon

  Ann Bevan Dau - 5 Goytry Mon

  Eliza Bevan Dau - 2 Goytry Mon

Rachel c 1777 marr name Brown with son William and family at Pontypool RG9/4007/?/6

 High Street, Pont-y-Pool, Monmouthshire

 William Brown Head M 46 Shoemaker Trevethin Mon

  Jane Brown Wife M 45 Newport Mon

  Mary J Brown Daur U 19 Dress maker Trevethin Mon

  Elizabeth Brown Daur 17 Dress maker Trevethin Mon

  Thomas Brown Son 14 Scholar Trevethin Mon

  William Brown Son 11? Scholar Trevethin Mon

  Rachel Brown Mother W 83 Glascoed Mon

Thomas Charles c 1825 and wife Emma nee Edwards with sister in law

 Llanellen, Monmouthshire

 Thomas Charles Head Mar 35 Ag Labourer Glascoed Monmouth

  Emma Charles Wife Mar 28 Goytrey Monmouth

  Elizabeth Edwards Sister in law Un 11 Llanellen Monmouth

  Henry Charles Son Un 4 Pontypool Monmouth

  Ann Charles Dau Un 3 Llanellen Monmouth

  Thomas Charles Son Un 1 Mo Llanellen Monmouth

Eliz c 1800 with husband Edward Daniel and family at Llanfrechva RG9/4011/?/16

 Farm House, Llanvrechva Lower, Monmouthshire

 Edward Daniel Head Mar 72 Mason Llantarnam Monmouthshire

  Elizabeth Daniel Wife Mar 60 Glascoed Monmouthshire

  Edward Daniel Son U 22 Ag Lab Llanvrechva Lower Monmouthshire

  Hannah Daniel Daur 13 Llanvrechva Lower Monmouthshire

Jabez Davies c 1838 lodging at Pontypool RG9/4007/36/8 and 37/9

 High Street, Pont-y-Pool, Monmouthshire

 William Meredith Head M 61 Collier Trevethin Mon

  Amy Meredith Wife 63 Llantarnam Mon

  Thomas Meredith Son M 28 Collier Trevethin Mon

  Rudal Jarret Grandson 6 Scholar Panteg Mon

  Martha Wills Neice 14 Trevethin Mon

  Jabez Davies Lodger U 22 Collier Glascoed Mon

Edmund Edwards c 1820 with wife Rachel near Mountain Ash RG9/4047/77/29

 Price Street, Glyncynon, Mountain Ash, Llanwonno, Glamorgan

 Edmund Edwards Head Mar 40 Coal miner Glaescoed Monmouthshire

  Rachel Edwards Wife Mar 40 Newbridge Monmouthshire

Cornelius Evans and family later of Glascoed Vach at Llangwm Uchaf RG9/3975/29/5

 Porth Cretig, Llangwm Uchaf, Monmouthshire

 Cornelius Evans Head Mar 37 Farmer 100 a, employ 1 man Lanishen Monmouthshire

  Martha Evans Wife Mar 23 Langwm Ucha Monmouthshire

  Mary Jane Evans Daur 10 m Langwm Ucha Monmouthshire

  Matilda Rees Serv Un 17 Farm servant Shirenewton Monmouthshire

  James Jenkins Serv Un 24 Carter Goelloge Monmouthshire

Thos Evans c 1858 born at Glascoed staying with his grandparents RG9/4007/90/5

 Twyngwyn 3rd, Pontypool, Trevethin, Monmouthshire

 Samuel Evans Head Mar 57 Shepherd Hendy Parish Mon

  Mary Evans Wife Mar 59 Redwick Mon

  George Evans Son un 21 or 31 Lab on Railway Hendy Parish Mon

  Thomas Evans Granson 3 Glascoed Mon

  James Williams un 31 Servant Shenewton Mon

John Griffiths c 1835 step son of John Wms with mum Sarah Wms c 1808 also of Glascoed and his new wife Eliza RG9/4027/?/21

 Hamlet of Bedwas Upper, Monmouthshire

 John Williams Head Mar 35 Plate layer Honington Devonshire

  Sarah Williams Wife Mar 53 Wife Glasgoed Monmouth

  John Griffiths Wife son Mar 25 Plate layer Glasgoed Monmouth

  Eliza Griffiths Wife Mar 18 Wife West Harptree Somerset

Wm & Eliza Gwatkin and family later of Maes Mawr RG9/4012/103/6 & 104/7

 Church Farm, Goitrey Lower, Monmouthshire

 William Gwatkin Head Mar 40 Farmer 59 acres Crick? Herefordshire

  Eliza Gwatkin Wife Mar 41 Farmers wife Mamhilad Mon

  Edwin W. Gwatkin Son - 14 Farmers son Goytrey Mon

  Anne Gwatkin Dau - 11 Farmers dau Goytrey Mon

  John Gwatkin Son - 9 Farmers son Goytrey Mon

  George Gwatkin Son - 5 Farmers son Goytrey Mon

  Richard Gwatkin Son - 2 Farmers son Goytrey Mon

  Elizabeth Gwatkin Mother Widow 76 Border Bettws Mon

  James Gwatkin Brother Un 42 Border Bulk? Herefordshire

  Joanah Williams Mo in law W 74 Border Glasgoed Monmouthshire

Martha c 1820 with husband Thomas Hanbury at Pontymoile RG9/4010/68/7

 Court Field Cottages, Llanvihangel Pontymoile, Monmouthshire

 Thomas Hanbury Head Mar 50 Blacksmith England (County N.K.)

  Martha Hanbury Wife Mar 40 Glascoed Mon

  Samuel Rees Visitor 5 Llanvihangel Pontymoile Mon

 Separate household, same house

 William Lilly Lodger Widr 75 Chelsea Pensioner Portbury Somerset

Edward and Mary Holloway c 1813 and next door Eliz Holloway formerly of Panta House RG9/4011/36/16 and 37/17

 Keeper's Cottage, Llanvrechva Lower, Monmouthshire

 Edward Holloway Head Mar 47 Woodward (Wood man) Glascoed Monmouthshire

  Mary Holloway Wife Mar 47 Glascoed Monmouthshire

  Hannah Holloway Daur 14 Llanvrechva Lower Monmouthshire

  Thomas Holloway Son 10 Llanvrechva Lower Monmouthshire

  Edwin Holloway Son 8 Llanvrechva Lower Monmouthshire

  John Holloway Son 6 Llanvrechva Lower Monmouthshire

Elizabeth Holloway c 1847 at farm of Samuel Williams later to marry "Lizzie" (c 1851) of Glascoed as seen on 1881 census with his family RG9/4011/?/16

 Cwmbran Farm, Llanvrechva Lower, Monmouthshire

 William Williams Head Mar 49 Farmer of 54 acres Bedminster Somersetshire

  Jane Williams Wife Mar 48 Gellygare Monmouthshire

  Samuel Williams Son Un 18 Llanvrechva Lower Monmouthshire

  Mary A Williams Daur 16 Llanvrechva Lower Monmouthshire

  William Williams Son 14 Llanvrechva Lower Monmouthshire

  James Williams Son 12 Llanvrechva Lower Monmouthshire

  Charles Williams Son 10 Llanvrechva Lower Monmouthshire

  John Williams Son 8 Llanvrechva Lower Monmouthshire

  Thomas Williams Son 6 Llanvrechva Lower Monmouthshire

  Alfred Williams Son 2 Llanvrechva Lower Monmouthshire

  Elinder Williams Daur 3 months Llanvrechva Lower Monmouthshire

  David Evans Nephew 13 Farmer's son Henllys Monmouthshire

  Elizabeth Holoway Serv 13 General Servant Glascoed Monmouthshire

  William Woodherd? Serv 60 Carter Coal Ashton Gloucestershire

Ann Hughes widow of John Hughes and children at Monkswood RG9/4012/57/5

 Pontypool Road, Monkswood, Monmouthshire

 Ann Hughes Head Widow 40 Glascoed Monmouthshire

  Eliza Hughes Daur Un 12 Monkswood Monmouthshire

  George Hughes Son 6 Monkswood Monmouthshire

  John Hughes Son 2 Monkswood Monmouthshire

James Jacob c 1790 with wife Elizabeth and dau Margaret RG9/4010/?/8

 Viccar Cottage, Lower Cwm, Panteague

 James Jacob Head Mar 70 Agricultural Labourer Glascoed Mon

  Elizabeth Jacob Wife Mar 73 Lanvrechva Upper Mon

  Margaret Jacob Daur Un 41 Lanvrechva Upper Mon

John Jacob c 1815 and large family at Upper Machen RG9/4027/81/15

 Dranllwn, Upper Machen, Monmouthshire

 John Jacob Head Mar 45 Forge man Glascoed Mon

  Mary Jacob Wife Mar 45 Bassaleg Mon

  Mary A Jacob Daur Un 17 Rhydywern Glamorgan

  William Jacob Son 15 Behinder Pontypool Mon

  Rodah Jacob Daur 12 Scholar Rhydywern hamlet

  Ann Jacob Daur 10 Scholar Machen Mon

  John Jacob Son 7 Scholar Machen Mon

  Edwin Jacob Son 2 Machen Mon

James James c 1840 lodging at Trevethin RG9/4117/112/13

 Birch Hill, Trevethin, Monmouthshire

 John Baily Head Mar 61 Miner Madley Hereford

  Jemima Baily Wife Mar 52 Llangibby Mon

  Ann Evans Daug Mar 27 Dress maker Trevethin

  Susannah Baily Daug Unm 21 Shoe closer Trevethin

  James Crocket Lodger Unm 20 Collier Cefn Crib Glam

  James James Lodger Unm 20 Collier Glascoed

Elizabeth Jenkins, later married James Williams and lived at Ty Coch in the 1870s and 80s.

Cefn tilla, Llanddewi Fach, Monmouthshire. RG9/4011/57/11

Abel, Jenkins, Head, Mar, 54, , Farmer 60 acres of Land/ Two Boys, Llanthewy, Mon

Ann, Jenkins, Wife, Mar, , 30, Farmers Wife, Llanthewy, Mon

Elizabeth, Jenkins, Daur, , , 8, Scholar, Llanthewy, Mon

John, Jenkins, Son, , 7, , Scholar, Llanthewy, Mon

Henry, Jenkins, Son, , 5?, , , Llanthewy, Mon

Thomas, George, Serv, Un, 17?, , Carter, Llanvrechva Lower, Mon

William, Lindsey, Serv, Un, 14, , Farm servant, Clytha Parish, Mon

John, Williams, Serv, Un, , 17, House Servant, Clytha Parish, Mon

James Jenkins c 1847 of Lower Trostrey at Long Ashton School in Somerset RG9/1707/?/8 Long Ashton School, Long Ashton, Somerset

 James Jenkins Pupil U 13 Scholar Glascoed Monm

Mary c 1813 married to John Jenkins at Goytre with family RG9/4012/?/8

 Twyn Sciny, Goytrey, Monmouthshire

 John Jenkins Head Mar 36 Ag. Lab Mamhilad Mon

  Mary Jenkins Wife Mar 47 Glasgoed Mon

  Eliza Jenkins Son - 9 Scholar Goytrey Mon

  William Jenkins Cousin Un 16 or 46 Lab Llanvrechva Mon

Mary Ann Jenkins c 1851 with Tedman family at Goytre RG9/4012/?/8

 Walnut Tree, Goytrey, Monmouthshire

 Daniel Tedman Head Mar 50 Farmer 38 acres, 2 servants. Llanarth Mon

  Anne Tedman Wife Mar 56 Farmers wife Grosmont Mon

  Elizabeth Tedman Daur Un 17 Lanarth Mon

  John Roberts Serv Un 19 Carter Michal Church Hereford

  Mary Ann Jenkins - 9 - Glascoed Mon

Thomas Jenkins c 1793 with wife Mary RG9/4010/?/24

 Upper Ynyscoy, Panteague, Monmouthshire

 Thomas Jenkins Head Mar 67 Ag. Lab Glascoed Mon

  Mary Jenkins Wife Mar 66 Llantrissent Mon

William Jeremiah c 1820 with wife Mary and family at Monkswood. Also Margaret c 1782 widow of Mr Matthews RG9/4012/56/8?

 Pontypool Road, Monkswood, Monmouthshire

 William Jeremiah Head Mar 40 Wood? Lab Glascoed Monmouthshire

  Mary Jeremiah Wife Mar 40 Llanover Upper Monmouthshire

  Benjamin Jeremiah Son 7 Monkswood Monmouthshire

  John Jeremiah Son 6 Caerleon Monmouthshire

  Mary J. Jeremiah Dau 4 Llanwenarth Monmouthshire

  Margaret Mathews Boarder Widow 78 Glascoed Monmouthshire

Cathrine c 1800 wife of William Jones at Trevethin RG9/4007/99/21

 Freehold Land, Trevethin, Monmouthshire

 William Jones Head Mar 70 Waterman ??Melsam?? Wiltshire

  Cathrine Jones Wife Mar 60 Glascoed Mon

Giles Jones c 1795 RG9/4010/61/3

 Gros Vach, Panteague, Monmouthshire

 Giles Jones Head Unm 65 Farmer Glascoed Monmouth

  Eliza Davis Mar 35 Servant Newchurch Monmouth

  Adeline Davis Unmar 4 Panteague Monmouth

Mary c 1828 wife of Wm Jones at Cowbridge with family RG9/4075/?/44

 East Village, Cowbridge, Glamorgan

 William Jones Head Mar 45 Ag Lab Newchurch Monmouthshire

  Mary Jones Wife Mar 32 Glascoed Monmouthshire

  Henry Jones Son 12 Cow Boy Cowbridge Glamorgan

  Elizabeth Jones Daur 11? Scholar Cowbridge Glamorgan

  William Jones Son 7 Scholar Cowbridge Glamorgan

  Samuel Jones Son 5 Scholar Cowbridge Glamorgan

 Alexander Church Lodger Un 50 Pedlar Ireland

Rees Jones c 1808 and wife Mary A from London at Blaenavon RG9/3996/54/21

 White Lion, King Street, Blaenavon, Monmouthshire

 James Ellick Head Mar 77 Publican Caerleon Mon

  Jane Ellick Wife Mar 75 Publican's wife Caerleon Mon

  Jane Ellis Gran Daur Un 15 Domestic Assistant Abergavenny Mon

  Rees Jones Lodger Mar 52 Iron miner Glascoed Mon

  Mary A. Jones Wife Mar 37 Iron miner's wife London

William Jones c 1836 at Aberystruth RG9/3997/?/40

Head of household was John Jones, a 28? year old Coal miner born in Brynmawr, Breconshire. He was married to Matilda Jones (aged 26 from Monmouth) with 3 young children (aged 6 and under) a servant and 3 lodgers (including William) - the  other lodger, Mary Prout, was an 18 year old labourer from Brynmawr.

 Hope Street, Aberystruth, Monmouthshire

 Robert Baker Boarder Un 26 Coal Miner Forest of Dean Gloster

  William Jones Boarder Un 24 Ironstone Miner Glascode Mon