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Williams families


Wales, being Wales, there is more than one Williams family hailing from Glascoed! It seemed to be the most common surname in the village in the 19th Century. Quite a number were related to each other. Here are the stories of some of them.

James Williams 1831-1903

1) The Williams of Beech Farm

Descendants of this Williams family were often known as “Williams, Beech Farm” - and they certainly played their part in inter-marrying with other Glascoed residents. In those days, who else were you going to meet other than the boy or girl “down the road” or even “next door”?

According to oral history, the Williams family were at Beech Farm for 150 years before leaving there (they left sometime between 1910 and 1920). Roger Williams was born at “Cwmbychan”, near Crickhowell, Breconshire in approx 1790, but it is always possible that his father or mother was a “Beech Farm” son or daughter who moved away for a period to work or farm in Breconshire.

There is a story, recounted both in the family (according to Glyn Williams and John Williams, Glenisca) and also repeated by a Morgan family from Prescoed Cottages, that one of the ancestors of the Beech Farm Williams’ was a sea captain, having his own vessel, who married a Zulu woman who was on board his ship for a time. According to this story, they had children together.

Henry Williams, son of Roger and later of The Bryn, Glascoed, was known as “The White Black Man” in the village, due to his appearance - dark curly hair - and he was a big man. Was this name due to Zulu roots, due to the story or merely a coincidence? I’d love to find out more - since Roger is my direct ancestor.

2) WILLIAMS – Walter Williams of Llanbaddock and Rachel Morgan of Glascoed.

Walter was one of the Glascoed rioters and married a Glascoed girl, Rachel Morgan (b.1804). I’ve also constructed a bio for Walter’s son, James Williams (1835), who married my Gt Gt Grandmother, Sarah Pitt (nee Davies).

Walter Williams 1795 William Williams 1841 James Williams 1835 Roger Williams John Edward Williams. 1820-1896. Henry Williams 1844-1919 Philip Williams 1839-1903 John Williams 1835-1889 Mary Ann Williams 1832-1879 Elizabeth Williams 1836-1916 Mary Williams 1826-1888 Ann Morgan





Their eight children

Charles Williams 1850



Richard Arnold 1832-1916 Sarah Pitt nee Davies 1828-1901



James also married

1) Ann Prichard 1831-1860s in 1860 and

3) Mary Ann (Williams) c1838 in 1902

Sarah also married

1) John Pitt (1818-1865) in 1853.

3) WILLIAMS: Upper Wernhir

The patriarch of this family was Richard Williams and the matriarch, Mary.

I am grateful to Darren Davies who has provided this family outline:


Richard Williams

Born c.1776 Kerry, Montgomeryshire

Died 7th September 1857, Pontnewydd

Buried Pontrhydyrun Baptist Chapel

Occupation, Farmer


Married Mary

Born c. 1786 Monmouthshire

Died 7th August 1856, Pontnewydd

Buried Pontrhydyrun Baptist Chapel



Known Children of Richard and Mary


Ann Williams married Edwin Charles in October 1847

Born c.1815 New Town, Montgomeryshire

Died 31st May 1859, Llanbaddock

Buried Glascoed Chapel

Edwin was born c. 1825 Clytha, Monmouthshire


Richard Williams

Born c. 1816 Montgomeryshire

Died 9th August 1851, Monmouthshire

Buried Pontrhydyrun Baptist Chapel


Thomas Williams

Born c.1816 Kerry, Montgomeryshire

Died 7th July 1885, Monmouthshire

John Edward Williams married Eliza Evans 20th May 1847 at Usk Baptist Chapel.

John was born c.1820 Mochdre, Montgomeryshire.

John died 17th May 1896, Llanvihangel Pontymoile

Eliza was born 1825 Llandenny, Monmouthshire (Baptised 6th March 1825, Llandenny Parish church)

John farmed at Upper Wernhir in the 1840s, I believe prior to his marriage to Eliza. See his bio for further details.

Sarah Williams Married Thomas Turner

Born c. 1824 Newtown, Montgomeryshire

Died 1903, Monmouthshire

Thomas was born c.1820 Llangibby


Children of John Edward and Eliza


Emily Augusta  (born 1849 Llanbaddock, died 1907 San Francisco USA)

Eliza (Born 1850 Llanbaddock, died 1913 at Pontypool Hospital)

John Benjamin (born 1853, Gwernesney, died 1911 Seattle USA)

Mary Temperance (born 1855, Gwernesney, died 1936 Griffithstown, Pontypool)

William (born c.1855 Gwernesney)

Edward Oliver (born 1858 Gwernesney, died 1939 Pontypool)

Alfred Henry (born 1859 Gwernesney, died 1933 Griffithstown, Pontypool)

Arthur Sydney (born 1861 Gwernesney, died 1939 New Zealand)

Sara Emma (born 1863 Gwernesney, died 1933 New Inn, Pontypool)

Harriet Matilda  (born 1865 Gwernesney, died 1923 Griffithstown, Pontypool)

Hannah Agnes (born 1868 Gwernesney, died 1923 Griffithstown Pontypool)

Children of Sarah and Thomas Turner

John Thomas (born c.1857 Llanthewy Vach, died 1928 Pontypool)

William (born c.1862 Llanthewy Vach, died 1941 Pontypool)