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Register of Electors. Glascoed. 1870

The Register of Persons entitled to Vote

At any Election of a Member or Members to serve in Parliament for the COUNTY OF MONMOUTH, during the year commencing on the FIRST DAY OF JANUARY, 1870.


Parish of Glascoed

List No. 1. -- Voters in respect of property, -- including Tenant Occupiers at a rent of £50 and upwards.

No. Name Place of abode Nature of qualification Description of qualifying property

7642 Arnold, Richard Maesmawr, Glascoed Occupation of house and land Maesmawr

7643 Bourne, James Samuel Dudley Freehold rent charge The Rectorial Tithes, Hamlet of Glascoed

7644 Harrhy, David High Street, Newport Freehold house and land Trostra Lower

7645 Jayne, John Glascoed Occupation of house and land Glascoed New House

7646 Jenkins, Edward Glascoed Occupation of house and land Glascoed Vach

7647 Jenkins, James Trostra Upper Freehold house and land Trostra Upper

7648 Jones, James Garndiffaith Leasehold house and land Glascoed

7649 Lewis, Philip Glascoed Freehold house and land Bush Cottage

7650 Meredith, James Glascoed Freehold house and garden Glascoed

7651 Miles, Richard Ton Leasehold house and land for lives Ton, Glascoed

7652 Morgan, Arthur Glascoed Share of freehold farm Hill Farm

7653 Morgan, William Glascoed Occupation of house and land Hill Farm

7654 Moseley, David Glascoed Occupation of house and land Trostra Lower

7655 Rees, Benjamin Glascoed Occupation of house and land Lower Wernhir

7656 Rees, Richard Glascoed Occupation of house and land Bryn Farm

7657 Rees, William Glascoed Occupation of house and land Middle Wernhir

7658 Smith, John Canal Head, Aberdare Freehold house and land Lower Wernhir

7659 Williams, Edward Glascoed Leasehold house and land Upper Cwm

7660 Williams, Roger Glascoed Occupation of house and land Beech Farm

7661 Williams, William Cwmare, Glascoed Leasehold house and land Cwmare

List No. 2. -- Voters as occupiers of Lands or Tenements of the Rateable Value of £12 and upwards, not being on List No. 1.

No. Name Place of abode Nature of qualification Description of qualifying property??

7662 Arnold, Robert Maesmawr, Glascoed Land as tenant Upper House farm

7663 Jenkins, John Tycoch, Glascoed House and land as tenant Tycoch

7664 Lewis, James Glascoed House and land as tenant Glascoed

7665 Lewis, Richard Pontnewynydd House and land as tenant Three Styles

7666 Morgan, Edward Glascoed House and land as tenant Glascoed

7667 Morgan, John Upper Wernhir Land as tenant Upper Wernhir

7668 Rosser, John Pettingale, Panteg Land as tenant Pettingale

7669 Watkins, Henry Glascoed Land as tenant Pergoed

7670 Williams, David Munachdy, Llanvihangel Pontymoile House and land as tenant Pentwyn

7671 Williams, John Glascoed House and land as tenant Glascoed