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The Arthur family

Arthur is not a particularly common name, so it is perhaps not a surprise that the two Mary Arthurs who married Glascoed farmers (that I am aware of) were actually related. For the time being, I think I’ll just concentrate on these two for bio pages. They both came from Trostrey, Monmouthshire.

1) Mary Arthur c.1764-1835 - later Jenkins of Upper Trostrey farm.

Mary was the daughter of a William and Mary (nee George) Arthur from Trostrey. She married the marvellously named Hercules Jenkins of Upper Trostrey farm, Glascoed. They were probably the most prosperous and well-connected of the Glascoed farmers.

Mary Arthur1764 Mary Arthur 1806

2) Mary Arthur (c.1806-1896) - later Morgan of Hill Farm.

This Mary was the niece of Mary Arthur #1 (above). She married John Morgan of Hill Farm.

John Morgan